The Future Seer and the Princess


Author's note: Hi! Here's another story by me! This idea kind of just popped into my head. It is sort of weird but at least it's interesting! (Hopefully!) Well I hope you…


Summary: A special boy can see into the future. The Princess of the land is drawn to him. But conflict arises when the King forbids her to see him. But with the help of the Queen and almost everyone around them, love will bloom.

Chapter 1: Annual Ball

The annual ball was today and everyone was hurrying to get themselves beautiful for the celebration. Except one Princess, who sat on a velvet covered seat. She sighed softly. For no one at all was telling her more information about this Special Boy.

"Princess, Please! We are trying to get these decorations up." The maiden, Meiling, said with a big huff. "I know, but Meiling! I want to know more! He seems so… interesting! I beg of you! Please tell me!" Sakura, the Princess, begged to the teenage maiden.

Meiling sighed and looked both ways before she grabbed Sakura's hand and they both disappeared behind a corner.

"Alright," Meiling whispered. "The Special Boy is a boy who can see into the future, as people say, and he his about nineteen years old. He is so much older than you, Sakura. And his name is…"


"Li Syaoran!" A woman yelled as she limped over to the door. "Where is that boy of mine?" The woman, named Li Yelen, muttered to herself, for she needed help with her husband. Her husband, Li, was mute. He could still hear and see, but after something horrible happened, he became mute. He talks by writing.

Yelen huffed as she limped outside. If you're wondering why she is limping, well she broke her leg and it never healed right, so she sometimes has to walk with a stick her husband made for her.

"Syaoran! Oh!" Yelen stopped when she saw Syaoran wide eyed and he was clutching his head. He was as white as paper.

He was having another one of his visions.

Hiragiizawa Eriol, his best friend, bit his lip, not sure what to do. For they were not allowed to snap him out of his vision. If they did, or if they could, Syaoran would fall ill for two weeks.

Yelen let a shaky laugh escape. "Syaoran…" She mumbled to herself. For her son, Syaoran, was born with a special gift. He could see into the future. But he had to suffer with all the teasing, sideways looks, and everyone being told to ignore him.

Yelen stepped forward, and as she did so, Syaoran sucked in a big gulp of air and fell to his knees. People looked over at him and mothers pushed their children inside their houses.

Yelen ran forward and bent down. "Are you alright?" She asked gently as she rubbed his back. He looked at her and tears formed.

"Was it bad?" She asked with pity. Syaoran nodded and squeezed his eyes shut. He said rapidly, "Sir Jeremy will be killed in broad daylight… for believing in me." Syaoran choked and bent his head, so no one was able to see his tears fall.

"Shh." Yelen soothed. She looked up to Eriol, who was sad stricken. "Come on, let's go inside. I have warm soup for you two." Yelen said as she and Eriol helped Syaoran stand up. They brought him inside of the cozy house.

Li, the father, looked up with sad eyes, and shook his head with sadness. Yelen and Eriol placed Syaoran on a chair. Syaoran looked up at them and sighed. "Sir Jeremy needs to know." Syaoran said as he looked pain for just a moment before he became expressionless.

Yelen nodded solemnly. She turned to her husband and said slowly, "Syaoran had another vision again. Sir Jeremy will be killed because he believes in our child!" Yelen's voice broke as she fell into a state of sadness. Tears fell from her eyes. Li stood up and hugged his wife.

Eriol took hold of Syaoran shoulder. "You know today is the annual ball at the castle. So try to control your… thing, ok?" Syaoran nodded and closed his eyes.


Sakura swayed to her own tune. For the maids asked very kindly if she could stay in her room until they were finished.

Sakura did a twirl and gasped. The Queen, Sakura's mother, Nadeshiko, smiled at Sakura. "Sakura, you must angle yourself a little to the right. You are very graceful and you were meant to be a dancer, but you must not act even a little stiff. Show your true self." Nadeshiko said gently as she stepped inside the room.

Sakura nodded and hugged her mother. "Mom… is the… special boy going to be there?" Asked Sakura as she twirled her hair innocently. Her mother let out a gentle laugh. Almost everyone knew her fondness to the special boy. Almost everyone. The only person who did not know was the King Fujitaka, her own father.

"Be patient." Nadeshiko said as she picked up the silver brush and began to brush her daughter's long auburn colored hair. "Just be yourself. Then I'm sure he will like you instantly."

Sakura turned around and hugged her mother. "Thanks mom." Whispered Sakura. Nadeshiko took a step back to look at her now fifteen year old child. For today was her birthday. That is what the annual ball is about.


Syaoran looked pleasant with his black tux. As did Eriol with a midnight blue tux. Yelen dressed in red, kissed her husband on the cheek, he was staying behind, and the trio left to the palace.

"Hey Syaoran, I heard the Princess has become curious about your ability." Eriol said with a grin. Syaoran glanced at Eriol. "What?"

