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Summary: AU! Tonks finds herself increasingly curious about werewolves, and a certain werewolf in general. When she sets her sights on Remus Lupin, she more than she ever bargained for – and so does he.

Author's Note: For the Divine Diva Pennswoods at Snapecast who presented an opportunity I could not refuse – the chance to write some delish pr0n for her. OK people – I'm going to need your help directing this ship LOL! (and the hardcore version will be posted to HPFandon and AdultFanFiction– same username).

Hungry for the Wolf by NativeMoon

Chapter 001: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Nymphadora Tonks stumbled through the front door of Grimmauld Place and cursed herself silently as she began to fall. It was a big mistake to try to take off her coat and cross the threshold at the same time carrying an oversized suitcase. That was all she needed, to not only fall and hurt her back for the third time in one day, but to do it in front of the portrait of Sirius Black's late mother. Once disturbed the portrait shrieked and howled no end of insults, many of them racist epithets towards the motley crew of wizards and witches who had taken over her house with her despised son's blessing.

'Fuck me!' she hissed under her breath as she found herself hitting something soft, something that definitely wasn't the floor.

'Erm – what was that?' came a bemused voice.

Tonks looked up into the smiling face of the Order of the Phoenix's resident werewolf, Remus Lupin.

'Oh – Remus. Erm – Thanks…' she sputtered, disengaging herself somewhat reluctantly from his arms.

'Looks like you're staying awhile…?'

'It's a lot more convenient for work and it's easier to tackle this mess for Dumbledore if I'm actually here and not commuting from the West Country.'

'The West Country? I didn't realise you were from down there. Wereabouts?'

'Just outside Exeter...' Tonks answered as Lupin picked up her suitcase and rucksack and followed her up the stairs. 'Bromley-Upon-Exeter.'

'Hmmm I'm not too far from there myself, I'm in Little Chorleywood...'

Tonks was grateful he was behind her and couldn't see the self-satisfied grin on her face.

'Ah great pub you got there – the Barrowboy, isn't it?'

'The very one – although I wouldn't call myself a patron. It's an added expense I don't need…'

There was a loud burst of giggles as they reached the first floor of the house.

Tonks looked back at Remus who was shaking his head.

'Don't ask me… All they seem to do is giggle these days – probably not a bad thing… Although if I were another type of person I would think that they are up to something.

'They're teenaged girls, Remus. They are up to something.'

Lupin chuckled as they made their way up another staircase and then into another part of the house.

'Sirius has chucked you back here with me, I'm afraid. It's a bit of a tight squeeze with the rest of them. He thought you'd be OK about… well, you know…'

Tonks sighed as she followed him into a large bedroom that had definitely seen better days. The others in the Order that stayed at Grimmauld were decent enough people, but there were still lines they didn't cross with Lupin because of his affliction. Even though he faithfully took a potion that prevented him from transforming into a full-fledge werewolf, the others were still wary of being around him if he was in residence around a full moon. They all had read one too many of the wrong books and no matter what they said, it was fairly certain that they'd accepted a lot of what they read.

Still, this couldn't be turning out more perfect than if she'd planned it herself. Everyone else's hang-ups about Lupin meant that she would be left alone, and conversely so would he.

'Not a problem for me at all,' she said evenly. 'I like the kids – but I could do with having my privacy, if you know what I mean?'

'Erm – yes. Yes I do,' Lupin coughed as Tonks took off the oversized sweater she'd been wearing to reveal a lacey camisole.

She noticed that he tried not to stare as he noticed how much her jeans moulded to her figure. While rest of the female population seemed concerned about being what she knew he thought was too slim, Tonks definitely had the body of a woman – and she wasn't afraid to show it off to her advantage when it suited her.

'Well, I guess I better leave you to your unpacking,' Lupin murmured as he watched her take out certain items that left nothing to the imagination.

Tonks held up a sheer nightgown of black netting.

