SPOILER WARNING in some of the chapters. This set of fics started back in May of 2006. They were all written as speculation of Season 7 in episodic format - and was initially posted on a different site. I have now decided to bring them over. Surrounding LL.

Introduction: 7.01 is a non-spoiler speculative fic written back in May of 2006. This is basically a speculation on what will happen on the Season Seven Premiere. As with all my other fics, it is set in an episodic format. Mainly about Luke and Lorelai.

7.01 Forced

RORY: Why are you doing this?
MITCHUM: Doing what?
RORY: Why are you taking him away from me? Why? Do you hate me that much?
MITCHUM: I'm sending Logan away for one reason. Because it's time. It is time for him to stop jumping out of planes in a gorilla mask - and crashing boats and getting plastered every night and ending up in the hospital. It's time for him to stop being a child and to start being a man. It's time for him to start focusing on his future and the only way he is going to do that is to get him out of his environment and away from those dopes Colin and Finn and the Life and Death Brigade and get him on a path...

LOGAN: Tell me not to go.
RORY: I can't do that.

RORY: I have to go with you.
LOGAN: Rory, if you come with me - I won't get on the plane.
CUT to Rory waving goodbye.

LINNY: Lorelai, do you want to talk about something?
LORELAI: I don't think I ever really loved anyone - until Luke...(Cut to) I am ready to get married. I'm ready to start the next phase of my life. I want another kid and I... I don't want to wait anymore...

LUKE: Where have you been?
LORELAI: Let's elope.
LUKE: Elope?

LUKE: We can't just take off and get married...
LORELAI: Why not Luke? Don't you love me?!
LUKE: You know I do!
LORELAI: But I love you Luke... I love you!
LUKE: I have to think this through...
LUKE: Just wait!
LORELAI: No! I'm not waiting. It's now or never!
LUKE: I can't just jump like this!
LORELAI: Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
LORELAI: I'm having a really bad night and ugh... I just don't want to be alone... okay?
Camera on Lorelai's face as Chris places his arm around her...



Just moments after Chris places his arm around her, Lorelai, very quietly, tries to get out of bed. But Chris is wide awake.

CHRIS: Hey... (he reaches out to hold on to her arm)

LORELAI: (Quickly gets off the bed, with just a sheet around her and responds with a low expressionless voice) Hey.

CHRIS: (Sits up) Umm... leaving already?

LORELAI: (Stutters as she looks around and picks up her clothes and starts putting them on while trying to hide her nakedness) I... I... I should be going...

CHRIS: (Senses a hint of regret in her voice - so he gets out of his bed and walks around it to reach Lorelai - he speaks softly) Hey... You don't have to leave in such a hurry.

LORELAI: Ugh... actually I do. (Avoiding his face, she frantically looks around for her keys) Where... where are my keys? (Then walks out of the bedroom)

CHRIS: (Follows) Lorelai, hold on...


LORELAI: (Scans the couch and the coffee table. The keys aren't visible) I need my keys. I need to get home.

CHRIS: I'll look for them - you can come back for the jeep later. Let me drive you home.

LORELAI: No, I can't - I just need to go now. (She gets more frustrated)

CHRIS: Lorelai, you're freaking me out. Let's just calm down. Give me a minute to get ready - and I'll drive you home.

Lorelai nods, yet still manages to avoid his face.
Chris walks back to his bedroom.

CAMERA ON LORELAI - still wearing an expressionless face.

Fade out.




Luke is sitting on the couch, waiting with his face buried in his palms. He hears a car pulling up to the drive way...

LUKE: (Gets up and hurries to answer the door - he sees Lorelai walking up the stairs) Lorelai... (he starts to spit out words as fast as he could) I figured you were out with Rory or something, so I... (He gets distracted by the car pulling out. He sees that it's Christopher. He looks back at a shocked/frozen Lorelai - who happens to be wearing the same outfit from the night before)... umm... (straigtens himself as he realizes what might have happened - he looks back at the car that is barely visible and forces himself to look at Lorelai again. Her facial expression confirms his fear).
Not another moment is wasted. Luke walks out the door and down the stairs to get away from her.
Lorelai doesn't have the strength to call after him - yet her eyes are begging him not to leave. After a couple of moments of staring at the trail of hurt Luke left behind, Lorelai forces herself to move towards the front door.

