A/N: This takes place on the porch (or one like it) where Legolas and Aragorn are in ROTK when Pip messes with the palantir. That's the visual setting. This really is more book-based than movie-based, though. I hope I kept Eowyn and Legolas in character. Please let me know how you think I did. As usual, feedback is appreciated. Thank you! Oh, and I do apoloize about the title. It is a tad corny. I was about to post it when I suddenly realized I didn't have a title, so I had to come up with one at the last minute. That was all I could come up with. : )

Legolas breathed deeply of the cool of the night. Here, alone at last, he could have some quiet and peace. The sky was a black blanket, dotted with silvery stars and the moon. The stars declare His glory. Here he was alone with His Creator. Oh, Eru, it is so much. Will it never end?

He heard soft footfalls and the gentle swish of a skirt on the stones. He turned. The white lady of Rohan stood, her fingers clenching white around her skirts. She gazed intensely at the sky. He could see the grief on her face. He could feel her pain, yet no tears fell from her grey eyes. He hated to see anyone in pain. He wished, more than anything, to take away her pain. He...pitied her.

"My Lady?"

She jumped and whirled to face him.

"Lord Legolas! I did not see you. I beg your pardon; I did not mean to intrude."

"Stay, Lady Eowyn. You are no intruder."

She smiled weakly at him, then turned again to the night sky.

She was broken; he could see that. It hurt him to see it—she who was so strong, so beautiful, so untamed, broken in spirit! And in her heart, she thought she loved Aragorn. She was dying, waiting for love that would never be returned.

"There is hope, Eowyn."

She turned and looked at him. He thought, for a moment, that there were tears glimmering in her eyes. Then she blinked and the illusion was gone. "How can you be certain?"

"Because Eru does not abandon His people, I know this. Three thousand years of men have I walked this earth and I have never seen His people forgotten. There is always hope."

"I cannot see it."

"It is not always His way that we see it all. Yet his plan, from before the beginning of time, unfolds."

"Will we win, Legolas? Will good triumph over evil?"

"Good always triumphs over evil. Eru is always victorious. You or I may not be around to see, yet it is still true."

She sighed, soft and sad.

He gently put one hand on her shoulder, a token of a friend's love.

"Legolas, there is so much evil! And so many. We are so few!"

"Numbers matter not to Eru, Eowyn. He can choose to triumph with one or with one-hundred thousand. Keep your faith."

She smiled up at him, weakly, but he could see hope stir in her eyes. He gently embraced her, one friend to another.

"Rest now, my friend. Trust in Eru. He will keep you."

He released her and she slipped quietly away. At the door, she turned and looked at him.

"Thank you, Legolas."

He nodded.


A/N: Yes, I know it was rather short. I apologize. I am thinking of writing a sequel with Eowyn comforting Legolas after the Battle of Helm's Deep. That would be movie-based. Would anyone be interested?