Disclaimer: I own nothing, only this fic

Disclaimer: I own nothing, only this fic.

Tears Unshed

By: ZellyBaby

Zell was sulking through the hallways of the Garden when he ran into Irvine, no bounce in his step, no hype in his voice.  When he spoke he sounded like a damn robot.


"Is that all you have to say to me Zell?  What is your problem?"

Zell glared at him for a moment, stepped around him, and continued on his way.  Irvine, who was sick and tired of his attitude, walked up behind Zell, grabbing his shoulder he swung him around.

"Zell, goddammit, what the hell is…"

Irvine didn't get a chance to get out his sentence, before Zell punched him.

"Back the fuck off Irvine."

He said continuing on his way.  Irvine just sat and watched, clutching his stomach and side, wanting to cry.  Selphie and Quistis came walking down the hallway.

"Those new uniforms do…oh my dear Hyne!"

Selphie took off running in Irvine's direction.

"Oh Hyne! Irvine!"

Quistis said in realization of what had happened after spotting Zell sulking angrily further down the hallway.


"You're lucky Irvine, he must not have wanted to hurt you."

Said Dr. Kadowki as she rapped Irvine's side.

"Hurt me?? He broke three of my fucking ribs!"

Said Irvine grimacing.

"You got lucky, I'm sure that was just a love tap, if you consider what he could have done."

Irvine's eyes went wide with horror, when images of Zell doing Final Heaven, and killing T-rexaurs with one blow started going through his head.

"Holy shit."

"Don't soil yourself child."


Zell sat at a table by him self, eating hotdogs.

"Hi Zell."

Said Squall, sitting down across from him.

"What the hell do you want?"

Said Zell, glaring at him.

"Just to talk."

Squall commented, smiling.

"Then go talk to a fucking wall."

Zell started to get up when Squall reached up and grabbed him, pushing him back down.

"I said I just wanted to talk dammit."

Zells arm shot out, and grabbed Squalls arm, twisting it.

"Don't you ever do that to me again Squall, don't ever touch me."

Even if Zell had hurt him he didn't care, he was going to talk to him whether he liked it or not.

"Zell, stop."

"Leave me alone Squall."

Squall reached out and put his hand firmly on Zell's shoulder. 


"I hope that this isn't going to be a trend, upsetting Zell and getting the shit knocked out of you that is."

Said Dr. K wiping the blood off Squall's face with a wet rag.

"My damn nose…what the hell is stuck up his ass, a stick?"

"I don't know what's wrong with him, he broke three of Irvine's ribs, and your nose."

"Hell if I know…but I'm not trying that again, I don't want to have to come back here."

"I hope you don't either, I don't want to have to put anyone in ICU."