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Tears Unshed: The Final Coming By: ZellyBaby

Quistis walked throughout Garden searching, she spotted Selphie.

"Hey Seph, you seen Zell?"

Selphie shrugged.

"Saw him in Cid's office early this morning, I had to go to the Quad to work on something and spotted him."

Quistis quickly nodded.

"Thanks Seph."

"No problem."

She scurried off toward the elevator.


"I'm sorry Quistis, he's already gone."

She stared at him oddly with a puzzled look on her face.

"What do you mean gone?"

"He came into my office this morning and asked for an immediate transfer to that new Garden, you know, the one in Esthar?"

"…Did he give a reason?"

"Said that he Laguna had called and asked him to be an instructor there, and presented me with this."

Cid handed Quistis a fax, it was from President Laguna, requesting for Zell's transfer.  She blinked and stared at it.

"I gave him the go-ahead, he was out in less than an hour and gone."

Frowning she thanked him and walked out of his office.


[Three months later]

Laguna slowly entered the Balamb Garden, he was there to see Cid about a few more transfers of students from Balamb to his Garden in Esthar.  Selphie just happened to be on her way to the cafeteria and spotted him.

"Sir Laguna!"

She bounced up to him and smothered him with hugs.

"Heh…hey there Selphie, happy as ever I see?"

Smiling he quickly explained why he was there.

"Ooooo…that sounds really cool Sir Laguna."

Something suddenly hit Selphie, causing her to frown, noticing Laguna asked with a bit of hesitance.

"…Something wrong Seph?"

She kept the look on her face and slow spoke.

"…How is Zell doing?"

Laguna bit his lip and answered scratching his head.

"He's doing great I guess, he's a very good instructor, and the kids really seem to like him.  He even met a girl oddly enough, I do believe he's happy…hey…Seph I'm sorry, but I don't have much time, and I really need to talk to Cid about these transfers, catch ya later?"

Selphie softly mumbled and walked off.

"Poor girl…I hope they all don't act like that…"