Warrior Path by Daughter of the Black

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Part Four

The old man spoke in a quiet raspy voice, "It is her, she is here."

Buffy who was completely hidden from their eyes stepped out from behind her husband, and stood behind him, "Who are you looking for?"

"You, my eldest child," this time, it was the elegant man with long blonde hair that spoke, his eyes taking in the sight of his daughter.

Angel's low voice reached only Buffy's ears, "Once again, I am going to kill Whistler."

"Perhaps you would like to come in and talk? I am afraid, this is all rather surprising, I only found out a few weeks ago that I was adopted. Come in, won't you?" Buffy was trying to take this in stride, understanding that this was her true father.

Buffy showed the three males into the kitchen and set about getting a plate of cookies and tea for the guests. She could feel Angel watching her, laughing in a corner, and all the same, he was afraid. Afraid she would leave him, for her other life, casting a loving glance over her shoulder she rolled her eyes. Sitting down she smiled politely, masking her fear and worry and offered them the treats. They sat in silence for a moment until the youngest of the men spoke, "So you are my sister Selene? Odd, I always thought I was an only child."

Buffy arched an eyebrow, "Selene? Um, before we begin this conversation, perhaps names would be helpful."

Her father spoke, "I am Lucius Malfoy, your brother, Draco, and our family seer. It took me 17 long years to get a trace on you. You are Selene Drusilla Malfoy, the eldest child of the Pureblood family."

Angel let out a low chuckle, which drew the attention of the seer and her two family members, "Drusilla, and Selene, how fitting."

Buffy rolled her eyes, clearly not getting the joke, "Well, care to share?"

"Buff, Drusilla means strong in Celtic, and Selene, means moon. Could you imagine anything more fitting?" Crossing his arms over his chest, he gave her his famous half grin, seeing her take a deep breath at the nickname that Angelus had used his eyes darkened.

"You know I don't like being called that," she said to him and then turned back to the strange men, "I go by Buffy now. Is there a reason you wanted to find me?"

Draco spoke up, "Sele-Buffy, we're here to take you home. Take you back to where you belong. Where is your adoptive family?"

Buffy stiffened, "I-um, they live in California, I moved here a little more than a month ago."

"No matter, pack your things, you are coming home. Draco, go help." Lucius's clipped tone was slightly warmer than Draco had ever heard.

A soft laugh and a smirk came from the corner, "See here's the thing, Buffy isn't going anywhere without me."

Draco snorted, "Oh, look at that, a faithful dog. What are you, here adoptive brother, neighbor?"

The once warm voice had turned cold, "Guess again, boy."

Buffy cut in before he said anything he might regret, "If I go, he goes. We aren't going to be separated."

Lucius was nearly at the end of his rope, "Who is he! I will not allow a mudblood or muggle into my home!"

Buffy put her hands on her hips, temper raging, "You have no right to speak to him in that way, especially in our home, he will come with me."

Seeing it was pointless to argue at this point, Lucius acquiesced, "For now, he may come with you, now go back your things."

Buffy stalked out of the kitchen, Angel following, with Draco trailing after the pair. He followed his sister and the strange man into a bedroom and they quickly packed, Buffy dragging a trunk out from under the pristine bed, she dumped her clothing on top of something Draco could not see and then locked the trunk. Moving over to her dresser, she picked up the few things she really cared about, the Claddagh ring, a few other pieces of jewelry, and a very ornate dagger and sword, complete with sheaths. Smirking she pulled a cloth bag from the dresser and wrapped linen around the weapons, then laid them in the bag. Seeing Angel leave the room to enter into the training room they had fashioned she nodded to her brother to grab the lighter bags. Picking up the trunk, she managed to make it down the stairs, and then raced back up to find Angel reading from a magic text. Finishing he looked at the door and wrapped his wife in a bruising hug, then bending down to capture her lips and assure her of his affections.

Entwining her fingers in his she pulled him from the room, down the stairs and to the waiting group, "So how are we going?"

Sighing heavily her father responded, "Portkey, just hold onto this book. Your bags are already there, magic of course. Growing up with muggles, not knowing of your heritage, then living with a muggle as well, you will be powerful though. You will be going to school in less than a week along with Draco, perhaps then you can learn something useful."

