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Author's Note: I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. This song The Only Gift is by NSync.

The Only Gift

Tori was putting the rest of the kids gifts under the tree. She looked at the clock it was 10 pm. All the kids were in bed since tomorrow was Christmas. Everyone was going to stop at her and Blake's house tomorrow to hang out and open their presents. Hunter and Kelly would be there with their four boys, Shane and Kapri with their three kids, Dustin and Marah with their 6, Cam and Hayley with their three. She would be here with her five, alone.

Tori picked up all the lists the kids had made for Christmas including hers. She glanced down it and realized that no matter what she got it just wouldn't make up for the one thing she truly wished she had. She hadn't any extra time to go and visit Blake since September when he went off racing and he hadn't been able to come visit her. To top all that off he wasn't even going to be able to make it home this year.

The kids were all disappointed and she had noted how a couple had written Dad on their list, it was a pity since he wouldn't be here. Hunter had come by earlier to make sure that Tori was fine. What else was she supposed to say. He knew that she wasn't, he also wanted Blake to be here, but what could you do? Dustin, Shane and Cam were with her at different times during the day to help her, although it wasn't that much since most of it was done already.

Tori looked up at the mistletoe that their daughter had put up, it wouldn't do Tori any good this year. She silently went through the rest of the house and finished cleaning everything up. She finished at around eleven and she sat on the couch by the tree and just looked at it. It really was beautiful with the lights and the ornaments. She smiled remembering the kids all putting them up a couple of weeks ago. She woke to her phone ringing and answered it.

"Hey Tor."

She smiled. "Blake?"

"Yeah. How ya doing?"

"I'm okay." Tori said it a sad voice.

Blake sighed, "Me too."

Tori looked at the clock it was ten minutes before Christmas. "Why are you calling so late?"

"Because I wanted to talk to my beautiful wife on Christmas and be the first one to too."

Tori could see his smile which in turn made her smile and blush a bit from the comment. "Thanks. So are you in your room?"

"Come on Tor where else would I be?"

"By the fake Christmas tree?"

He gently laughed, "It's not my fault we can't have real ones."

"I know."

"You know I'll see you soon."

"I just wish you were here now."

"Hey, I do too. If it weren't for this promotional stuff you know I'd be there."

"The kids are all sleeping."

"I figured. Did they give you any problems?"

"Not any more than usual." At that moment she heard a knock at the door. "Hang on Blake someone's at the door."


"I know, it could be one of the guys."

Tori got up to open the door and when she turned around she got the only gift that she wanted—her husband, Blake.

"Hey. Merry Christmas."

"Blake, you're here." Tori knew her smile wouldn't be leaving her for a while. They walked until they were right next to each other. "I thought…"

"Cancelled. Roger couldn't believe they'd do it over Christmas, so…here I am." He caressed her cheek. She smiled. "I missed that."

They hugged for a few minutes before Blake pulled away and smiled at her running his hand through her hair.

"I sent your presents to your apartment."

"I got them don't worry. But it didn't matter because the only gift I want is you."

Tori and Blake both smiled and leaned together sharing a kiss at midnight. It was one of longing and one to remember what the other had missed. They pulled apart only for need of air. And then they gently kissed each other as they went to their room to get to know their love again.