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Summary: ErikRaoul slash quasi crackfic. Something for the holidays.

Warning(s): homosexual content. It's slash, people!

Pairing(s): ErikRaoul

A/N: Ha! Chapter 02. You know, writing this I forgot that this was just supposed to be some short drabble, and I kinda got into it. But I stopped myself because if this became a story I would never write UTC. I guess I just don't multitask that well. It just seemed weird after all that angst in UTC that Erik and Raoul will just get together by the end of this fic since you know it's only 2 chapters and I totally want them to make out. But I found myself thinking, "Why would he suddenly just want to kiss Raoul?" Then, I got back to myself and said, who the hell cares why. He just does.

So, now you know how much I actually hold conversations in my head and how this story is unbelievable, but I did say it was a crackfic. I shouldn't actually care what the characters are like since that's already prescribed. So, here. Just read it or not. I no longer care.


Christmas Tradition

Christmas Day


By: Lucifer Rosemaunt


Raoul did not wake up until after midday. When he did, he really wished he hadn't. He had the worst headache ever and saw no point in getting up. Half of Christmas Day had already passed and the only reason he did get up was because he was starving. He hadn't eaten a very heavy dinner, which might explain why he had gotten drunk so easily the night before – he ignored the amount of alcohol he had consumed, and now he had missed breakfast. Between the pain in his head and his stomach, he figured if he could at least assuage one of those pains, he should.

So, he got up just barely remembering that he had promised the managers he would go to the concert tonight. When he did remember, he cursed all his luck and alcohol and swore never to touch another alcoholic beverage again. Not that it helped his situation right now, but it made him feel a little better. After lunch, his headache had also dulled enough for him to be able to get a little excited about the concert. He got through most of the day thinking the only thing he had to worry about was not falling asleep during the concert.

By the time he reached the opera house, about an hour earlier than the actual concert so as to avoid all the people, the headache had at least gone away. He avoided the managers embarrassed because he thought the only thing he did the night before at the party was become obscenely drunk. He could only vaguely remember drinking so much, but he remembered he had been drunk. He did not remember anything else until he saw Christine and Meg talking to each other. A wide grin broke out on his face without even realizing why until he remembered them kissing. Then he grinned wider and thanked god for the holidays, mistletoe, and alcohol – which he forgot he had cursed only hours before upon waking. They hadn't noticed him so he let them slip by.

He remembered being bored and drinking away his boredom. He even remembered watching Andre and Firmin take advantage of the mistletoe last night and his decision to entertain himself. He had thought the idea then had been brilliant. He could not quite remember why he had wanted so badly to watch people kiss though. He did not particularly care now though.

Walking to his box seat, he recalled his adventures the night before realizing he had been very busy. It had been a very successful night considering every time he now saw Christine and Meg, he saw them kissing. Not to mention all the ballet dancers he could not look at without grinning. However, he grimaced when he saw Madame Giry and Monsieur Reyer. That was something he would probably regret for the rest of his life. He should have avoided that pair no matter how drunk he was.

It wasn't until he entered the empty auditorium and was just about to sit in his box seat did he remember his last act of the night. Upon remembering, he quickly stood up and cursed.

"Well, that isn't proper language from the patron," an all too familiar voice replied.

Raoul jumped backwards away from the entrance of the box seat and managed to almost fling himself over the railing. He caught himself and blushed when he saw the Phantom watching him. That was embarrassing. He wished he had just stayed in bed. In fact, he wished he could take back what occurred last night. Actually, he wished he could have done a lot more than just fall asleep last night because he was fairly certain he was going to die now. Admittedly, the kiss was very good since it had lasted longer than the prescribed twenty seconds, but… but, he had been drunk, so who was he to remember if the kiss had been good or bad.

Erik had been standing in the patron's box for the past few hours. He had stood there waiting and thinking. He knew he had to confront to he Vicomte, but what was he to do? He didn't know what the proper way to react to what happened last night. Should he kill him or just injure him? Those seemed to be the only two options that kept coming to mind. There was a third option, but he did not even want to contemplate it. The blonde had stolen his first kiss so he had to be punished. It was as simple as that.

But when Raoul finally arrived, the same paralysis that had taken over his body last night returned. His initial plan was to surprise the Vicomte upon entrance and then do some bodily harm – he had yet to solidify what act that was however. Instead, all he could do was stare stupidly at the boy and say insignificant words.

It would have been easier had his lips not been tingling from the memory of the sensation of Raoul's lips on his. Instead, he stood and could only stare at the patron.

Raoul met the Phantom's gaze uncertainly. With the mask on, he could not tell what expression the man held. The only thing Raoul knew was the fact that he was blocking the only exit.

"Merry Christmas," he offered, shrugging. What else could he say? Sorry I stuck my tongue down your throat last night. He had run that scenario through his mind and its results weren't very promising.

Still, Erik did not reply. He did not know what to do. Inaction had always been deadly on his part. His inaction had allowed himself to become a sideshow freak. He hadn't been frozen like this since then. Why would it occur now?

Raoul was wondering what to do next. Start pleasant conversation? He was really only biding time until the Phantom decided to kill him. But one thing was bothering him. From what he could remember that kiss had been good and the phantom had been kissing back. Was that all just the alcohol talking?

Figuring he would have liked to live with no regrets, Raoul for the second time in his life grabbed the phantom's face and kissed him. He was pleased to find that not only did the phantom not push him off but he responded quite passionately in return. Raoul found his own lips being coaxed open, to which he gladly obliged. It felt too good to kiss this man. His tongue just knew how to stroke his own and Raoul could not suppress the moan that escaped his lips.

Erik decided that the third option had actually been the best. He pulled Raoul closer, pulling him from the waist. He was glad that he was taking the lead now, and Raoul's eagerness more than assuaged his doubts about responding to the kiss.

Finally pulling away, the phantom's hands had yet to leave his waist and both were out of breath.

"Christmas tradition?" Erik asked.

Raoul grinned and replied before leaning in to kiss him again, "If you're offering."


End ch02

word count: 1,182

End of Story.




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