Introduction: Continues from my previous fic, "7.13 Her Last Mistake." 7.14 follows a couple of weeks after 7.13's end. Again, there maybe spoilers so please be warned. This was originally written in November/December of 2006.

7.14 Gilmore's Dowry



LORELAI: (Still looking down) Yeah...

RICHARD: (With subtle emotion) ... go tell him exactly how you feel. Doesn't matter if he feels the same way or if he doesn't. The important thing is that he knows.

LORELAI: (Immensely surprised at what he said, she looks up at her father)…


EMILY: (Cuts in) I know you would've protested but I really don't want you driving home alone tonight.

LORELAI: It's not that (she looks down at her food)... I thought I'd stay over. Honestly... you guys are probably the only people around not angry at me right now.

Both Emily and Richard look up at each other in shock at their daughter's words. Surprised that their 39 year old daughter who had rebelled all her life, wanted to stay over.

EMILY: (Suddenly stands up with a jolt of energy) I'll go ask Thelma to make your bed and... (changes her mind)... never mind... I'll do it myself.

RICHARD: (Stands up as well) I'll help!


RORY: I just hate seeing you get hurt. I seriously hate it, mom. I want you to be happy... I mean, truly happy.

LORELAI: It's over.

RORY: What?

LORELAI: Your dad and I, it's over.



Lorelai's at the couch slouching over to sign the papers.

She takes a moment to glance at the papers. The divorce papers. She sighs, then places the them on the coffee table. Picks up the pen, and signs the first piece of paper. She sighs, then signs the next. When she's done, she places the papers in the envelope (leaving her own copy on the table). She then seals the envelope and places it carefully on the coffee table. She then sits back and pulls her legs toward her as she sheds a tear. She realizes that her first marriage has just ended.


The diner is empty. Luke is behind the counter (turning his back on the front door) emptying out the coffee pots. He hears the door open.

LUKE: Take a seat I'll be with you in a minute.

LORELAI: (With a shaking voice) Luke…

Luke turns to see Lorelai (with no jacket to protect her from the cold) standing near the open entrance.


LORELAI: (Moves closer to the counter — but remains standing. She looks up at Luke facing his back to her getting the coffee ready. She blurts out) I never could let you go.

LUKE: (Turns around with the coffee) What?


LORELAI: (Looks down at her coffee and cuts him off) You know what I realized? (A beat) I realized that it wasn't always the coffee that brought me here. I mean, yeah… the coffee was amazing… still is… But it was you. Even before we started dating… it was you. (Trying to remember the times "going to Luke's" was a routine… a requirement) I would wake up… get ready for work… and come here. For you.


LUKE: (Cuts her off) You can't do this to me.


LUKE: (In a low voice) Luke's.

It's Rory. Scene cuts between the diner and Rory driving.

RORY: (In a panic mode) Luke!

LUKE: (Confused) Rory?


RORY: (As a tear falls on her face) It's grandpa… (shot of Lorelai's concern increasing). I… I'm following the ambulance right now.

LORELAI: (Shocked) What? What happened?!


Camera on Lorelai once again… alone. She looks like she's about to burst into tears, but holds it back. She turns around and something/someone catches her eye.

It's Luke making his way around the corner and into the waiting area.

Lorelai is surprised… but still on the verge of tears.

LORELAI: I thought you left?

LUKE: No, I was parking the truck. All the lots are full. How is he?

LORELAI: (Shakes her head and whispers) I don't know.

LUKE: (Looks around and sees Marilyn with Emily, and Rory with Logan — then looks back at Lorelai and sees how much she needed a friend) Hey…

LORELAI: (shakes her head again and cries) I don't know! (Luke pulls her in and hugs her) I don't know how he is.



Luke finds the key and enters the house. He rushes to the couch and sure enough, the purse is on it. He grabs the purse and sees a blanket next to it, so he grabs that as well. As he turns, a big yellow envelope catches his eye. The label has the name of a law firm on it. He picks it up and realizes what it is. He sighs. Then places it back on the coffee table, and then rushes out the door.



Dance with me
I want to be your partner
Can't you see
the music is just starting
Night is falling
and I am calling
Dance with me…

Camera on Luke's face as he sees her in the crowd walking towards him.

Lorelai gets closer and genuinely smiles at him.


LUKE: (With a similar smile) Hey.

Fade Out.


Four weeks later…


Lorelai is in one of the aisles (with a basket in one hand), talking to herself as she looks for Orville pop-corn.

LORELAI: I can't believe this! (As she points at all the boxes) We have ACT II, Pop's, Grandma's, Jeffrey's… umm… John's, Peter's, Paul's … let the rest of the Apostles have their own popcorn, why don't you. (Astounded) every name in Pop-corn… but no Orville! It's an outrage! (Spots a box of Orville, and very quickly turns her frown into a big smile) Oh, there you are…

Lorelai is so caught up buying one of her favorite snacks, that she doesn't realize someone come up behind her…

LUKE: Hey…

LORELAI: (Caught by surprise she jumps and throws the box of Orville up in the air) Aaaaah! (She turns as she lands back on the ground, then she holds her chest to calm her heart beat)

TAYLOR: (Pokes his head from the next aisle) What on earth?!

