Title: Somnia Memorias
Author: She-who-has-no-name
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is own by J.K Rowling.
Summary: Take a look at Hogwarts during the Marauder's sixth year. Sirius and James' quest to find Lupin a girlfriend, Severus' hatred for werewolves, as well as Beauxbatons' exchange student. (NOT from me, I publish it for a friend)

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Somnia Memorias

Soon that would make two months since classes had taken up again in Hogwarts. Saturday's lessons ended at 1 P.m., and now it was 6 on the dot. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were coming back from the Quidditch stadium, where they attended team Gryffindor's training. Their friend James Potter wouldn't be long in catching up with them. The meeting point was set in the main castle's hallway.

Remus stretched his numb muscles, not that Quidditch was boring him however sitting for hours in the cold wasn't quite exactly the idea he had of a weekend. Hopefully Sirius was always there when it came to watching trainings; the second hand's agony was then lightened.

The inseparable Sirius Black, sixth year like his friends, had the knack for staying active even in the terraces. At first he would settle himself while grumbling that he could have stayed comfortably in front of the common room's hearth with a cup of tea, (Remus knew how much he hated tea), then suddenly he would be overcome with an acute attack of patriotism and would hold on to the fence yelling cheers at the top of his voice, (most of the time he was caught but Lupin just before he could perform a swallow dive). When he would have spend enough saliva, he would smoothly fall back on his chair, took out letters of his satchel. He would then spend the end of the afternoon examining his mail in detail in a nearly sacred silence, joined by some little head movements, sometimes a whisper. Lupin gave the ghost of a smile while asking himself why it wasn't Sirius who got Moony as a nickname?

He took off his scarf dyed with the colours of his house, revealing his partly reddened face by the cold. His light brown hair went ruffling at the touch of the wool, he gave a look around. The young man was impatient to go back to Gryffindor's common room; since a certain event had occurred he dreaded to see Severus Snape strolling, he was a student from Slytherin, well actually "strolling" didn't suit him all that much. Soon the anguish of the next moon would seize him by the stomach…

He turned his head all of a sudden, feeling he was being watched. Come on, seeing other sorcerers in Hogwarts' hallway had nothing special, but he had felt the difference right away. A stranger.

The character had immediately averted his eyes. He was wearing a thick, dark coat. He wasn't standing in the middle of the room, neither in a corner, nor against the door. His location was meticulously calculated in order to ensure an acute result: being seen without being spotted, being able to analyse freely the room but without giving out the impression of making an expertise. He gave short looks at the wizards coming and going all around him, but never spoke to them. Once more the phenomenon occurred, although Remus caught them this time: big black eyes that swiftly turned away.

Sirius, who hadn't paid any attention to the strange figure until now, watched with an amused look his friend who was walking determinedly toward the unknown one.

"Good evening." He said politely.

As the coat turned around, Remus stared at him; it was someone gripping to a bag which seemed ripping his arms off. The coat answered with a nod.

"May I help you with your luggage?"

From the other side of the room, Sirius had to stop himself from laughing when hearing Remus acting like a perfect luggage handler. Muffled up in the thick coat, an amazed little voice replied.

"Whoa, so you even get eyes reading lessons in here!?"

The peculiarity of this answer even impressed Lupin. He stretched his hand toward the trunk while trying to regain his usual quietness instead of the bewildered face he was wearing right now.

The trunk was heavier than he had expected, much more heavier. Big enough to make him envy the strength he could use as a werewolf.

"Thank you very much."

The voice had risen toward him; the big black eyes were trying not to escape. It was a girl around his age, maybe a little younger. While she was holding her scarf and her beret in her arms, it became possible to see a light skin tone, with a slight touch of pink, as well as long straight brown hair. The heat of the castle had pushed her to open her coat a bit. She hadn't removed her gloves.

"I have a meeting with Albus Dumbledore, could you tell me the way please?"

"We'll do better, we'll take you there." Intervened suddenly Sirius, over Remus' shoulder. "It's kind of risky for a new kid to go on trip in Hogwarts' corridors, and I'm not even talking about the stares!"

"Yes… absolutely."

"Well, thanks to the two of you. I'm following you."

Sirius graced his friend with a nudge.

"Ah! But… Sirius, what about James? We're letting him down?"

"My, my, Moony…" he toughed as he sighed. "If you want to wait for him, then you can leave the lady's luggage to me and I'll take care of everything."