Everyone reached for the book and Buffy looked slightly alarmed when she felt the pull at her navel, and then a spinning sensation. Suddenly she saw a yard spinning into her vision, before it was about to hit the ground she let go. Angel did as well, and the pair dropped lightly to a crouch, the other three landing slightly less ceremoniously next to them. Straightening Buffy smoothed her dress out and shook her head slightly to clear it. Buffy and Angel were shown to their rooms, and then they spent the morning unpacking. Finally, getting hungry Buffy wandered out into the dark hallway, almost like the mansion she reminisced. She found her way to a sunny sitting room occupied by an elegant lady who was writing a letter. Buffy stepped into the room, "Excuse me, I was looking for my brother Draco."

Dropping her quill the woman stood and glided over to Buffy, pulling her into a hug, "Selene, oh my only daughter."

"You must be my mother. I go by Buffy now."

Stepping back, Narcissa Malfoy looked at her 17-year-old daughter, holding her hands. Her finger brushed a ring on her left hand and the mother looked down, one hand went to her mouth, "You're married?"

Buffy bit her lip and smiled slightly, "Yeah, no one else knows though."

Taking her daughter by the hand she led her to the couch, "Well, who is he?"

"The man who came with me, we've been married for a few weeks. He's just so wonderful, always has been."

"Is he a muggle, if he is, your father would kill him."

"Angel, a muggle? What is a muggle?"

"Oh, a muggle is a non-magic person."

"Well Angel can do a bit of magic; I think he once mentioned that his mom had been a witch."

"Oh thank goodness, this afternoon, I'll take you and Angel, is that it, and Draco over to Diagon Alley to get school supplies. Angel may be a little old, but I am sure the headmaster would allow him in. Would you like some lunch?"

Buffy nodded and got a little shock when an elf popped into the room and brought them food. The two ate happily and got to know each other, Buffy learning more about the magical world, and her mother learning more about her long lost daughter. Draco came in followed by Angel, who immediately sat down beside his wife, taking her hand he drank in her warmth.

Grinning like Draco had never seen, his mother spoke affectionately, "You must be Buffy's husband. I'm her mother."

Draco could have sworn he had just had a heart attack, "Mother, I thought I just heard you say husband. That cannot be right, Buffy is only 17!"

Angel gave Narcissa a rare smile and bent his head to kiss Buffy, "Mm, am I going to get murdered now?"

Buffy pulled back, grinning stupidly, "No, you know I wouldn't let that happen. Giles and Xander would, not Willow or me though. Oh my god, I just remembered I forgot to tell you about when I brought Spike home with me."

"You what?"

"We were attacked at the front door, and so he I were fighting and we had just finished when Joyce got home. She was all 'who are you?' Therefore, I tell her I am in a band with Spike, and I play the drums and he sings. Therefore, we are ripped on because, well my late nights, law enforcement issues. Of course, a couple of your people decide to attack us, and I had to tell her. Bloody funny after Spike was left alone with her, because she recognized him from back to school night. They both talked about it as if it was an everyday occurrence, you know, standing over a guy who is trying to kill your 'daughter' with an axe."

Laughing slightly Angel nuzzled her neck, wrapping his arms around his mate, Draco interrupted, "Mum, are we going to go to Diagon Alley now, I wanted to check out the new brooms."

Traveling by Floo powder was not something either Buffy or Angel was fond of they learned. Together they walked through the streets, the bright signs and flashing lights drew the eye to bizarre goods and even stranger people, they stopped in front of a dark shop that had dusty windows and seemed to be filled with long thin boxes from floor to ceiling. A soft bell tinkled somewhere in the shop and though it looked abandoned, a man seemed to pop up out of nowhere, how odd he looked too. When his eyes lit upon the four people who had entered his shop he grinned, "Who ever would have thought that after all this time, that two so special as yourselves would find your way back. Mrs. O'Connor, and the infamous Angel O'Connor, both with destinies so great, the Powers above have taken an interest. Who will be first then? Buffy perhaps, yes, here we go, willow, 13 inches, with dragon heartstring."