CAMERA ANGLE FROM THE INT. LORELAI'S HOUSE: Lorelai walks towards the couch - where moments before, Luke had been sitting and waiting. She lets herself fall on to the couch - and buries her face in her palms.


The usual number of customers are inside. Zach is sitting at a table near the window, while Lane is walking around with empty plates in her hand. She places them on the exterior counter of the kitchen.

LANE: (As she looks under the main counter) Hey Caesar, did you know we were out of note pads?

CAESAR (off camera): Don't we have any under the counter?

ZACH: (Shouts from his table) Hungry man here waiting to be fed.

LANE: Hold on Zach. And no, Caesar - they aren't under the counter.

CAESAR: (Walks out, and looks under the counter) Are you sure?

LANE: (Rolling her eyes) I just looked - trust me, unless they have magically transformed into ceramic mugs and plates - there are no note pads under this counter.

CAESAR: Maybe Luke forgot to stack them like he usually does. (Takes a ring of keys out of his pocket) Here, he must have some upstairs.

LANE: (Pointing at the key Caesar is holding, she responds in a confused/condescending tone) Luke gave you the key to his apartment?

CAESAR: Yeah he did. Here. Take it.

LANE: Okay...

ZACH: (Shouts again) Lane, baby... you aren't going to starve your husband are you?

LANE: (As she makes her way to the door leading to the stairs) Hold on, Zach.


As Lane approaches the apartment, she notices the door. She gasps and looks at the keys then back at the door. CAMERA ON DOOR - we see what she sees. The glass portion of the door is shattered. You can see a clear vertical rectangular view of the inside of Luke's apartment. Lane walks closer and discovers glass all over the floor.

Fade out on her shocked face.


Rory finally gets ready for her day - after an hour or so of crying over Logan's departure. The phone rings - it's Lorelai.


Lorelai seems to have freshened up and changed into warm comfortable clothing. She walks out the bathroom placing a blue dress in a black garbage bag...

RORY: Mom...

LORELAI: (She stares at her bed for a few seconds - then forces herself to move out the door) Hey kid.

RORY: (In a sad tone) So it's official. Logan's on a plane to London as we speak.

LORELAI: (Remembers as she climbs down the stairs) Oh yeah, I'm sorry I didn't call earlier...

RORY: No it's ok.

LORELAI: How are you holding up?

RORY: (With a pouty face) Sad. But I will be fine. How are you? How was dinner?

Silence as Lorelai settles herself on the couch.

RORY: ... mom? (Senses something is wrong)

LORELAI: (Teary eyed, but stable) ...come home?

RORY: (Without another question) Yeah, I'll be out the door in a second. What's going on?

LORELAI: (In a deeply saddened voice) Just come home.

RORY: Ok I'm on my way, bye.

She rushes to the door and realizes she didn't grab her keys. As she gets her keys, her cell phone rings. It's Lane.

Scenes CUT between INT. LUKE'S APT. and LOGAN's APT.

RORY: (In a hurried voice) Hey Lane...

LANE: Rory. You sound busy... are you busy?

RORY: Actually I'm rushing out the door to go see mom.

LANE: Oh...

RORY: Why, what's up?

LANE: (Looks around the apartment) When you get a chance, can you come over to the diner today?

RORY: Sure, I think I can do that.

LANE: (Smiles into the phone) Okay, see you then. Drive safe!

Lane hangs up the phone and takes another look around the apartment.

Fade out to commercial.



Lorelai is about to prepare some coffee when the cordless phone on the counter begins to ring. She checks the called ID - then sighs as she picks up. It's Sookie.

LORELAI: Hey Sookie...

SOOKIE: Hey! Where are you?

LORELAI: (Looks at the cordless phone from the corner of her eye) Umm... at home?

SOOKIE: (Chuckles) Of course you're at home. Because I just called your home number! (A beat) Lorelai?

LORELAI: (Knowingly) Yeah...

SOOKIE: (In a worried tone) There are some rumors floating around here. Figured I'd call and let you clue me in.

