Doubles tough love: Hyotei interview.

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Sanada: What is with the name Tango pair?

Atobe: Ore-sama is confused as to why he is doing an interview with a guy he never gets along with.

Sanada: Well I am more confused because I am paired up with you.

Atobe: I am willing to pay any amount Ms. Reporter, just get me out this interview

(Tied up in a chair together with Sanada)

Hehe, The truth can never be bought by money especially when it is about the two of you.

Since you are tied up together, shall I ask you together then? just so we can get this over with as quickly as possible.

Sanada: The quicker the better

Atobe: Ore-sama orders you to untie me!! Shishido! Oshitari! Untie me!

Let's start then


Sanada Genichiro

Atobe Keigo. Where Keigo means respect! Untie Ore-sama!

Describe Yourself:

Sanada: I am cute, …

(Everybody is wearing a shocked look)

(Apparently, the cause of this mischievous act was the Trickster, Niou Masaharu. By placing a small speaker underneath Sanada's seat, he was able to change his answer by imitating his voice.)

Atobe: How "humil"iating of you to say that you are cute.

Sanada (still in a shocked state): I didn't say anything like that! I said…

Niou: I prefer Yukimura's hot body than your strong biceps.

Sanada (covering his mouth):…That's a LIE! I can never…

Niou: Call you honey-bunny in front of all these people.

Okay! Now we all have proof that you are homo. How about you, Atobe?

Atobe: Well everybody knows that I am rich, sexy, talented and …

Niou: I prefer Tezuka's hot body then this guy over here.

Atobe: No! I…

Niou: Cannot sleep if I am not cuddling the wawa Sanada gave me.

Interesting homo pair.

Sanada and Atobe: I AM NOT A HOMO!!!

Very well then, tell us something about your partner:

Sanada: You need not ask. He is annoying and…

Niou: I love him

Is that so?

Sanada: No! I didn't…

Yeah, yeah, yeah. How about you Atobe-san? Do you see Sanada-san the way he sees you?

Niou: Yes

Atobe: That was not me talking! That voice is light years different from ore-sama's voice!

We know Homo pair, we know. Next, who is your greatest rival?

Atobe and Sanada: Duh? Tezuka of course!

The person you envy the most…

Atobe: I don't envy anyone! Why should I?

Sanada: There is no reason to envy anyone around me. I'll be able to beat them anyways.

So you are barbaric homos then?

Sanada and Atobe: I already told you I am not a homo!!

The person you like to make fun of is…

Sanada: That's hard

Atobe: Come to think of it, that is a hard question… Very well then, Shishido or Echizen. That little brat…

Niou: I have the hots for him too you know?

Sanada: Aha..

So Sanada-san, have you ever tried defying the orders of your captain?

Sanada: Never in my entire life will I betray the trust Yukimura has given me because…

Niou: A noble samurai cannot disappoint his wife.

Oh yeah this is juicy news.

Sanada-san, Have you secretly tried to mess up with your captain's name?

Sanada: I told you already…

Niou: a noble samurai cannot disappoint his wife!

Sanada: Will you stop doing that Atobe!

Atobe: Ore-sama is not doing anything..

Sanada: Then who is changing my answers?!

Atobe: I am not good with that voice acting stuff. If ever I am, I shouldn't be playing tennis then.

Okay let's wrap this bickering up with what is the secret that you know about your partner?

Sanada: I don't know anything! Ask Renji.

Renji (passing by): I'm a genius not a snooper..

Atobe: I don't care about this person.

Okay, Defend Yourself, I am not a homo

Atobe and Sanada: I am absolutely…

Niou and Shishido: A HOMO!!!

Okay that question was pointless…

Sanada: No wait! I didn't say that!

Atobe: If Ore-sama finds you, whoever you are, you had better have a visa to travel out of this country!

What is your greatest fear?

Sanada: Uhm…

Niou: Cockroaches

How about you Atobe?

Atobe: Ore-sama is

Shishido: Afraid of beautiful women

Atobe: Ore-sama is not afraid of beautiful women

But you just said that…

Atobe: I am absolutely going to kill you, whoever you are!

Anything you want to say to your partner.

Sanada: I have nothing to say to this person

Atobe: Nothing at all. This is a waste of Ore-sama's time!

Guys you can untie them now!

Sanada: If you will all excuse me, I will find the culprit of this stupid prank.

Atobe: I won't bother doing that. I need my phone. I need to call the FBI…

And so that is it pansit (noodles). We can now safely conclude that, as wild as they may seem, the HOMO pair are tamed kittens.

Sanada and Atobe: I AM NOT, REPEAT, NOT A HOMO!!!!


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