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Part Thirteen

Giles stood leaning against the wall, looking into the Summers' drawing room and sighed deeply as he folded his arms across his chest. 'Go away for just a couple of months and so many things change.' He thought as he watched the scene in front of him.

Willow sat curled up fast asleep on Angel's shoulder as they shared the largest armchair, the vampire unconsciously running his fingers through her long red hair as he spoke in low tones with Spike. He was clearly giving the younger vampire instructions and it was apparent that the younger vampire would be voluntarily following to the last letter.

It was the first time that he had seen a genuine friendly sire-childe bond between the two vampires and he had to say, the Watcher in him was fascinated by it. The other part of him, the part that could only be called paternal felt relieved that the daughter of his heart was so valued and protected by these two dissimilar men.

Yet he also found himself unsurprised by the lack of Xander in the group that was spread out around the house. Yes, he was still a trustworthy member of their group but he was not an integral part of it and somehow it seemed to work better this way.

Apart from Gunn, every single member presently living in the Summers' house was gifted with some form of the supernatural – from magical abilities as in himself and Wesley, the seers represented in the abilities of Lorne and Cordelia, a mystical power in the human form of Dawn, the two vampires in Angel and Spike and then there was Willow herself.

With every day that passed, it was becoming clearer and clearer that the pain Willow was experiencing was actually a transformation. To quote the book that he found in the Watcher's library: 'and the mortality of the Sorceress will be burned away in a slow flame as she passes from one plane to another'

He signed again as another sentence forced its way to the front of his memory. 'The darkness will try to bind her in a false bond to prevent the bond that was delayed by the presence of the one born in every generation, the chosen one'.

"You're giving yourself wrinkles again, Giles." Cordelia said softly as she almost suddenly appeared at his side. "I thought that you had gotten out of the habit of over thinking things," but after taking a closer look at him, she shook her head. "Please tell me you're not blaming yourself for what is happening to Willow."

"No, not blaming myself exactly," Giles rubbed the bridge of his nose. "I know I have always had a problem with the way that the organisation dealt with some situations but to know that they deliberately sent the Slayer here to prevent this from happening just because it would make their role less important..."

"Nothing unusual about that," Spike smirked as he joined them. "Xapper just texted to say that he has company we need to talk to. Where's the street-fighter?"

"Here." Gunn stepped off the stairs where he had been listening to them. "We're not going to bring her here surely; I would have thought that the big guy would want to keep her as far away from Red as possible."

"Nah," Spike shook his leather jacket out and shrugged it on. "Peaches still own the mansion, wants us to take her there."

"But I thought..." Cordelia looked at Angel and Willow only to find that he was now standing with her in his arms, albeit still sleeping.

"We're all moving to the mansion, Delia." He said quietly as he drew closer. "If Willow's instincts and this book Giles found are right, this house would quite frankly not survive what needs to happen to make things right with her and..."

"With what the book says about the final stages of her transformation, I really think both Dawn and Willow would prefer it not to be burnt to the ground." Wesley finished as he and the others joined them.

"Spike, Gunn get going, Xander can only keep her at the Magic Shoppe for so long." Angel looked down as the sleeping girl in his arms made a slight noise. "Will..."

"Is it time?" She asked sleepily as she raised her head from his shoulder for a moment before letting it drop back down again.

"Spike and Gunn are just leaving." Angel replied, glaring at the pair to emphasise his point and earning himself almost identical smirks from the pair as they exited the house. "We're moving to the mansion like we planned, little one."

"My..." She started to say, smiling softly at Dawn as she moved to stand next to Angel. "Hey sweetie, I'll be alright, promise."

"All in the car, Willow." Giles put his arm around Dawn's shoulders and tucked her into his side. "Everything a good child of pure magic would need and a little bit more."

"Good, going back to sleep now." She smiled softly in response as her eyes closed again and she nestled into Angel's embrace with a soft sigh that however panicked her friends.

Angel immediately shook his head as he had not sensed a new pain attack or any change to her heart beat. "She's just gone back to sleep; these attacks are exhausting her and this way she conserving the energy that she's going to need. We need to get moving and make sure you're prepared for the normal nightlife, I can't guarantee that the mansion won't have some unwanted guests."


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