LORELAI: What kind of rumors?

SOOKIE: Something about a shouting match outside the infamous diner.

LORELAI: (Leans against the counter in frustration) Not a rumor.

SOOKIE: (Sookie sees an employee walk into the kitchen - so she moves into the pantry) That's what I figured. Are you okay?

LORELAI: (Sighs and looks down at her feet) It's still so new... I... can't...

SOOKIE: (Jumps) It's okay! It's okay... You don't have to talk about it. (Blabs on) I can wait till you're ready. And! I'll put a stop to those not-rumors that are flying all over the place in here. I can threaten them...

LORELAI: (Shakes her head) Sookie, there's no need...

SOOKIE: (Cuts her off) I can fire them if they don't listen... (thinks) I still have firing power, don't I?

LORELAI: (Nods - then shakes her head) Yes - but that won't be necessary...

SOOKIE: (Senses her frustration - so she calms down) Sorry...

LORELAI: It's okay...

SOOKIE: ...I'm here for you, Lorelai.

LORELAI: Thank you, Sookie... but... I don't think I deserve it...

SOOKIE: Of course you deserve it! And honey - couples fight all the time. I'm sure you and Luke will figure it out.

LORELAI: (Straightens her posture as she realizes the extent of Sookie's knowledge on the matter) It's much more complicated than that, Sook.


LORELAI: (Turns around to resume preparing coffee) I'm sorry I didn't call or show up to work...

SOOKIE: No... no, it's okay. We're fine here. Just take all the time you need...

LORELAI: (Sighs) Thanks (Takes out a package of coffee from the cupboard - and looks at it as she realizes that it was Luke's coffee. One of the bags he stored in her kitchen every week. She places it on the counter unable to continue)...

SOOKIE: (Concerned) Lorelai?

OFF STAGE: The front door opens and Rory enters.

RORY: Mom? (She makes her way to the kitchen)

LORELAI: (Sniffs a bit trying to hold back the tears) Sookie, can I call you later?

SOOKIE: Of course.

LORELAI: Bye... (She hangs up the phone and hugs Rory as tightly as she can)

RORY: Mom, what's wrong? (Sees the empty coffee pot and the coffee bag next to it) I'll make coffee...

CUTS to a few minutes later INT. LORELAI'S FAMILY ROOM

Lorelai is sitting on the couch with her legs tucked under her. Rory is sitting across from her on the coffee table. Both ladies with coffee mugs in their hands.

RORY: (Saddened and disturbed) Oh my God, what a night... Are you sure he knows?

LORELAI: (With traces of crying her heart out) He knows. You should've seen the look in his eyes when he put two and two together. I couldn't move... I couldn't say anything...
Rory places a hand on her mouth - unable to process everything at once.

LORELAI: (Continues) Everything is just so screwed up.

RORY: (Hesistantly tries to come up with things to make her mother feel better) Well... he made you... walk ... away...

LORELAI: (Looks at Rory with appreciation for trying to make sense of it all - then speaks as she shakes her head with subtlety) Rory... honey... you know that's not true...

RORY: (Looks down at her mug) I know...

LORELAI: We tend to always blame the guy for everything... and yes, Luke kept me out of the most important part of his life, April... and he was...

RORY: (inserts) Stupid!

LORELAI: ... wrong for doing that. But why didn't I speak up sooner?

RORY: You were afraid...

LORELAI: That's not a good reason. You and I both know that it wasn't his fault alone. And (chuckles in frustration) what happened last night was definitely not his fault. (Rubs her forehead as Rory looks on) God, what have I done? The look on his face when he saw me... saw Christopher drive off. I can't get it out of my head.

RORY: Mom... (She gets off the coffee table and sits on the couch next to Lorelai - then she places her hand on her shoulder. After a beat) What can I do? What do you want me to do? I can... I can... talk to someone... or get you something...

LORELAI: (Looks at Rory after a beat) I hit rock bottom last night, kid.

RORY: (Hesistantly) What about dad? Where does he fit in to all of this?

LORELAI: (Looks away and shakes her head) It was wrong. I can't start anything with your dad, Rory. I hope you understand...