LUKE: (Catching the box) Whoa! Sorry… sorry… I didn't mean to…

LORELAI: It's ok (breathes in) it's ok (breathes out) I'm fine. (As she straightens herself) Phew. (Holds up her hand) I'm fine. (Looks up and smiles) Hey…

LUKE: You okay?

LORELAI: Yeah. Yeah… I was just (starts rambling) looking for (points at the shelves)…

LUKE: (Holds up the box) This? (Tries to hand it to her, but Lorelai almost drops it)

LORELAI: (Smiles as she tries to hold on to her things) Thanks.

LUKE: (Amused) Are you sure you're okay?

LORELAI: Yeah, yeah, yeah… really. (Looks down at the basket he's carrying, and sees two jars each of Peanut butter and Jelly, and mocks) Got a craving?

LUKE: (Looks down and realizes what she's talking about) Oh, it's for April. (Explains as he sighs) She's in this stage, where she only eats pb&j when she's studying.

LORELAI: Ah, yeah I've been through that stage with Rory.

LUKE: How is she?

LORELAI: (Still a bit shaken from before) Who?

LUKE: Rory.

LORELAI: Oh, she's great. She… ugh… she's on a weird stage right now too.

LUKE: Oh, so those stages never end, huh?

LORELAI: (Shakes her head) Nope… nope. Never. Wai… wait till she starts High School.

LUKE: (Sighs, then smiles) Well, thanks for the info. (Pause) I'll see you around.

LORELAI: (Chuckles, but stops herself as she realizes how silly she's being) Yeah… see ya.

Lorelai watches and waits until Luke walks further away from her. She turns around and walks into a bunch of boxes stacked up next to the aisle.

Fade Out.


7 million commercials



Sookie is in the kitchen (as usual) doing her thing — dicing carrots, when Lorelai walks in via the back entrance with a couple of bags full of groceries.

SOOKIE: (looks at Lorelai and her bags of groceries) Hi there. This is new.

LORELAI: (as she places the bags on the island, she goes for the freezer) Do we have ice?

SOOKIE: (Chuckles) Of course we do.

LORELAI: (grabs a bag of peas and places it on her forehead) Ohhh… god, that feels good.

SOOKIE: (Concerned) Honey, what happened?

LORELAI: Oh nothing (sighs) Just ran into some wooden boxes.

SOOKIE: Alrighty, Miss Klutzy, 2007. (Takes a clean hand towel from the pantry and walks over to Lorelai. Grabs the bag of peas and covers it with the towel) How did this happen again?

LORELAI: Not sure exactly. I was a little shaken earlier. Still flustered, I ran into some boxes at Doose's. Nothing to worry about.

SOOKIE: Uh huh. And what shook you up?

LORELAI: Oh nothing. No one… (thinks, and makes a face) Luke.

SOOKIE: (Smirks) Uh huh. Third time this week, Lorelai.

LORELAI: I know! I can't stop bumping into things. I keep getting all nervous and I jump all over the place when I hear him.

SOOKIE: (As she returns to her cutting board) You have to be careful, Lorelai. Pretty soon Luke's going to have to carry a first-aid kit just in case he runs into you.

LORELAI: I know… I just feel so vulnerable right now because I just poured out to him and now … nothing.

SOOKIE: Poured out to him? Oh, you mean at the hospital? I wouldn't really call that pouring out to him, Lorelai. You just needed a friend and… (stresses) it's alright to cry. I mean, your father was in the hospital. (Turns and pours some coffee in a mug... and places it in front of Lorelai)

LORELAI: (Confesses) No, I mean before that… I went to the diner that night.

SOOKIE: (Surprised) You did what?

LORELAI: I had all these thoughts going in my head. I needed to tell Luke how I was feeling.

SOOKIE: (Sarcastically) There's something we don't hear everyday. (Shakes her head) You were at the diner?

LORELAI: How do you think Luke took me to the hospital?

SOOKIE: I don't know, I thought you were walking by the diner and you ran into him and … (frustrated) you know!

LORELAI: Nope. (sighs, and then takes a sip from the mug) I was in the diner when Rory called about dad.

SOOKIE: (Shakes her head) I can't believe this. I mean, the ball's in his court. You've given him an advantage. He's got the higher ground.

LORELAI: (Defends herself) It's not that big a deal. It's not like he's throwing it in my face. And besides this isn't Star Wars. (Remembers) Wow, déjà vu.

SOOKIE: (Chuckles as she waves around her knife) I saw that with Jackson, (makes a face) I didn't really get it.

Camera on Lorelai as she realizes how quickly Sookie gets distracted.


It's the lunch rush at the diner. Luke's busy — twice as much as usual since Lane is on maternity leave.

LUKE: (to Caesar, as he carries half a dozen plates of food in his hand) Caesar, can you please rush that tuna melt?