'It's a bit cold in here,' she said idly as she turned slightly towards him. 'I need to do something about this fireplace…'

'Oh I can sort that out for you…'

'LUPIN! HEY LUPIN!' someone shouted from below, interrupting him. This in turn set off the portrait and the werewolf took off, leaving a bemused Tonks to finish with her unpacking.

'Thank you cousin Sirius – sheer genius…' she chuckled softly to herself.


Tonks checked herself in the mirror before going to see what the girls were up to. She wore two lace camisoles, one white and one pink to match her hair. She added a pink and silver French velvet choker with a rose quartz and silver heart. On one wrist was topped off with a wristband of silver pointed studs that were razor-sharp, as some had found out to their detriment. Her jeans, though faded and ripped in places that defied the imagination, fitted her like a second skin. A pair of black pointed stiletto-heeled boots topped off the look.

She may be a klutz – but when she set her mind to it, she could be a seriously fit klutz. She'd overheard it said about her once at the Ministry – and in the Order. She wasn't entirely sure of what he actually liked – but it could be a lot of fun to find out.


There was a huge burst of giggles and 'Oh! My! God!' as Tonks knocked on the door to the room she knew Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley were staying in. Luna Lovegood was also with them, but wasn't staying as she was just passing through while her father talked to Lupin.

'So – what are you She-Devils up to this time,' she cackled as she saw Hermione lob a rather a few hefty tomes under her pillow.

'Nothing,' Ginny replied with a look that completely contradicted the lie.

'Uh huh. Those are mighty big nothings Hermione just put under her pillow…'

The three girls shot each other looks and then Luna and Ginny looked pointedly at the older girl.

'Well, I… that is… uh we… you see…'

'Oh come on,' Tonks said flopping down on the bed next to Hermione. 'It's just us girls… I am one of you, you know!'

'With that rack you definitely are!' Ginny snorted.

Luna nearly choked on her Butterbeer and Hermione looked like she wanted to climb under a rock.

'Thank god for growth spurts,' Tonks said as she jokingly squeezed her breasts. 'I was so flat for so long Mother wanted to take me to St. Mungo's… Can you imagine?'

'You mean there's hope for Phlegm after all?'

'Hmmph – if she wasn't part Veela no one would give her a second notice…' Tonks sniffed. 'All that peroxide isn't fooling anybody – well anyone that hasn't got a dick anyway...'

'TONKS!' Hermione said as her eyebrows flew up into her mass of bushy, frizzy hair.

'There is someone that doesn't. He takes no notice of her.' Luna said dreamily.

'Luna… you DO have a crush on him, don't you!' Ginny shrieked.

'No I don't – I'm just making a point. Fleur might as well just be part of the wallpaper when he's around…'

'And who is this fine specimen of a man that is impervious to her fake feminine wiles?' asked Tonks.

'Oh come on,' Hermione said. 'There's only one man around here completely asexual… well – besides Professor Snape, sort of…'

'Snape? Don't let the snark fool you. He's as far from asexual as it's possible to get.' Tonks said idly.

'Say what?' Ginny shrieked. 'The Greasy Git?'

Just then there was a loud squeak from outside their door and everyone fell silent.

'Ginny! For god's sake keep your voice down!' Hermione hissed after a few minutes. 'I don't think we should talk about the professors – I mean someone we still have as a teacher…'

'Just you hang on – I want to hear about…' Ginny interrupted.

'So what's with the books Hermione? No way that is just a bit of 'light reading', Tonks said. There were some things she just wasn't going to talk about. Severus Snape, Potions Master and Head of Slytherin House as Hogwarts, was one of them.

'What? What books?'

'These books…' Tonks said, removing them from their hiding place. ''Dancing at the Feet of the Moon: All the Myths are True!'; 'How to Make Love to a Werewolf'; 'Bigger is Better: Werewolf Mating Rituals'; 'What Lies Beneath: Werewolf Fact Is Even Better Than Fiction'…'

Tonks looked at the books as she read off the titles and then looked at the girls.