RORY: I understand. In fact I'm a little mad at him for... (sighs) for knowing your mental state at the time and letting this happen. How could he?!

LORELAI: I thought about that - but it isn't his fault. (Firmly) And I don't want you to be angry at him for my stupidity.

RORY: Did you tell him? Did you tell him that it was a mistake?

LORELAI: No, not yet. I think he knows. But it's time for me to put that to rest once and for all. Hitting rock bottom means that you have to start new and fix everything, right? I have to get everything sorted out. (Looks around the room as she sighs) I can't stay here... I need to get out of here... for a while.

RORY: You can come stay with me.

LORELAI: (Looks at her daughter and smiles) I don't want to burden you.

RORY: I want you to come stay with me. We can spend the summer together. It's a great idea! You're not going to say 'no' - I insist. (Lorelai smiles) Now, what can I get you? I'll run to Doose's right now and buy everything you like.

LORELAI: I broke my toothbrush.

RORY: You've been using that since Lane bought it for you last year. (Pulls out a note pad and a pen from her jacket) It's time for a new one. (Notices a black garbage bag near the stairs) Laundry?

LORELAI: (Looks at the bag) No, that's trash.

Fade Out.


Rory walks out the market with a paper bag in her arms. She walks in the direction of her home. But stops in her tracks as she remembers...

RORY: (Softly to herself) Lane... (She turns around and walks towards the diner. Then stops herself again - then she reaches for her cell phone and calls her).

Scenes CUT between INT. LUKE'S DINER and EXT. STARS HOLLOW (Near Luke's Diner)

LANE: (As she hands a plate of fries to a customer) Hey...

RORY: Oh good, you have your cell phone with you.

LANE: Yeah, figured you'd call before you came over.

RORY: Oh...

LANE: Luke's not here, Rory. You can come over...

RORY: (Confused - but starts walking to the diner) Where is he?

LANE: Come over... I'll tell you.

CUT to INT. LUKE'S DINER as Rory walks in and looks around to make sure. She places the paper bag on the counter and speaks to Lane.

RORY: Hey...

LANE: (From behind the counter) Hey...

RORY: (Hesistantly) What's up?

LANE: Ready?

RORY: Yeah. (Lane walks around the counter and grabs Rory's hand) Wait, ready for what?

LANE: You have to see this...
Rory follows Lane through the curtain...


RORY: (As she's being pulled forward by Lane) Is this some kind of joke? Because it's not funny... (her voice fades out and and an expression of surprise fades in as she sees the broken glass) What... happened?

LANE: Now I cleaned up most of the glass on the floor - and I hope I got it all. So be careful.

RORY: (Still shocked - she asks again) What happened?

LANE: I don't know any details. Just that Luke left Caesar in charge and just... left. And when I came up here to get some note pads, this is what I saw - with glass all over the floor. Then when I told Caesar about it, he said he had heard a loud bang after Luke walked upstairs in a hurry - like he really took it all out on that poor door. Caesar was afraid to go upstairs - but a few minutes later - (Rory's expression goes from shock to honest concern) Luke came down with a duffle bag full of what we assume are clothes - and told Caesar he was in charge. I wasn't here when it all happened. And Caesar's rubbing it in my face that Luke didn't leave me in charge...

RORY: (Places her hand where the glass would've been - as if it was still there - but invisible) His father's name was on here...

LANE: (Softly) I'm worried about him... Is Lorelai okay?

RORY: (Shakes her head) I don't know... but I know where she is.

LANE: (Turns towards the stairway) I should get back to the diner. Come talk to me when you're ready.

Rory nods - then opens the door to enter the apartment - her phone rings - it's Logan.

Scenes CUT between Luke's apartment and Logan at what seems to be the Heathrow Airport.

RORY: (Knowing who it is) Hey... you're already there?

LOGAN: Yup, just landed. (Sigh) I should just turn around and take a flight back to CT.

RORY: (Smiles - but her mood is visibly altered by everything around her) How... umm... was the flight there?

LOGAN: Forget about the flight. You okay?

RORY: (Still not completely recovered) Why do you ask?