Taylor, with a clipboard in hand walks in looking for Luke. He spots Luke and walks over to him.

TAYLOR: There you are! (Begins to follow him around) I've been looking for you.

LUKE: (Sarcastically) Gee, that must've been a difficult task.

TAYLOR: Now Luke… I'm not here to argue with you.

LUKE: (Still walking around with plates, mugs, and rags to clean open tables) Then what is it, Taylor?

TAYLOR: As you know, the town meeting is coming up…

LUKE: When?


LUKE: (Annoyed) When is the meeting?

TAYLOR: (Astounded) Luke, you've lived here all your life and you … and you've been to more than half of these meeting. I'm surprised you don't remember that it's every Thursday at 7 p.m.

LUKE: Okay fine… what about this Thursday's meeting?

TAYLOR: Actually, we moved the meeting to this Tuesday — because I have a Mayor's convention in Woodbury…

LUKE: (Aggravated, cuts in) I don't have time for this, Taylor! (Walks over to the counter)

TAYLOR: Fine… fine… I'm putting together the agenda… and I wasn't really sure if this one particular item should be on here (points at the clipboard).

LUKE: What item? And what does this have to do with me?

TAYLOR: Well… (hesitates) … It's the matter concerning you… (Luke looks at Taylor)… and Lorelai.

Luke raises his eyes.

CAESAR: (Shouts) Tuna Melt!

LUKE: I 'really' don't have time for this. What about me and Lorelai?

TAYLOR: (More hesitant) Well, you two have been spotted a few times around town… talking… and… being civil…

LUKE: (Really annoyed) And?

TAYLOR: Welllll… I was wondering… are you two… romantically involved?

LUKE: (Really pissed off, he tries not to lose it) I'm also "talking" to you... and being "civil" with you. Are we "romantically involved"?

TAYLOR: (Notices that it's a good time to bolt) Okay, I'll cross that off our agenda. Good bye.

Luke sighs heavily… then goes back to his work.


Everyone is in the living room having drinks. Emily is going on and on about some event that she's planning in April. Richard's looking bored. He keeps examining his walking stick and its handle carvings. Lorelai and Rory are pretending to be interested in all of Emily's details.

EMILY: … so I told Farthington that we needed 20 tables. We can't just have 15 and expect people not to show up! I mean, that's ridiculous!

LORELAI: (Nods as she sips on her martini) Indeed.

RORY: Really.

RICHARD: (Obliviously) Fascinating. (Everyone looks over at Richard — and he realizes he had said something random out loud) The carving on this walking stick that you gave me (to Emily) it's incredible.

Lorelai and Rory are amused…

EMILY: Richard, you've been analyzing that thing since last week.

RICHARD: Well, it's interesting.

EMILY: Yes Richard, you've been saying since I gave it to you.

RICHARD: Well, I have nothing else to do.

EMILY: Read a book!

The girls chuckle.

RICHARD: I've read everything I can find. I'm bored out of my mind, Emily.

EMILY: Collect stamps!


EMILY: Maybe it's time we make those routine walks more frequent.

RICHARD: They are just as boring. I hear nothing but birds chirping at the club and other people enjoying, what was once the reason for living. Golf!

Rory tries to cut in and help them out.

RORY: Grandpa, you should really get an iPod and get into iTunes. It really helps...

LORELAI: (Lifts her empty martini glass) May I have another?

EMILY: That was your third glass. And no, you may not. (Lorelai pouts)

RICHARD: Ah, I've heard of Apple's new baby.

LORELAI: (Sarcastically) Yes, it's a few years 'new'. You should just get a video iPod and watch the Greatest Game Ever Played.

RICHARD: I've actually been doing a bit of surfing of the web. (Smiles) A little research never hurts. I may just go shopping for one tomorrow (looks at Emily) if your mother would oblige. (Emily signs)

RORY: (Jumps in) I would be happy to take you, grandpa. Besides, I need a little help at the Genius Bar.

LORELAI: Do they serve gin martinis there?

RORY: (jokes) No, but I believe there are some fine looking men wearing all black with the words "mac genius" across their chest.

LORELAI: … and no gin martinis?

EMILY: (Confused by the whole conversation) Can we please change the topic? (Looks at Lorelai) What's new with you, Lorelai?


EMILY: (Sarcastically) No, the other Lorelai behind you.

LORELAI: (Plays along to annoy her mother) Oh, ok.


EMILY: (Sighs) Lorelai!

LORELAI: Nothing… is new. (Looks at Rory, and continues in the same tone as her mother) What's new with you, Rory?

RORY: Not much.

EMILY: How's Logan? (Lorelai sighs as the attention is shifted)

RORY: He's doing fine.

EMILY: (Looks at Lorelai again) How's Luke?

Lorelai and Rory look at Emily in unison, surprised.


EMILY: Well, you haven't mentioned him since we saw him at the hospital.

RICHARD: Ah, yes. I heard he was there.

RORY: (Nods at Richard) Yes, he was concerned.

EMILY: (continues to ask Lorelai) Well?