Eriol huffed. "I said I heard the Princess has become curious about your ability." Syaoran raised his eyebrows. "Really? The Princess?" He said as he grinned. "Yup. The Princess." Eriol said with a grin as well. Then they both began to laugh, for they did not believe the rumors. Why would the Princess be interested in him, out of all the people?

"Boys!" Yelen hissed. She sighed as she mumbled to herself, "Boys. They never learn." Syaoran and Eriol heard this and began to laugh even harder. People were giving them sideways glances and the mothers were pulling their children close to them.

Yelen sighed again, but this time a sad sigh, and told the boys to hurry up. Syaoran and Eriol finally stopped laughing and continued on their way.


Sakura smiled at everyone who came in. People already began to line up to dance with Sakura. But Sakura declined them all. A Prince, Prince Ryo, for some reason did not seem to get the concept of 'no'.

He came up to Sakura and asked for the twentieth time since the ball started if she will dance with him.

Sakura shook her head no. "I'm sorry, Prince Ryo, but I don't feel like dancing with you. But thanks for asking." Sakura said with a fake smile. Ryo grumbled and walked off.

Finally people got the message that she did not want to dance with them.

Sakura looked around the room but did not see anybody she did not know. "This is harder than I thought." Sakura mumbled under her breath.

The door's opened, but Sakura failed to hear it for her father came to talk to her.

Yelen, Syaoran, and Eriol stepped into the room. Yelen immediately made her way to the refreshment table. The boys followed behind.

Eriol looked around and nudged Syaoran. "Look, it's the Princess. She seems occupied." Eriol whispered. Syaoran turned to look at where Eriol was looking. All he saw was a blurry figure talking to another blurry figure.

"How do you know it's the Princess?" Asked Syaoran. Eriol shrugged. "Well she is sitting down and she doesn't look so tall." Syaoran looked at Eriol like he was crazy. Eriol shrugged again and grabbed a drink.

Sakura sighed as her father told her to be careful about… the Future Seer.

"Now make sure you don't go near him. Don't even make eye contact. Don't speak to him at all. Those are my rules. Just make sure you listen to my rules. Then you'll be safe." Fujitaka placed a kiss on Sakura's head. "Alright daddy." Sakura said with a small smile. "That a girl." He patted her head and walked off to some person.

"Boy he knows how to drain the fun out of everything. Well, it won't matter anyway. I don't know how he looks like." Sakura sighed.

Meiling ran up to Sakura, breathless. "Sakura! He's here! He's here!" Meiling said breathlessly. "He is?" Sakura asked, excitement bubbling up inside her. "Yes, he's over there! Go talk to him." Meiling said as she pulled Sakura out of her seat and gently pushed her to the direction where he was.

Sakura gulped and looked back at Meiling. "I- I can't!" Sakura whispered. "Oh please! Where has the fearless Sakura gone too? Go on! Go talk to him!" Meiling said loudly. Very loudly.

It was dead quiet. Sakura blushed and glared at Meiling as she slowly walked down the steps. She flashed smiles at people and stopped.

'What am I doing? I don't know him! I can't just waltz up to him and say oh I am so curious about your ability! I don't even know what he looks like!'

Sakura turned and walked up to her father. And mumbled something about her presents. "Oh yes, your presents. We will do that in a few moments. Please everyone continue on!" Fujitaka said cheerfully.

Sakura bowed and turned on her heels and walked briskly over to Meiling. Meiling blushed and muttered an apology. "Well it's no use now. I might as well forget my chance." Sakura sighed.

Eriol and Syaoran looked at the Princess with curiosity. Then Eriol turned to look at Syaoran. "You know what? I think she was going to come introduce herself to you." He said with a grin. Syaoran rolled his eyes and sipped his apple cider.

"Boys, please! I don't want to bring attention to us. We're just lucky the King let us come in at all!" Yelen scolded the boys.

"Sorry mom." Syaoran muttered. Eriol flushed lightly. "Sorry Mrs. Li." Eriol whispered.

Sakura sat back down and tried to see who the Special boy was. Meiling pointed to the people standing near the refreshment table.

"Which one is he?" Sakura asked trying to see which one Meiling was pointing to. "Oh for heaven's sack! Sakura, the boy is the one with the chestnut colored hair, with brown eyes, and he's as tall as a six foot pole!" Meiling hissed.

Sakura looked and focused on a woman who limped over to a person. Then she focused on a boy who was about six feet with glasses. Then she turned to the person who was talking to the boy with glasses. He had chestnut colored hair, brown (or really chocolate) colored eyes. He was about six feet tall.

"Do you see him now?" Meiling asked. Sakura nodded and glanced over to the boy again. "Go introduce yourself." Meiling said with a glitter in her eyes. Sakura's eyes changed from curiousness to sadness.

"I can't, Meiling. I feel like I'm being watched. Maybe next time." Sakura muttered quietly. Meiling sighed and nodded. "Whatever you say." Meiling said and walked away.

Sakura looked to the ceiling, where angels were painted. "When will I be strong enough to make my own decisions?" Whispered Sakura to herself.

"My people, lets begin the feast!" The King shouted with glee.


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