The trunk passed from a pair of hands to another, Sirius showed a professional smile as he picked it, but gave a loud mental gasp. Damn, this thing weights like hell, what's inside anyway!? That's a girl for sure…

The young girl bowed to Lupin and then left with her newly found tour guide.


How endless the corridors were in Hogwarts! Especially when you didn't have the slightest desire to meet another student. Severus Snape was walking with a rhythmic pace toward Slytherin's common room, not that he enjoyed his house's students company more than he did with others. However between Slytherins members we didn't seek troubles, we even had a kind of solidarity. We understood each other at Slytherin, we respected each other. We could even lend you a hand, if needed, but a true Slytherin would know just how to remind you of his past help. But anyway, most of the students registered in Hogwarts didn't know the smallest thing about it; nobody had ever asked them the question.

Severus froze for a second, a few meters away from him, someone. A girl. He sighed, another nitwit from Gryffindor who wouldn't miss a chance to make fun of him when he'll be near, he thought to himself as he resumed his walk. Oh wait a minute, he had looked too fast, that was one of those braggarts from Ravenclaw. Anyway they were all the same, they couldn't hold a candle to Slytherin. It wasn't in his ways to be interested in others, yet he had already heard of that girl. A new kid, an "exchange student". What was her name again…? Ah yes, Hime Esper; and she talked with a French accent. Obviously from the Beauxbatons.

He forced himself to keep his eyes on the back of the corridor, planning to avoid her, but things were getting worse. Leaning on her elbows, the student was talking with the window. Why him? He took a breath, just a few steps left and he was in the common room.

"Aah… and here I was, thinking there were lots of creatures here… or maybe they're hidden in the forest? Can't even get in there, that's not funny… There could be centaurs for example, or giant spiders! Yeah, that's good! … and what about wolves? Do they have wolves…? mm maybe rather werewolves. Werewolves must exist; we are in a magic school. And I haven't seen a single one… aw!"

The student hid her head in her arms, desperate. That was a bit thick.

People were scoffing him with werewolves again, Severus had indeed sworn to keep the secret, but sometimes he happened to think that this incident was still pursuing him. He fumed.

He had been gracefully humiliated; why had he listen to them? Back there in that doomed tunnel, he had discovered what these four fools were hiding from the rest of the school. This self effacing boy in his friends' shadow, Remus Lupin this human wreck had finally shown his true self, or rather his true teeth! He had nearly been torn into pieces by this werewolf! Yet it was still too easy, he had to be saved by this Potter moron, just because he felt remorse. Ah! Even death felt sweeter compared to this debt he had to Potter…

All this because of a filthy werewolf… he hated them all. They had already disparaged him, nearly made him had a heart attack, tried to eat him, but now they even had to have fan clubs!

That was it. Severus stopped a few steps away from the young girl.

"Are you a single case, or do every Ravenclaws have this kind of suicidal wishes?"

His words cracked in the air like a whip blow. Esper turned slowly, gazing at Severus with a questioning look. As if she was going to get away with it, that easily.

"Werewolves are nothing but pariahs of the Society; I doubt it is judicious to come closer to one of them. Not even capable of keeping a job. They can only accomplish chaos; you can't get anything good out of them… except for the fur… and yet, kill a werewolf and he'll turn back human again. Pure waste."

"Well… actually…" Hime tried to place, fidgeting nervously with her fingertips.

"No wait. Don't say anything. I got it… you're one of these golden fish minded kids who actually associate the words werewolf and cute. Pathetic! Would you think the same way if you'd find yourself face to face with one of them?"

It was clear that the conversation made her feel more and more embarrassed. Good, Severus was planning to make her pay for all he had gone trough. It didn't matter if she wasn't from Gryffindor, or if she knew these fools.

"If you love them so much, you should try to become one yourself; that would clean Hogwarts up." He continued while screwing up his eyes. "Well yes, as if they were accepted here. Come to think about it, it seems your head is always that empty. Nevertheless I can see you a great future, President of the international defence committee of werewolves; you would be very close to getting a page in the Daily Prophet. But do not worry, you would be famous; people would ask for the day of your confinement. Truly pathetic…"

Two students were coming from the other side of the corridor, time to leave.

"Do not make me lose my time again, Miss Ravenclaw." He hissed as he passed through her.


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