Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars, the almighty George Lucas does. The only things I own are my twisted little ideas and my poetry. I'm making no money with this, so no suing!

Note: This – and all the chapters following – belongs in a rather extreme alternate universe. Originally titled "Lament" and later "Lament and the Valley," I've finally settled on a title that will stick, no matter what happens. Though this story has been marked "complete," it's only complete in the sense that I have nothing else planned for it. There is the possibility that I might dream up another poem or two to add to this little collection, so keep your eye on it!

Now enjoy this little foreword!


It all began nearly seven thousand years ago. There was a Great Schism within the Jedi Order that led to a Hundred-Year Darkness. The Exiles warred with their former Jedi brethren until they were repulsed deep into the Unknown Regions. There they found the Sith, insectoids who worshipped the Dark Side of the Force. With the support of their Sith followers, the newly christened Dark Lords of the Sith swept back into the galaxy within a hundred years of their defeat and crushed their Jedi enemies and the Galactic Republic that they protected. And so began the terrible rule of the Sith…

This is just a fraction of the knowledge that has been lost from memory since the Jedi were broken and the Sith descended like a virulent plague on the galaxy. Even saying as much as I have is enough to warrant my death. But with so much lost and forgotten, I will risk death so that future generations may learn the secrets of the past.

The poetry that I have collected here bears secrets of the past hidden in their lines. Most of what I have found is much younger than the events of the Jedi Order's fall from grace, but all speak of the Jedi, the glory of the past, and the horrors of the Sith occupation. Some poems are more bold and open in drawing ties to the Jedi, though most are vague and metaphorical. A good many of them were either edited to erase the mentions of the Jedi or banned outright. Simply reprinting them here is a crime.

I beg of you, read what follows and remember. Remember for the future. For the day when the Jedi return and we are free.

—Mollei Quillain, Scholar of Illius University, Commenor