LORELAI: (trying to get out of it) That was almost a month ago, mom.

EMILY: Well, you haven't said anything for a month. I was under the impression the two of you were talking again… at least.

LORELAI: Yeah… (starts to ramble forgetting where she is) well not really "talking" talking. It's more like running into each other around town and … you know… just talking. (Emily and Richard… and Rory are suddenly amused by Lorelai). (Shakes her head) I mean, it's not like it's anything more than "talking"… well, not on his end anyway… or is it? (Realizes that she'd said too much… of nothing) I don't know why I can't stop… I mean I hit my head today (Looks at Rory and frowns) Make me stop.

RORY: Oh yeah, you mentioned you hurt your forehead…

EMILY: (Concerned) How did you hurt your head?

LORELAI: (Chuckles) It's nothing. I just ran into some boxes this morning. (Begins to ramble on again) At Doose's… (Shakes her head as she explains) I just got distracted and ran into some boxes. Silly me.

RICHARD: What, may I ask, distracted you — Lorelai?

LORELAI: Hmm? (Looks at both Emily and Richard) Oh, it was just Luke. He… umm… I just didn't see the boxes behind me. I should really talk to Taylor about that.

RICHARD: Ahh (both Emily and Richard raise their eyes and look at each other).

Lorelai, flustered again, looks over at Rory as she looks on sympathetically.

EMILY: (Randomly) So, what are your plans tomorrow?

LORELAI: (Still trying to shake it off) Working… all day. Working.

EMILY: I see.

The maid enters.

MAID: Dinner is ready, Mrs. Gilmore.

EMILY: Thank you, Gretta.

LORELAI: (As she stands up, she sighs) Thank you, God.

Rory pats Lorelai on the back as they walk over to the dining room.

EMILY: (As she follows) You should get that head examined, Lorelai.


The morning rush is dying down, but the diner still has a few customers scattered. Luke enters the diner (from presumably his apartment).

CAESAR: (Peaks his head from inside the kitchen area) Hey boss, heard a couple of customers come in…

LUKE: Oh… (grabs a pad of paper and a pen) I'll get their order…

LUKE: (With his mind busy with various diner duties, walks over to the table where the new customers were seated) Hi, what would you like to order?

The two customers place the menus down and look up at Luke.

Luke jumps back a bit as he sees who they are. It's Emily and Richard.

LUKE: (Looks around for support) Ugh…

EMILY: (With a sweet smile) Hello, Luke.

Fade out.

Yet another 7 million commercials



LUKE: Umm hi.

RICHARD: (Looks back at the menu) These blueberry cheese blitzes sound really good.

EMILY: (Looks at Richard) You've already had breakfast, Richard.

LUKE: (Still confused as to why the elder Gilmores are there in his diner) Are you meeting someone here? Umm, Lorelai doesn't really come here anymore.

EMILY: (Smiles) No, we're here to see you.

RICHARD: (Asks Emily) How about coffee? Am I at least allowed to have some coffee?

LUKE: (Shakes himself) Oh yeah… (looks over at Caesar) Caesar, can we get some coffee over here.

EMILY: Well…

LUKE: What?

EMILY: Aren't you going to sit with us?

LUKE: Well… I have to work… actually.

EMILY: (Looks around) There's no one else in here.

LUKE: (As Caesar places two mugs on the table and pours coffee) Yes, but I have to clean up the diner and get ready for the lunch rush. Thanks, Caesar.

EMILY: Luke, it's 9:30 in the morning. And according to one of your residents, you don't start preparing for the lunch rush until 10:30…

LUKE: (Confused, cuts her off) Which "resident"?

RICHARD: (Offers) Kirk Gleason. (Looks at Emily) Fine young entrepreneur.

LUKE: (Grunts) Of course. (Looks around and sighs… then gives in) Fine… but I can't really talk for that long.

EMILY: (Sees that Luke isn't going to sit) Aren't you going to sit?

LUKE: Standing is safer.

EMILY: (Sarcastically) Is that so? (Looks over at Richard) We should stand as well…

LUKE: (Holds his hand up and gives in) Fine, I'm sitting. (He pulls a chair and sits between Richard and Emily)

EMILY: (Invites Richard to start) Richard?

RICHARD: (Places the menu on the side and positions himself. With a smile…) Luke, we are here to make you a proposition…

LUKE: (Nods) A proposition…

RICHARD: A "proposal" if you will…

LUKE: A proposal…

EMILY: (Impatiently) We would like for you to date Lorelai.

LUKE: (Eyes widen and tries not to laugh at the ridiculousness) I see.

Luke is motionless and expressionless at this point. Seeing as he has the higher ground, Emily and Richard are uncomfortable with Luke's perfect lack of adherence.

RICHARD: (tries to add) And there would be many benefits of course.

LUKE: (Nods again) Benefits.

EMILY: Of course.

LUKE: (Plays along) Like?