LOGAN: It's 2006 - international calls are crystal clear - even through cell phones. Ace, what's wrong?

RORY: I'm actually in Stars Hollow right now. (Looks at the front door once again) It's a mess.
Fade out to commercial.



We see Rory's car pull up near a building. Camera on Lorelai (in the passenger seat) and Rory looking at the building.

RORY: (Turns to her mother) Are you sure you don't want me to go with you?

LORELAI: (Looks at Rory and smiles) Thank you - but I have to do this. I'll see you at the apartment? (Rory nods) Thanks kid.

Lorelai gets out of the car...

CUT to a familiar scene INT. HALLWAY - EXT. CHRIS' APARTMENT

Lorelai knocks on the door. After a few seconds, Chris opens the door and is surprised to see Lorelai there.

CHRIS: Hey... (looks behind her) I thought Rory was going to pick up the jeep?

LORELAI: Yeah, she was going to but she's got so much going on this summer... She's a busy girl... (a beat) Besides, I wanted to talk to you...

CHRIS: Oh... (Opens the door wider) Well, come on in...

Lorelai very formally walks in.


Chris closes the door behind them and walks over to the coffee table to get the keys. He hands them to Lorelai and walks back a few steps to keep their distance.

LORELAI: Thank you.

There's an awkward silence between them because they both know what she's really there for.

CHRIS: (abruptly) I actually found them in GG's room.

LORELAI: Ah. (Smiles and looks at the keys)

CHRIS: (more awkward) Can I get you something to drink? A coke?... Coffee?

LORELAI: (Sighs and looks at his face) What happened the other night...

CHRIS: (cuts in) It was a mistake. I know. Don't worry about it.

LORELAI: (Surprised) What?

CHRIS: It was evident when I saw your face yesterday morning. You couldn't wait to get out of here. To get away from me. I saw it. That's why I didn't push the issue... (a beat) Lor, I will let it go. So don't worry about it.

LORELAI: (Looks down at her keys again - then raises her head to speak) You know, if all this happened a couple of years ago - or even a couple of weeks ago, I would've accepted what you just said and I would've thought everything was settled. But everything is not settled...

CHRIS: (Realizing where she's going) Lor...

LORELAI: ...I need you to understand that I didn't mean for it to happen. I'm not here to hurt you, Chris - but it was the biggest mistake of my life (softly, to herself) followed closely by staying silent for months and not saying a damn thing. (To Chris) I'm sorry I brought you into this - I didn't mean for this to happen.

CHRIS: (Cuts in) I'm to blame too...

LORELAI: (A beat - but realizing she needs to say it, she speaks firmly) I need to stop destroying my happiness - I need to accept that I finally found what I've been looking for - and I'm to blame for losing it all because of a stupid mistake. I need to move on, Chris... from my past... from you. I need this endless cycle to end.


CHRIS: I understand (Lorelai is surprised at how well he's taking it) What I let happen the other night wasn't fair to anyone involved - including myself. And most importantly, it wasn't fair to GG.

LORELAI: (Sincerely) I'm sorry, Chris.

They hear someone opening the front door from the outside. Chris and Lorelai turn their heads as the nanny and GG enter the room. GG runs to her father and the nanny nods and walks off screen. Chris carries GG as she starts to talk...

GG: Daddy, guess what we did at the park today?! (She notices Lorelai) Hey... you were in my daddy's bedroom yesterday.

CHRIS: Aunt Lorelai wasn't feeling well, GG.

GG: Are you feeling better now?

LORELAI: (Smiles at GG - but doesn't respond. She then looks at Chris) I should get going.

Chris nods as he holds on to his daughter.

Camera CUTS to EXT. CHRIS' APARTMENT as Lorelai walks out.

GG: (Shouts - off camera) Bye!!!

CHRIS: (Off camera) Georgia, don't shout!

Camera on Lorelai as she closes the door behind her and sighs.

CUT to a few days later.


Rory is at the desk collecting a few files that her mother needs to work from home (her new home for the summer). Michel and Sookie are both at the scene going through stuff.

RORY: Okay, I have last months accounts, this week's supply list, and the copy of Michel's pay stub, anything else I'm forgetting?

