Kankurou slammed his hips forward, eliciting a tantalizing groan from the golden-haired goddess beneath him, tangling his hand in her hair to bring her head closer. He buried his nose in the side of her neck, relishing her beautiful musk.

Temari didn't have the energy to scream anymore, didn't have enough energy to let the puppeteer know exactly how much she loved him inside of her. She raked short nails across his sweat-slicked back, forcing a groan through his lips, a throaty sound that made her want more. She swiveled her hips, smirking in victory at the clenching of his teeth and the shuddering gasp that escaped from his throat.


During the day, neither would look at each other, and words were only exchanged for civil--if curt--purposes.

"Temari, we're out of cereal." Kankurou informed the blonde, emptying the box into a ceramic bowl, tossing the empty box over his shoulder.

Temari didn't even look up from the morning paper, taking a sip of her coffee. "So get some for yourself. You're the only one that eats it." she snapped, turning the page of the current events. Her brother grimaced at her response, but carried the subject no further.

Sliding back and forth between the two's faces, pale green eyes scrutinized them, as though watching a tennis match. Only allowing a small frown to crease his lips, Gaara made no further attempt to show that he even knew his siblings were in the room. If he were the type, he would have made some effort to at least have them sit through a meal without speaking, but Gaara believed it wasn't worth it. It's not as though there was any bloodshed from this.


"Ah..." Temari flinched slightly as her brother's inscizors pierced the skin below her collar-bone, but tossed her head back upon feeling the smooth sensaton of the minute amount of blood being lapped up. Her moan receded, and she brought her head forward, bringing her own teeth out to nip at his ear, a pleasing sound rumbling from somewhere in his chest.

He didn't know what made that so appealing. Kankurou was no masochist, but there was something sensuous about her fanglike teeth breaking through his exterior, and they had discovered long ago that his ears were a weak point of his. It was only unfortunate that Temari seemed to have none of her own--no sensitive points to speak of, and therefore no place for his agile hands to dance across.


During the day, there was something distant about the two. When the sun was above there heads, they couldn't have been seen within two willing yards of the other, and contact was kept to strictly business.

But as soon as the great star left their sight, the siblings took advantage of the freezing desert nights to keep themselves warm, and to keep their connection as close as their bodies would allow.