EMILY: (Looks at Richard, and motions him to continue) Richard…

RICHARD: (Reaches into his jacket and pulls out a pen and a small book, which he opens) Well, for starters… I'm putting the franchise idea back on the table. (Looks up at Luke, but gets nothing) Now, I… I know you declined it before… but here's a perk. You will still be able to work here in this diner… only difference will be the aesthetics and the corporate feel of the other Luke's Diners across the northeast.

LUKE: (Sarcastically continues to play along) Oh, corporate feel… I like that.

EMILY: (Senses the sarcasm) Richard, go to the next one…

LUKE: (Amused) There's more?

RICHARD: Okay… if you don't like that idea… how about a trust fund for your daughter, April. (Smiles) I've heard nothing but great things about your parenting skills…

LUKE: Oh yeah?

RICHARD: Yes. So 'trust fund' it is?

LUKE: (Very settled in his speech) Nah.

RICHARD: (Sighs and goes to the next on the list) An Island in the Caribbean, where you can take your family to get away from the busy Stars Hollow life… I know a very good realtor that could set me up…

LUKE: Nah… Although, that's right up there in the ranks with Johnny Depp.

EMILY: (To Richard) What's the next one?

RICHARD: (Luke is amused beyond belief) A brand new truck.

LUKE: Nnnn-no

EMILY: (Reaches and takes the small book from Richard and starts to read from the list of things they had prepared) The Twickham house.

LUKE: Boy, did you do your research. How much did Kirk charge?

EMILY: A trip to Alaska. (Adds) You should fit right in…

LUKE: Nope. I don't intend on driving a Zamboni to get around town.

EMILY: Overthrowing Taylor Doose… We can get some of the top lawyers to work on it.

LUKE: Good one.

EMILY: (Hopefully) Really?

LUKE: All this so I would go out on a date with Lorelai? (looks at both Gilmores) Don't you think it should be up to me and Lorelai?

RICHARD: Well, not 'just' a date…

EMILY: We were hoping it could lead to more things… like a relationship… a family…

LUKE: Gee, I didn't know we lived in Calcutta, India. (Randomly) Did you know asking for or offering dowries is illegal over there?

RICHARD: Really?

LUKE: Yeah, April told me.

EMILY: (Annoyed that they aren't accomplishing anything) Richard! (To Luke) Luke, stop toying with us.

LUKE: "I" am toying with 'you'? (As he starts to stand up) Look, I have to get back to work…

EMILY: (Jumps in, desperately) A life time supply of those plaid shirts you love so much!

LUKE: (Smiles and turns to Richard) A serving of blueberry cheese blitzes coming up. (Richard nods in delight as Luke walks away)

Emily turns to Richard and frowns.


SOOKIE: (Delegating work) No no no… fellas … the penne… the penne… not the rigatoni! (Sighs)

LORELAI: (Walks in and mimics) "The penne! The penne!" You sound like Tattoo from Fantasy Island.

SOOKIE: He said "The penne! The penne!"?

LORELAI: (As she pours herself some coffee) No… he said "The plane! The plane!"

SOOKIE: Oh yeah… (As she continues her chef duties) Did you know he killed himself?

LORELAI: (Shocked) Tattoo killed himself?! Why don't I remember that episode?

SOOKIE: No, the actor who played Tattoo…

LORELAI: Seriously? When did this happen?

SOOKIE: Like looooong time ago.

LORELAI: Oh, that's still so sad. Now I'm depressed… thanks for bringing him up.

SOOKIE: You brought him up.

LORELAI: No, I didn't.

SOOKIE: Umm, yes you did. "The penne!" The penne!"

LORELAI: Oh yeah, I did. (Sighs) I need something to cheer me up.

Michel walks in.

MICHEL: Lorelaiii…


MICHEL: Your mother is here to see you.

LORELAI: That is so mean. I say I need something to cheer me up and you come in here saying something like that? That's just mean, Michel.

SOOKIE: (Frowns at Michel as well) Yeah.

MICHEL: But it's true. She's outside. (Smiles) Here's something to cheer you up… you're father's with her.

LORELAI: (Sighs and begins to walk out) I hate you.

MICHEL: (Sarcastically) Ohhh… now I'm depressed.

CUT to Lorelai walking toward the Check-In area.

LORELAI: (Cautiously) Hi there…

Emily and Richard move forward as they see Lorelai.

LORELAI: (with a cautious smile) … what brings you here?

EMILY: Oh stop the fake politeness. I'm sure you have already heard.

LORELAI: (Confused) Heard? What's going on?

EMILY: (Sarcastically) You mean to say that Luke didn't call you the minute we left his diner?

LORELAI: (Now afraid of what she doesn't know) Ugh… guys, what's going on?

RICHARD: Emily, it's clear she has no idea of the matter.

LORELAI: (Half panicking) Dad, what's going on?

RICHARD: (Hesitantly, as Emily crosses her arms) We… may have… done something… rash…

LORELAI: Do I need to sit down for this?

RICHARD: It's not a bad idea.

EMILY: Oh stop it! It's not like it's the end of the world…

LORELAI: Oh now I'm really freaking out… Tell me what you two did right now…

EMILY: We asked Luke to go out on a date with you.

