Notes (updated 1/28/11): Sasuke starts. This is... from a long time ago, yeah.

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Our Daily Conversations

"She's so cute."

"Of course she is, she's your daughter."

"But she's yours, too. It balances it out."

"It's twice the cuteness. Admit it."


"Yes, the only thing to describe her."

"I guess so."

"Do you think she'll have teenage angst?"


"You know, like her father."

"I did not have teenage angst!"

"Oh please, everyone a mile away knew you were emo just by looking at you."

"Says you."

"Says everyone."

"Well, as long as she isn't super happy like Naruto."

"Or super angsty like you…"

"Can we drop that?"

"Why? You know it's true."

"Fine! It's true! Can we move on now?"


"Stop smirking! You're a bad influence!"

"I'm a bad influence?"

"Didn't we agree to leave that topic?"

"You brought it up."

"Oh great. Now she's crying. I blame you."

"Too bad. It's your turn to change her."

"No it isn't! Kakashi kept track!"

"Did you go through labor, Sasuke?"

"I don't think that would work right."

"Exactly. Now go change her."

"Your logic is flawless."

"Thank you. Now for the tenth time: Go change her."

"You suck."

"I'm offended."

"Good. You should be."


"You're impossible."

"So were you, when you were angsty."

"I… wasn't… angsty…"

"You just admitted you were!"

"You were being impossible."

"I'm always impossible. And for the last time, change the baby."

"…She just went in my hair!"

"Your poor hair. Whatever will you do."

"I know. I think I'll take a shower now."

"The door to the bathroom with the shower is locked."

"How'd we manage that?"

"Naruto came over, remember?"

"Why do we invite him over?"

"We don't. He just comes. Besides, she likes him. 'Uncle Naruto,' she'll call him."

"Uncle Naruto? Ick."

"Lighten up, Sasuke."

"My hair is full of baby urine. You want me to lighten up with urine in my hair?"

"Yes, Mr. Uchiha, I'd like you to lighten up despite your urine problems."

"…Maybe I don't want to lighten up!"

"You—...Sasuke. Where's the baby?"

"You lost her!"

"No I didn't!"

"You had her last."


"No need to worry, Sakura. The door isn't open."

"She can't crawl yet anyway."

"Says you."

"Oh look, she's in the bathroom."


"The doggy door."

"Why do we have a doggy door?"



"What do you think she'll call me?"


"Right. Nuisance and Pain-in-the-Butt."

"No foul language in front of the baby!"

"Oh. Right. Nuisance and Pain-in-the-Posterior."





"I hate you."

"Love you too."