She waved it as he indicated, and she dropped it when a shooting pain went through her arm, "No, no, definitely not, try this, oak, with a center of a unicorn tale." She waved it again, and dark gray clouds issued from it, "Not the right one, I wonder, if, no harm in trying though. Here it is, go ahead, try." Buffy did, and the shop became dark, and it filled with a cool breeze, she felt happy though, her light, had always been in the dark, had it not, "Very odd, that wand, very powerful, ebony, 12 and a half inches, with a very special core. It has more than one I should say, very rare, and very powerful, a phoenix tail feather, the ashes of one Lothos, and the blood of three of The Order of Aurelius, the soul, the master, and the poet. Filled with power, dark, and yet it is considered a true wand. A perfect match for one whom life is lived primarily in darkness, don't you think. Now, your husband shall we." Buffy took a deep breath, trying to forget Lothos, and all the things he had made her see, she could not and ran outside, resting against the side of the building, Draco came to check on her.

"Buffy, what's wrong?" he asked hesitantly.

"Old memories never thought I would have to remember them, I never used to be so dark, I remember a time, when I was cheery, full of light. I was only fifteen when my life changed forever, I used to think, that you went through your life, looking at the long term. You know? Now, I understand, just how fleeting life can be, I live day to day mostly, not worrying about what next week will bring." A silent tear slipped down her cheek, and she turned her head to the side, so as not to let Draco see. She sat with him, until Angel came out.

He looked slightly confused, "Willow, 13 inches, with the heartstring of a dragon. You okay, Buffy, would you like to tell me what happened in there? I mean, I understand about the blood, but what about the ashes." Light dawned on his face, "You aren't trying to tell me that Lothos was after you, was he?" she nodded sadly. Helping her up he led her back inside the shop, followed by a very confused Draco. Inside, Buffy's mother was paying for the wands, and then ushered them out the door and to several different shops, lastly to a broom shop. Draco was trying to explain quidditch to them, but so far failing miserably. The shop to Buffy's eyes was amazing; it was filled with robes of bright colors, and cellophane packages, flying gold balls, and wooden clubs. Angel seemed less stunned, but he had always been less impressed with things that were shiny, unless they happened to be deadly and shiny.

With all the shopping done, the four people walked back through the seemingly glittering gold paths, they came to an archway, which led to a bar. Narcissa put their things into a booth, intent on hearing about her daughter and husbands life, during dinner. They ordered, and when the butterbeer and stew came, Buffy was starved; she ate with such amazement at her own hunger, chalking it up to the whole death thing she shrugged it off. Beneath the table, Angel's hand was rubbing small circles on her thigh, soothing them both. Grinning mischievously, Draco asked about how they had met.

Angel rolled his eyes, "How we met, I believe that you had knocked me to the ground, and I commented on how I thought we wanted the same thing."

Buffy scoffed slightly, "The only reason you were on the ground, was because you were following me, skulking about. Offering cryptic advice, giving me jewelry, quite the charmer you are."

Draco was amused, "So, what did you first think of him?"

Remembering, Buffy sighed pleasantly, "I thought he was a friend of my friend, thought he was gorgeous, but probably a bit dry."

Angel cut in, "Who did you think I was friends with?"

"Giles," she muttered.

"That is an insult, I mean; he used to hang out with Ethan. Look at what Ethan did, he inducted you into his club. Gave you a nice tattoo in the process."

"Yeah, well, you acted kind of like Giles when I first met you, all cryptic like him, plus, you know, you both are European. Oh god, I am from the land of Giles and tweed. No wonder I like tea, I wonder what Xander would say," on that note, she frowned and her eyes lost their humor.

Seeing her unease, Angel wrapped an arm around her, "Buffy, he should have told you, but I guarantee, next time we see him, I'll let you hit him. Or, you can dangle him in front of Spike."

Her grin returned, and she laughed, "So brother of mine, what's this school like?"