LORELAI: (Chuckles in disbelief) No, you didn't.

RICHARD: I'm afraid we did, Lorelai.

LORELAI: (Takes a moment to look at both her parents) There's more…

EMILY: (Sighs) We may have offered him some … umm… (looks at Richard) … we offered him some bribes.

LORELAI: (Holds her hands up to her face) Nooooo! No, you didn't!

EMILY: Yes, yes… we did. Stop making it such a big deal.

LORELAI: It is. It is a big deal, mom. I mean, it's a HUGE deal…You wouldn't have come here with those guilty faces if it wasn't a big deal. Argh! (Turns around and walks behind the check-in desk).

RICHARD: (Follows) Now… now… we know Luke's a decent fellow. He wouldn't make it anything more than an innocent plea from two very concerned parents.

EMILY: It's not like we did anything illegal.

LORELAI: Bribing someone… is illegal, mom. (Exaggerates) And you know, I won't even get to see your second run-in with the law because I'll be too busy hiding from Luke.

EMILY: (Annoyed) Stop it! (Looks up at Richard) I'm not going to jail, am I? (Shakes herself, and shouts) You are both acting silly!

LORELAI: (Sighs, then calms herself a bit and picks up the phone) I need to call someone.

EMILY: I swear to God, Lorelai… if that's the police your calling — I'm going to reach over this counter and…

LORELAI: (Cuts her off by holding up her hand) ShSHH.

Scenes cuts between Rory's place and the Inn.

RORY: Y-ello. (She's working on one of her recent articles)

LORELAI: You won't believe what your grandparents have done.

RORY: It can't be good.

LORELAI: It's not! They just came from Luke's…

RORY: (Straightens herself) Uh oh.

LORELAI: Exactly…

EMILY (Curiously) What is she saying?

RICHARD: (Turns to Emily) Whatever it is, it doesn't sound good.

LORELAI: Your grandparents, Emily and Richard Gilmore tried to bribe Luke into dating me again. I'm going to be talked about and insulted for the rest of my life.

RORY: (Finds it amusing) What did they try to bribe him with?

LORELAI: That's not the point!

RORY: Yes, but aren't you the least bit curious?

LORELAI: (To the elder Gilmores) What did you offer him?

RICHARD: Well, I tried to offer him assistance with franchising his business…

EMILY: … a trust fund for April…

LORELAI: (Closes her eyes in disbelief) franchise…trust fund for April…

EMILY: an Island…

LORELAI: (Sarcastically) You don't say.

RORY: (Hears it through the phone) No, they didn't!

EMILY: (Cuts them off, turns to Richard and shouts) This is ridiculous! We did what we came here to do. We told Lorelai what we did… now we can leave, Richard. (She turns to leave)

RICHARD: (Finding it amusing as well, he leans in and softly offers to Lorela) I believe your mother even offered him a lifetime supply of plaid shirts. (He turns to leave as well)

RORY: (Starts laughing) Oh man.

LORELAI: (As she watches her parents exit the door) It's not funny, Rory!

RORY: Of course it is!

LORELAI: Not to me. (Sighs) Luke and I… whatever friendship we have or don't have is so fragile right now… and I'm afraid this will only make him distance himself. (Frustrated) Leave it to the Gilmores to screw it up.

RORY: You don't know that they did.

LORELAI: Of course they did. And now I'm going to have to avoid him…

RORY: I believe that was a big reason why you guys broke up in the first place…

LORELAI: You're not helping.

RORY: I'm sorry (sympathetically) If it makes you feel any better… I really don't think Luke took it seriously.

LORELAI: (Calms down) No?

RORY: If you insist on avoiding him, don't do it for long. Take a bit of time to process or whatever… but you have to face him eventually, mom.

LORELAI: (Smiles) Where have you been all this time?

RORY: (Smiles as well) I've got to finish this article. Are you going to be okay?

LORELAI: (Sighs) Yeah. See you later, kid.

Only 6 million commercials this round.



It's evident that a few days have gone by and that it's Luke's turn to have April over. We see April at the table finishing up her homework. Luke's at the sink, cleaning up the area. The apartment has some visible changes — for example: April's room is in fact a bedroom now, with four walls. But the door is missing. And Luke has an actual bedroom with a door and everything!

APRIL: (As she reads her text book) You know, I can do the dishes too.

LUKE: (Looks back at his daughter) No, no… you study.

APRIL: Okay.

LUKE: (Turns around completely and looks over at the room under construction) Tom did a good job with that.

APRIL: (Looks back at the room as well) Yeah, when did he say the door was coming?

LUKE: Saturday morning.

APRIL: Cool. But why didn't they just get another door like yours?

LUKE: Thanks to TJ, they made a mistake on the measurement. They'll have to cut it down a bit.

APRIL: Ah. (Looks at Luke and smiles) I like my room. Thanks, dad. But this conversation is boring.

LUKE: (Chuckles) Indeed, it is. (Walks over to the table and pulls out a chair) Here's something else you might consider boring…

APRIL: Shoot.