'So this is what you three have been cackling over for the past few weeks?'

'Well… Erm... That is… What it is is…' Hermione sputtered. 'People um, have noticed us?'

'Yep... Ironic, even Lupin mentioned your mad giggling just now. A mind like a steel trap that man has.'

'Mum will kill me – she won't care about her future grandchildren...' Ginny moaned.

'Those books aren't much actually. Werewolves aren't that impressive. You should see the Crumple-horned Snorkack!' Luna snorted. ' At birth they are at least twenty inches long and…'

Ginny, Hermione and Tonks looked at each other and then at Luna who was licking her lips as she stared dreamily at piece of torn wallpaper on the opposite wall.

'The Snorkack is a bit out of my league….' Tonks interrupted through a cough. 'So – what's brought about this obsession with werewolves, hmm?'

Hermione went bright red.

'Wait'll you hear this Tonks… I mean Oh! My! God!' Ginny shrieked softly.

'I'm all ears ladies…' Tonks replied as she leaned in.

But to be absolutely sure they weren't heard she cast a soundproofing charm on the room.

'Now why didn't you think of that?' Ginny accused Hermione.

'Right. So what's going on – and where does Lupin fit into all this? He is the reason why you have all these illegal books that could get us all thrown into Azkaban, yes?' Tonks said accusingly.

'Do you really have to remind us?'

'I'm just trying to understand what made the risk worth it. There are plenty of places to look at those without compromising yourself; same as with anything banned by the Ministry. And something had to have happened that was quite significant for you to be so reckless… and so damn stupid.'

'You Aurors are scary,' Ginny said.

'A benefit of the job… So go on, spill it…'

The three teenagers looked at each other and fell into a fit of giggles.

'Go on Ginny – you're the one who was spying on him!' Luna said as she turned 'The Illustrated Guide to Unnatural Carnality With Werewolves' upside down.

'I just sort of accidentally came across him after he'd transformed from wolf back into being a man… he was passed out on the floor... 'Ginny said breathlessly…'

'You accidentally came across him in another part of the house you aren't supposed to be in… Right. Go on…'

'Oh shit... Well, I accidentally came across him on the floor in his room and… and… and…'

'And… and… and… what?'

'He was BUCK NAKED!' Ginny shrieked as she clapped her hands over her mouth.

If Tonks hadn't known any better she would have thought the youngest Weasley was suffering an epileptic fit. There was no response except the arching of an eyebrow as Ginny grabbed a pillow and screamed into it.

'He was buck naked and god almighty he is so well-hung!' Ginny said excitedly. 'Oh come on Tonks – you know the stuff we always hear growing up! Some of it is probably a right load of bollocks; but damn I had NO idea about how BIG they are!'

Ginny and Hermione looked like they were in the throws of ecstasy at the thought of a scarily endowed Dark Creature while Luna merely looked bemused. Tonks wisely decided to leave her with her unbridled visions of naked Crumple-Horned Snorkacks with penises the size of tree trunks.

Hermione took the book of photos and illustrations from Luna (who didn't seem to notice) and showed it to Tonks. A page had been folded at the corner.

Tonks took one look and her mouth fell open. Ginny reached over and playfully pinched the Auror's lips together.

'Wouldn't want a Doxy to get in there…' she cackled.

'No way – these have to be fake. You know most of what's out there about Dark Creatures you can't believe. Of course the Ministry is no help, especially with the 'approved curriculum'…'

'Tonks – that is EXACTLY what I saw! Cor blimey – to have a bit of that…!'

'Don't let Harry hear you say that – you'll give him even more insecurities and problems than he already has!' Hermione snorted.

'I wouldn't do a werewolf for any amount of galleons… I just wouldn't mind having a bit of… it…'

Tonks said nothing as she leafed through the book. Relationships with Dark Creatures were on the verge of being outlawed and there were already no end of families that could be affected by it. But reading some of what the books had to say and seeing the images, she could now see why so many wizards were insecure. It wasn't just about the danger… it was also old-fashioned penis and sexual prowess envy.