MICHEL: Make sure to tell her that it was short 50 dollars this time.

RORY: Yes, you've told me 50 times.

SOOKIE: (Annoyed with Michel's nagging) You're loaded with money. Why do you care about 50 bucks?

MICHEL: Of course I care. That's my bi-weekly manicure. (Michel walks away, as Rory and Sookie quizzically look at his trail)

SOOKIE: Is it sad that he's more anal about his looks than any woman on this planet.

RORY: A little bit. He makes Kirk look manly.

SOOKIE: (Chuckles) That's true. (Looks down at her clipboard) Is Lorelai going to make it to Monday's staff meeting? I mean, I can handle it - I was just wondering.

RORY: (Stops going through her files for a bit) I think so. She just needs a couple of weeks, Sookie. She'll be back soon. (Goes back to her organizing)

SOOKIE: I can't believe she's going to drive almost 30 minutes to get to the inn when her house is less than 5 minutes away... on foot. I mean, it's not like she's going to run into him. He's not even here.

RORY: (Sighs) She doesn't know.

SOOKIE: (Confused) What do you mean she doesn't know?

RORY: I haven't told her yet.

SOOKIE: Rory, that's not good. You have to let her know.

RORY: (Worried) I can't tell her. I don't know how to tell her.

SOOKIE: (Cuts in) ...but...

RORY: (continues) I know I have to - and I will (softly to herself) just have to figure out when and how.

Rory's cell phone rings. She sees the caller ID...

RORY: (To Sookie) I have to take this...

SOOKIE: Go ahead, I'll go through the files.

RORY: Thanks Sookie (As she walks to the front door of the inn and out to the porch, she answers the phone) Hey there, stranger.


LOGAN: (Smiles as he sits in his couch) Hey, I'm sorry I didn't call you for a few days, Ace. Things are crazy over here. It's tougher than I thought it would be.

RORY: It's okay, I've been pretty busy too.

LOGAN: How are you?

RORY: Missing you, but I'll live.

LOGAN: (Chuckles) Same here, Ace - same here. How's your mom?

RORY: (Sighs) She smiles, she laughs... she jokes.

LOGAN: That's good, right?

RORY: Not when it's all forced.

LOGAN: It takes time...

RORY: I know.

LOGAN: Hey, take her out tomorrow. Go out of town or something. I'll have one of my guys drive, fly, (smiling) time travel anywhere you girls want to go...

RORY: (Chuckles) Ordering people around - even from London eh? Sounds like a good idea though. But I have dinner plans with my dad. This is the first time I'm seeing him since everything happened - so I'll feel bad if I cancel. (Thinks) What's tomorrow?

LOGAN: Saturday... why?

RORY: Yeah, but what's the date. June...

LOGAN: ...3rd.

RORY: (huge sigh) Oh no...

LOGAN: (Remembers) Ah, the infamous date.

RORY: (Panics) I can't go anywhere tomorrow. I have to be with mom. (Confused, she starts pacing) Then again I can't cancel on dad, he'll take it as me neglecting him. God, I feel like I'm 12 and I have to choose between my mother and father...

LOGAN: (Firmly) Calm down, Ace. Now, you're parents are both adults and you are an adult. And I'm sure they aren't making you choose. And knowing you, I understand the freak out but seriously, there's no need for a freak out. Just hang out with Lorelai for most of the day, and you'll hang with your father for - what, 2 or 3 hours max? It'll all work out.

RORY: (Calms down, and smiles) I miss you.



Rory is walking around the apartment getting ready for her evening with her dad. Lorelai is sitting on the couch watching a random TV show and eating pop-corn.

RORY: (As she puts on her earrings) Now, are you sure you're okay with this?

LORELAI: (Without any doubt) How many times do I have to say I'm okay with this? Rory, you made plans with your father and you need to keep them. I'm good.

RORY: Are you sure?

Lorelai rolls her eyes. Rory hears her cell phone ring. She walks in to her bedroom to pick it up. It's Lane.

RORY: (Softly) Lane (She sits on her bed)


LANE: (Confused) Why are you whispering into the phone?

RORY: Mom's in the living room.