LUKE: (Cautiously) You know… Lorelai.

APRIL: Yes, I do know Lorelai. And you don't have to do that.

LUKE: Do what?

APRIL: Whenever we start talking about Lorelai. You start with "You know Lorelai"

LUKE: I do?

APRIL: Yup. Go on…

LUKE: Well then… (Pause) I thought you should know… that I'm thinking of… going out… with Lorelai.

APRIL: As in "dating" her?

LUKE: (Nods) Yeah. I mean I don't know when it will happen… or if she'll even want to date me. (Realizes) In fact, I haven't seen her around in a few days. But I wanted to let you know. (Pause) How do you feel about that?

APRIL: (Raises her shoulders) I don't care. I like Lorelai. Well, I do care… I mean, I wouldn't want you to date Crazy Carrie.

LUKE: (Chuckles) That will never happen. (Looks directly at April) So, you're good?

APRIL: I'm good.

LUKE: (Smiles, then looks at the text book) So, what is this you're reading?

APRIL: It's a chapter on the Gnostic gospels.

LUKE: (Nods) Gnostic gospels. Somehow that doesn't sound like it's a part of your lesson plan.

APRIL: It's not. I got it from the local library.

LUKE: Ah, I see.

Scene fades.


All four Gilmores and one Logan Huntzberger are seated in the dining room. They seem to be having a decent conversation.

RICHARD: So you're considering living in NY for the rest of your life?

LOGAN: (Chuckles) Well, I would like to Richard… but I don't know what the future holds.

LORELAI: (Randomly) I'm still surprised you're here. My oh-so-lovely daughter failed to tell me that you were in town and would be joining us.

RORY: Mom, I told you I would bring a distraction.

EMILY: A distraction?


EMILY: A distraction? Rory? From what?

LOGAN: (Chuckles again trying to cover her up) Rory's being funny. (To Rory) Ace, really… timing.

EMILY: Eat your carrots, Logan.

LOGAN: Yes, ma'am.

EMILY: Lorelai? Is this about us bribing Luke?

LOGAN: (Looks up at Rory and mouths) Really? (Rory nods)

LORELAI: I'm over it.

EMILY: (Sarcastically) Clearly, because that's why you'd want a distraction at tonight's dinner.

LOGAN: (Tries to chime in) I can leave if you want me to.

EMILY: Carrots.

LOGAN: Okay.

RORY: (To Lorelai) I'm so sorry. I couldn't stop myself. I am my mother's daughter.

EMILY: (Randomly) Have you talked to him?


EMILY: Luke. Have you talked to Luke since then?

LORELAI: No. I haven't.

RORY: No, she's hiding from him.

LORELAI: Rory! You're supposed to be on my side.

RORY: I'm sorry, but I think it's ridiculous.

LOGAN: (Chimes in again) I've tried that before. It never ends well.

LORELAI: Seriously Logan, finish those carrots.

Logan looks at Richard.

RICHARD: (Advises softly) It's safer to stay quiet when the ladies argue.

LORELAI: (Shakes her head) We're not arguing.

EMILY: Of course not, we're discussing how Lorelai loves to hide from the important things in life.

LORELAI: Fine, what do you want me to do? Go talk to him right now? Tell him that my parents are just on the verge of being committed and…

EMILY: (Cuts her off and nods) Yes… yes go tell him that.

LORELAI: (Gets up from the table) Fine. (Places her napkin next to her plate).

Lorelai looks around the table and sees everyone waiting for her to leave.

LORELAI: Okay… have a good night.

Lorelai leaves the scene. Everyone else looks at each other.



The diner is empty. Luke is behind the counter going through some receipts when he hears the front door. He looks up and sees Lorelai standing there. Luke places the receipts on the counter…

LUKE: Hey…

LORELAI: (Cautiously smiles) Hey. (Then slowly walks forward to the counter)

LUKE: Coffee?

LORELAI: (Takes a seat) Yes, please. (Lorelai stays silent as Luke reaches behind and grabs the coffee pot, pours some coffee into a mug and places it in front of Lorelai).

LUKE: (Grabs some of the receipts while (tentatively) looking at Lorelai) Haven't seen you around.

LORELAI: (Makes a guilty face, but an honest one) I've been hiding.

LUKE: (Smiles down at his receipts) I figured.

LORELAI: I'm so sorry about my parents. (Shakes her head) I can't believe they did what they did…

LUKE: It's okay, don't be sorry. (Admits) It was actually funny.

LORELAI: (Surprised by how calm Luke is) Yeah?

LUKE: Oh yeah… seeing Emily sit there reading off that list… Never seen desperation in her before. (Jokes) I saw her in a new light… and it was refreshing.

LORELAI: (Nods) "Refreshing"?

The two look at each other and smile for a moment.

LUKE: (Sighs to break the silence) Anyway, if that's why you were hiding — you shouldn't have.

LORELAI: (Drags her eyes away from his face) I know… hence, I'm here to straighten things out.