Draco was more than happy to answer, "Well, there are four houses, Slytherin, my house, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. There are seven years, and you start at eleven. There are many different classes, from Defense against the Dark Arts, to Charms and Transfiguration. The headmaster of Hogwarts is a bit off his rocker though, he seems to know everything that happens, but doesn't seem to realize what some things mean. He is not that bad, very nice actually, though I'm not supposed to like him."

"When do we start school?" Angel asked the dreaded question.

"Hmm, I think we go on Sunday, and classes start Monday. So today would be Friday. I'll help you out though, I could help tutor you. I can't wait to see everyone's faces when they find out I have an older sister who…"

Buffy grinned, "What was that, I believe the word you were looking for is smoking."

Draco cleared his throat, "Well, yeah, but mainly you are married, and that will be big news. When are you going to tell dad, I mean sure Angel is a wizard, but Buffy, you are married, and at 17."

Angel was enjoying the shock, "Well, technically in Ireland, we would have been married already, I gave her a Claddagh ring on her 17th birthday, which technically means that we were married, at least in old tradition. We did the whole church, white dress thing a few weeks ago, who would have guessed, that I would have fallen so hard for an ex-cheerleader."

Buffy stuck her tongue out at him, "At least I wasn't the one who skulked around during school hours just to catch a glimpse of me, not to mention leaving me drawings on my pillow in the middle of the night, stalking me."

Draco was open mouthed, while his mother was laughing slightly, "So it was an obsession, you had for my daughter, young love. It is the most peculiar thing, but I must admit, I have never seen a happier couple. Your father will be told tonight, sooner is better, speaking of which, he should be home soon, so we should be going." So saying, Mrs. Malfoy picked up the bags, and led them over to the fireplace, dipping her hand into a small pot sitting on the mantle. Tossing the powder into the flames she called out her destination, disappearing in the acid green flames, Buffy and Angel followed, Draco coming last.

Dusting herself off, Buffy coughed and straightened herself, she heard footsteps coming into the room, and no sooner at she looked at the door, it burst open to reveal her father. Spinning to find Angel she hid herself next to his bulk, he was usually the center of attention, he was tall and dark, not to mention handsome. The black gloved hands reminded her of many vamps, and the pale face said just as much. Narcissa spoke up, "Lucius dear, I believe that our daughter has something that she would like to tell you."

Grimacing as she stepped forward slightly she bit her lip, "Father, um, you-um, well, Angel isn't just some friend of mine; he's kind of my husband."

Angel let a small grin break over his face, "Sir, she is rather nervous, we love each other. I hope you will give us your blessing, Buffy, listen to me, this is the first time I have ever cared about what a father thought about me."

Lucius seemed to have lost the will to speak, "Buffy, you cannot honestly be serious, married at 17. Well, at least he isn't some half wit muggle, you will both go to school, I assume you both got your supplies."

Narcissa interrupted, "Yes, they have both got their things, why don't I send a letter to Albus, inform him that two older students will be attending, and then I can spend tomorrow teaching them about the wizarding world with Draco's help. You needn't worry, why don't you go have your nightcap, and I will get everyone settled."

Lucius nodded and left the room, Narcissa led Buffy to her bedroom and Angel to his. The next day, the pair learned more about the wizarding world than they had ever imagined, about an evil man who was planning to eradicate all the muggle and mudblood families. Angel gave her a look, that she understood perfectly, just another 'demon' in need of slaying. They were taught rules, and then they sat down as a family to eat dinner, husband, and wife nervous about the next day. They sat and read, Angel's warm, soft voice lulling Buffy to sleep, he kept reading to her though, knowing that the moment he stopped she would wake and ask why he had stopped. Then he carried her to her room, and slid her beneath the covers, kissing her forehead and stroking her cheek with tender hands.

The sun rose, and found the Slayer and Vampire going through a tai chi exercise in her room. Stopping in perfect synchronization, they opened their eyes and glanced at the door, their trunks sat ready to go, Buffy let out a sigh and went to shower and dress, Angel following her with a sudden need to conserve water. When they stepped out half an hour later, they were both giggling and sharing a secret smile. They dressed in their normal leather pants and dressy shirts. They caught Draco in the hallway and he led them to the breakfast room, Buffy ate a piece of toast, but couldn't eat more, a sudden fear of school had returned.


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