LANE: (Still confused and whispering herself) Are you forbidden to talk to me? Has she been hanging out with my mother?

RORY: No, I just haven't told her about Luke. And if I tell her you called, then one thing will lead to another and we'll be talking about the diner.

LANE: Oh...

RORY: Stop whispering, I can't hear you.

LANE: (With a normal voice) I said "oh"

RORY: Oh. (A beat) Any news?

LANE: That's why I called. He called earlier and chat with Caesar.

RORY: (With a sigh of relief) That's good right?

LANE: Yeah, at least we know he's safe. Just don't know where he is.

RORY: Anything else?

LANE: He asked Caesar if he could run the place a little while longer.

RORY: How much longer?

LANE: I'm talking months here, Rory.

RORY: (Sighs) Why do I have the feeling he'll never return to Stars Hollow.

LANE: (As she sees someone enter the diner) Oh crap, Taylor just walked in - I have to go.

RORY: Why? What's he doing now? Is he handing out ribbons again?

LANE: Worse, now that Luke's gone - he's trying to get me to wear a hair net. (A beat) Hey, don't wait any longer to tell Lorelai the truth, okay? Bye.

RORY: Bye. (Rory gets up from her bed and walks out to the living room)

LORELAI: (Smiles) Hey, was that Logan?

RORY: (Lies) Yeah, it was.

LORELAI: How is he?

RORY: (Distracted) He's great. (Looks away) Where's my purse? Dad said he'd meet me in the lobby downstairs.

Lorelai starts looking for the purse.

The doorbell rings.

Rory walks over to the door and is surprised to see her father there.

LORELAI: (Holds up the purse) It's right here.

RORY: Dad.

CHRIS: (Peaks in in pursuit of the familiar voice) Hey. (Confused) I'm sorry... is this a bad time?

RORY: No... no.

LORELAI: (Straightens herself) No, Chris. I'm just hanging out with Rory... for a few days.

CHRIS: (Walks in) Oh... all moved in?

LORELAI: (Forces a smile) Oh no - I have one more trip to make to Stars Hollow for.. ugh.. some stuff.

CHRIS: (Sincerely, he looks at Lorelai then Rory) Oh, do you need any help? I can drive there...

LORELAI: (Jumps) No! (Calms down quickly as she sees both Chris and Rory look at her) I mean... thank you. But I think I got it (nods) covered.

CHRIS: (Smiles) Okay. (Looks at Rory) Are you ready, kid?

RORY: (Realizing what she has to do) Actually dad... can you give me a few minutes?

CHRIS: Sure, I'll wait for you downstairs. (Looks at Lorelai) Take care, Lorelai.

RORY: Thanks dad. (She closes the door behind him)

LORELAI: What's going on? You're all ready to go. (Rolls her eyes) Oh no... Rory, I'm fine - you need to go.

RORY: (Walks closer to her mother) Mom, I need to talk to you about something.

LORELAI: What is it?

A few seconds of silence as Rory prepares herself.

RORY: You just jumped at dad when he asked if we needed help with stuff.

LORELAI: Oh, yeah I know - I didn't mean to... it's just - I don't have much more to bring over (looks around) I'm good.

RORY: You jumped because you didn't want anyone to see him in Stars Hollow.

LORELAI: (Tries to deny) Rory...

RORY: (Cuts her off) ...especially Luke.

LORELAI: (Gives in) Well, my approval rate in Stars Hollow is probably less than our president's right now.

RORY: Mom... Luke's gone. He left Stars Hollow.

LORELAI: (Not deciphering) What?

RORY: He left Stars Hollow. And... (Lorelai lets herself fall on to the couch disbelieving what she just heard) I don't think he's coming back. (Rory sits next to her)


RORY: (Concerned) Last Saturday.


RORY: (Trying to make her feel better) That was Lane on the phone earlier. She called to say that Luke called the diner - he's fine.

LORELAI: (Softly) Oh.

RORY: I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier. I just didn't know how...

LORELAI: (Cuts in) It's okay.

RORY: Mom, I'll let dad know I can't go out tonight...

LORELAI: (Places a hand on Rory's arm) You're not going to do that. I'm fine Rory. Just go out with your dad... okay?