Pause as Lorelai sips on her coffee.

LORELAI: (She's about to ask something significant) Luke…

LUKE: Yeah…

LORELAI: (looks up at him) … do you think we'll ever…

LUKE: (Cuts her off) Yeah.


LUKE: (Nods) Yeah…

Lorelai smiles.

They get interrupted by April as she walks into the diner.

APRIL: (Carrying her favorite sweater in one hand and a needle and thread in the other) Dad, do you think this is going to hold…(sees Lorelai there, she stops herself and looks at both adults). Hi.

LORELAI: (Sighs… then smiles) Heyyy April…

APRIL: (Notices the silence and remembers what her father mentioned the previous night) I can come back later (She turns to walk back, but…)

LORELAI: No, no… no… (Aprils turns back to face Lorelai) Are you trying to sew that sweater.

LUKE: (Chimes in) Her "favorite" sweater which she refuses to get rid of.

LORELAI: (Extends her arm and motions April to come closer while talking to Luke) You don't get rid of your favorite sweater.

APRIL: Exactly! (She walks over and sits next to Lorelai as she hands her her sweater) I mean it's a bit tight on me… I got it about two years ago. But I really want to keep using it.

LORELAI: (Looks at the tear on the side and sees a poor sewing job) You know, I'm no expert — but this is one of the things I'm really good at…

APRIL: Oh yeah?

LORELAI: (Gestures) So hand over that needle, babe.

Luke looks on.

LORELAI: Do you want me to teach you how this works?

APRIL: Sure!

While the two ladies chat, Luke walks into the kitchen and comes out with a glass of orange juice and places it in front of April.

Audio fades a bit.

LORELAI: I love this green...

APRIL: Yeah, I hated it when I first got it — but it's one of my favorite colors now.

The front door opens again. This time it's Liz and TJ (carrying Doula).

TJ: Hey there, brother-in-law! (Holds the door open for Liz)

LUKE: (Rolls his eyes at Lorelai) Hey (And walks over to help them with Doula).

April jumps off the stool in delight when she sees her cousin.

Lorelai smiles so sincerely at the view.

LIZ: (Speaks softly) We finally got Doula to sleep — so decided to come over for a late snack… (sees Lorelai there and is pleasantly surprised) Hey, Lorelai!

TJ: SH!! (Thinks) Lorelai? (Looks back and sees her sitting at the counter)

LORELAI: (Slowly gets off the stool and walks over, then speaks softly) Hey, guys. (Looks over at sleeping Doula) Aw.

LIZ: (Continues softly and she leans in to give Lorelai a hug) Have you two met yet?

LORELAI: (Pulls away from the hug) Yeah, Luke introduced us. She's so beautiful, Liz.

LIZ: Thank you… I say she turns out like me, eh?

LORELAI: (Nods) I hope she does. (She feels a bit awkward because she's unsure of where she stands)

LIZ: (Not one for long conversations, looks at Luke) Got any pie for me big brother? I'm starving.

LUKE: (Already on top of it) Got it right here… (he places some plates of pie in front of Liz and TJ) April, can you please get some coffee for your aunt and uncle?

APRIL: (Walks behind the counter) Okey dokey.

Luke takes Doula from TJ so the couple can relax and eat their pie. Doula sleeping, with her face on his shoulder — he walks behind the counter again and uses one hand to go through the receipts. Lorelai joins him at the counter and folds the sweater that she just patched up.

LORELAI: (Softly to Luke) Should I leave?

LUKE: (Looks up and replies softly) Why?

LORELAI: (Hesitantly) I… don't know if I belong here.

LUKE: You belong here.

LORELAI: (Slightly blushes but tries to hide it by looking over at the baby, then she looks back at Luke) Did they really offer you a life time supply of plaid shirts?

Luke nods and they chuckle softly.

Scene in the diner zooms out and fades.

The end.

Next week on the Gilmore girls…

LUKE: (On the phone) So, I'll pick you up around seven?

LORELAI: (On the other end, smiles sweetly) This is seriously happening?

LUKE: (Smiles as well) I believe so.


RORY: (Angry) I can't believe you forgot!

LOGAN: I'm sorry but it happens!


LORELAI: (Opens the front door, all dressed up for her date) Rory?

RORY: (Sad and crying - sort of, walks in) I'm never speaking to him again!


LORELAI: (On the phone again) She's so upset.

LUKE: (Dressed for the evening as well) You should be with her. We'll do this tomorrow.


KIRK: (At the diner, looks at the customer next to him) So, what's your name?

LOGAN: Logan Huntzberger.


LUKE: (On the phone again) What's Logan doing in my diner?


LOGAN: (At a restaurant/bar in an unknown location. He's a bit tipsy) She can be difficult to read when she's pissed off.

LUKE: (At the other end of the table. He nods) Well, they can be complicating sometimes.


A shot of Luke standing outside the restaurant with his cell phone to his ear.

LORELAI: (On the phone - she makes a face) Huh?

Well that's 7.14. Just a "cutesy" ending, if you will.

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