The Future Seer and the Princess


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Summary: A special boy can see into the future. The Princess of the land is drawn to him. But conflict arises when the King forbids her to see him. But with the help of the Queen and almost everyone around them, love will bloom.

Chapter 2: The Feast

Sakura sighed but stood up and went to stand next to her glowing father. Her mother joined them shortly after. "Be strong." Nadeshiko whispered into Sakura's ear. Sakura nodded without looking in her mother's direction.

Meiling stood next to Sakura and smiled. "Are you going to take a chance and sit next to him?" Asked Meiling with a smile pasted on her face. Sakura shook her head no. "I can't. Look his mother, I presume and friend is sitting next to him. So it makes no use trying to talk to him at this ball!" Sakura stated and walked to her seat, which was next to her mother's and Li's mother!

When the king saw the arrangement he almost burst. "Sakura! Sakura, come sit next to your father." He yelled from all the way from the other side of the room. Sakura felt her cheeks blaze and she quickly looked down to the ground.

"Sakura! Listen to your father at once! Come here!" Fujitaka snapped. Sakura felt tears well up, but kept her head down. "You don't have to go if you don't want to!" Nadeshiko said as she stood up.

"Fujitaka! Stop this nonsense and put your stupid memory in the past. One day she was bound to meet them one day or another. So stop meddling!" Nadeshiko snapped and looked away. She sat down and announced for the feast to begin.

Everyone ate in silence, not trusting their own voices, for fear of the king and the queen having a quarrel. But Sakura hated the quietness, so she turned to Yelen and smiled.

"Good day, Miss. How do you do?" Asked Sakura with a small smile. Yelen looked at the princess in dismay. Was the princess really speaking to her or is she just dreaming?

"G-good day, y-your highness." Yelen said with shock showing in her voice. Sakura's smile widened and her eyes glittered. "It's so nice to have someone to talk to besides my mother of course. What is your name, Miss?" Asked Sakura as she took a sip of water.

Yelen hesitated but said, "Yelen. Li Yelen." Sakura looked at her for a moment and paused before saying, "Li Yelen? The mother of the gifted boy?" Sakura asked her eyes wide with curiosity.

Yelen nodded and pointed to the boy next to her, who was chuckling over what the boy next to him said. "I'm his mother. Let me introduce you both." Yelen waited for Sakura to say no thank you, but if it was possible, her eyes opened wider and you could see the excitement in her face.

Yelen smiled and thought; here's a girl that believes in my son. Yelen reached over and tapped her son on the shoulder. Syaoran turned to his mother and nodded. "Syaoran I am going to introduce you to my newly found friend. Please don't make a foul out of yourself, alright?" Yelen said then turned to Sakura.

"Princess, this here is my son. Li Syaoran." As soon as the words left her lips, Sakura's face became so ashen; it reminded her when Syaoran was having a vision.

Sakura fidgeted with her hands. "H-hello." Sakura whispered.

How stupid I must sound! Sakura thought as a blush made its way to her face. Syaoran smiled kindly and nodded. "Hello. You're the princess right? I'm Li Syaoran." Syaoran said as he could see Eriol with the tips of his eyes, laughing.

Sakura smiled. "Please to meet you kind sir… Can you really see the future?" Blurted Sakura, who immediately put her hand on top of her mouth. Syaoran looked surprised, but just for a moment.

He nodded then smiled. "So the rumors are true. The Princess is interested in me!" Syaoran began to chuckle lightly. "You see Princess; I thought the rumors were false. Please excuse me." Syaoran bowed his head and stood up. He left the room as everyone eyed him.

Sakura looked over to Meiling, who was looking frightened. Sakura eyed her father and noticed he was looking at her with such fury; it chilled her to the bone.

Nadeshiko stood up and grabbed Sakura by the arm. "Go to your room!" She yelled. Sakura felt her heart race. Her mother wouldn't be yelling at her because she talked to him, right?

Sakura ran out of the banquet room and stopped. She spotted Syaoran breathing heavily and he was looking as white as paper. Sakura cautiously walked over to him and laid a hand on his arm.

The surprise look that Syaoran gave Sakura was different than any other. "Your highness!" Syaoran stepped back and pulled his arm away from her touch. "Please leave! Something will happen to you! Go!" Syaoran urged the Princess to leave the room.

Sakura not sure what to do, let Syaoran push her out of the room. "Prince Ryu will be here any second! Please leave!" Syaoran said as sweat trickled down his forehead. Sakura turned to face him. She could tell something was wrong with him. But what?

She touched his forehead and heat radiated from her hand. A small blush formed on Syaoran's pale face. "Please…" He whispered. Then as quick as lightning he pushed Sakura out of the way and Sakura fell to the ground.

"Get away from my girl!" A shout was heard from the top of the roof. Sakura looked around but she already knew who it was. Prince Ryo.

Syaoran held his eyes closed as he clutched his side. How could he be fooled? Why wasn't he moving? He then fell to the ground and began to fight for breath.

Sakura stood quickly and ran to him. She pulled him to her and saw blood trickle down his side. Anger welled up from deep within her. "Prince Ryo! You complete idiot! Come out this instant!" Yelled Sakura as she glanced around the room.

Prince Ryo appeared and looked at Syaoran with triumph. "You see Princess? Do you see how I'm a suitable husband for you? I will protect you from likes of him!" Prince Ryo said as he stepped forward.

Sakura clenched her fist. No way was he going to even lay his filthy hand on her! "Get away from me you filthy pig!" Sakura screamed as she stood up and heard a groan. "Sorry!" Sakura said as she made sure Syaoran was laid down with ease.

"Ryo, please leave! I will never accept your proposal!" Sakura said as she took a step toward him. Ryo scowled then turned and left.

Sakura let a sigh of relief leave her lips. How could he do such a thing? Thought Sakura as she went back to the wounded boy.

Sakura cold see a thin, almost invisible, arrow sticking out of Syaoran's side. Sakura gently touched the arrow and Syaoran winced in pain. Sakura then grasped it and pulled with all her might.

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Syaoran screamed as he felt the arrow slip out of him.

"I'm so sorry, but you see, I had to take it out or it would grow worse." Sakura said as she ripped a piece of her clothing and pushed it to his wound.

"Be brave, kind boy. You will see another day. Don't worry the wound is not as painful as it looks." Sakura said as she began to pour water from the statue that had water pour from its mouth.

"Ya, that's what you think." Mumbled Syaoran as he winced in pain. Sakura rolled her eyes and wrapped the wound with a Band-Aid. Sakura watched as Syaoran pulled himself up to a sitting position.

"Thank you." He said quietly, hiding his face. "You're very welcome." Sakura answered back. "I better be going, before my mother becomes worried." Syaoran said as he stood up and bowed stiffly. "Good night, your majesty." He said and began to leave the room.

Sakura watched him leave before she whispered, "Good night, Li Syaoran."


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