RORY: (Not wanting to upset her mother) Okay.

Rory gives her mother a kiss on her forehead and walks out reluctantly.

CUT to a few minutes later. INT. APARTMENT

Lorelai is on the couch going through some files. She takes a moment to look around the lonely apartment. In one swift motion she gets up off the couch, grabs her purse, and walks out.


Caesar is surprised to see Lorelai walking in the diner. So are the few customers in there. Lorelai senses everyone looking at her but she makes her way up to the counter where Caesar is.

CAESAR: Lorelai...

LORELAI: (Smiles) Hey Caesar. (A beat, then points up at the ceiling) Do you mind if I...?

CAESAR: No, not at all. Go ahead. (Softly) Be careful, there's still a bit of glass on the floor.

LORELAI: (Confused but speaks sincerely) Thank you. (She walks through the curtains)

CUT to INT. LUKE's APARTMENT (Stage direction)

Camera on Lorelai standing outside the entrance as she looks sadly at the broken door.

She walks closer and very slowly opens the door. As she enters, she finds herself tearing up. Lorelai walks to the center of the kitchen and looks around at the poorly lit apartment. She makes her way to the bed which she once shared with Luke. She sets her purse down on his bed as she slowly sits down to avoid feeling dizzy. She looks at the night stand and sees a framed picture of Luke holding up a fish he had caught.

She is no longer able to hold back the tears.


Rory has been distracted all evening. Chris very poorly attempts to come up with interesting topics.

CHRIS: So did you say you were going back to work at the Stamford-Eagle Gazette for the summer? (Rory doesn't respond) Rory?

RORY: (Looks up) Oh, I'm sorry... I'm hoping for a more permanent position actually.

CHRIS: Oh good. They'd be fools if they let you go. (Rory is so distracted that she doesn't realize her father is getting aggrevated - he says a bit loudly) Rory...

RORY: (Jumps) Yeah?

CHRIS: That's it. What's going on?

RORY: Huh?

CHRIS: Seriously, if you didn't want to hang out with your old man tonight - you should've just called and cancelled.

RORY: Oh, dad - no. It's nothing to do with you. I'm just very distracted.

CHRIS: (Concerned) What is it? Is it school? Is it Logan? Do you need me to take someone out for you?

RORY: (Chuckles very subtly) No, the last thing I need is for you to reinact a scene from Goodfellas.

CHRIS: (Smiles like a dork) Hey, that was a good movie.

RORY: It's mom. I just... feel like I should be there for her right now. I'm just worried - that's all. It's just that today is...

CHRIS: (Cuts in) Then go.

RORY: What?

CHRIS: We can do this father-daughter thing tomorrow, the day-after, whenever. If it's important for you to be there with your mom today, then go...

RORY: Are you sure you're okay with that?

CHRIS: Of course I'm, kid. Now... go.

CUT to a few minutes later INT. LUKE'S APARTMENT

Camera on Lorelai as she sleeps in Luke's bed. After a few moments, her cell phone wakes her up. She is startled - then she digs into her purse and answers as she sits up on the bed.


RORY: (Worried) Mom? Where are you?

LORELAI: (Settles down and looks around) Rory... I'm okay... I'm at Luke's...

RORY: What?

LORELAI: I'm in Luke's apartment...

RORY: (Sits on the couch, and shakes her head) Oh mom...

LORELAI: No... no... It's okay. I just needed to come see it... one last time.

RORY: Do you want me to come get you... or...?

LORELAI: I'm fine Rory. I'm leaving now... I'll be there in a bit.

RORY: (Still concerned) Okay...

INT. LUKE'S APARTMENT (Stage direction)

Lorelai places the cell phone in her purse. Then, she reaches in for something else... a little box. She opens it to look at the piece of jewelry one last time, then slowly places it on the night stand by his photograph. She then stands up, straightens herself and begins to walk to the door. With one last (sad) look around the apartment, she sighs - then exits.

CUTS to what seems to be a parking lot of a motel. Camera on Luke as he sits on the bed of his old truck. He's looking down at his cell phone, contemplating...

Scene fades.



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