Thoughts about Booth.

By Miss P
Summary: Booth happens to read something Bones never wanted him to see, and things get really embarrassing!
Disclaimer: I don't own Bones. But the poem is mine though…


Temperance was beyond tired. She was supposed to use her "office time" to write on her new book, but she was stuck. Instead her thoughts drifted to Booth. She lazily began typing…


Thoughts about Booth…

I can't say that I'm not attracted to him,
and the feeling grows stronger every day.
Every time he walks into the lab,
my eyes are glued to him.
When he comes closer I can feel my heart speed up.
I've even started to long for the times he'll call me Bones.
Every time he touches me,
His hands are like fire on my skin.
Just a brief touch makes me long for more.
My once rational thoughts has turned into thoughts about him,
And they're not rational at all anymore.
Angela would love to look into my mind,
gosh, she'd tease me to death if she knew my recent fantasies about him go way beyond R-rated.
I don't know how much longer I can take it,
Just looking, listening, and longing for more.
But I also know I can never make anything happen between us.
He's my partner, and we're not supposed to do anything more than work together,
Even though I'd love to do a lot more…
It would have been easier if he wasn't so damn hot.
Everything about him just makes me want to rip those clothes off,
his so called charm smile, those beautiful brown eyes…
his body, well – everyone who's seen him knows what I mean.
I lied when I said I was attracted to Booth,
I'm not only attracted to him, I'm crazy about him.
I'm afraid; I could even say I love him…


Hardly aware of what she'd written, and with no intention of letting anyone read, Temperance drifted into sleep, leaning against the desk.

Booth peeked into the room, surprised to find his partner asleep, he entered silently. He smiled at Temperance's relaxed form, she looked so peaceful.

Booth had never been good at hiding his curiosity, and this day wasn't an exception. Just a little sneak-peek wouldn't hurt, besides he never understood why she wouldn't let him read her book before it was finished…

Seeing his name on the screen, he moved closer. He glanced down at the still sleeping anthropologist and smiled. This was an opportunity he couldn't resist.

He began reading; it started with - Thoughts about Booth…


Temperance looked around sleepily. Her eyes locked at the door, hadn't she closed it? She shrugged, decided to not spend too much energy thinking about that. She needed to get started on that damn book now anyway.

Re-reading her latest writings made her cheeks go red. Thank god no one saw that…

Just about to delete those embarrassing lines, she suddenly realized there was more written at the bottom.

It started with – Thoughts about Bones…

Temperance gasped out loud, this could only mean one thing…

"Oh Shit!"


The End

Authors Note: I'm sure Bones wouldn't write down her feelings like that… but you have to admit, it's funny, especially when Booth gets to read it! lol!