'It's not the size of the ship that matters, it's the motion of the ocean,' she said out loud.

'He's not anybody's type anyway,' Hermione said as she ogled the moving pictures.

'Is that a fact?' Tonks asked her warily.

'Well – he's not exactly the sort that makes you go weak in the knees, is he? He's nice – but… pretty boring if you ask me! And even I know I need a lot more than he would ever be able to do for me.'

'And is that what you two think?' Tonks asked Ginny and Luna.

'He looks so OLD,' Ginny added. 'And he doesn't really float my boat… well, just that part of him does… He might be interesting in bed – but I mean really… can you imagine anything beyond that?'

'Well – I think to be on the safe side I'd better take these…' Tonks said crisply, as she collected the books. 'Guess it's lucky for you that you've got Viktor Krum and Ron Weasley to pick from, right Hermione?'

'You what?' Hermione sputtered. 'But I paid good money for those!'

'We can discuss this in the Head's Office down at the Ministry if you prefer.'

'You wouldn't do that – Dumbledore would have your neck!'

'Quite right – we'll just discuss it with him, McGonagall, Flitwick and Snape…'

'Snape? What's he got to do with it?'

'Everything, since he's going to be teaching Applied Defense Theory in addition to Potions come the new term… Anything concerning the Dark Arts or Dark Creatures he will be involved in as a matter of course as long as you are a Hogwarts student.'


'Yes – Snape…'

There was a round of moaning muttered complaints especially from Ginny.

'And I will take the rest of the things you haven't shown me yet…'

'There isn't anything…' Ginny started until Hermione silenced her with a look.

Hermione walked over to their closet and pulled out a small trunk with a heavy duty spiked lock. She told Tonks the code as she opened it and removed the additional security charms protecting the trunk. Tonks took one look and was grateful she'd decided to play hardball.

'Are there any Dark Creatures or combinations of creatures that you three haven't had a gander at?'

'Nope; we even went to…' Ginny started until Hermione threw a pillow at her.

'Erm – you won't really be discussing this with anyone, will you Tonks?' Hermione asked as she wrung her hands. 'I mean we could be suspended – or even expelled and the Ministry would…'

'So the next time you get any bright ideas you will restrain yourselves… or at least come to me. What's the point in being friends with an Auror if you don't try to take advantage of it like everybody else?'

'But you would've said no,' Luna sighed.

'Maybe…' Tonks said as she charmed the lock to a new combination after tossing the books in the trunk. 'Or maybe not…'

She stood up in the imposing fullness of her height and looked down at the girls.

'I trust you also won't be wandering into the parts of the house you were forbidden to enter. It's for your own safety. You know we still have a lot of cleaning out to do here. And don't take it for granted that even a newly transformed Lupin couldn't hurt you. It takes 3 full days after the Full Moon for him to return to normal, even from the wolf state. You could have been hurt or worse Ginny because your intruding on his territory; make no mistake about that. Pick Harry's lock next time.'

'Tonks is right,' Hermione said dejectedly. 'It was stupid. And it won't happen again, will it…'

'No…' Ginny answered grudgingly. 'No it won't… Besides, I've been scared of what could happen if someone found all this stuff…'

'Werewolves don't interest me at all,' Luna said dreamily. 'It was a waste of money…'

'And the waste of good money will have to be the price you pay. Just be glad you haven't been found out and by someone who would really hurt you with this! Hermione you of all people know better; don't let yourself be persuaded to do something you don't want to do, for once.'

Tonks charmed the trunk so that it fit into the palm of her hand.

'See you at dinner,' she said evenly as she closed the door behind her on the way out.

Tonks paused for a moment outside the door with a big smirk on her face and then quickly made her way back to her blessedly isolated room across from the werewolf's. She would make it a point to talk to Remus about securing their little wing.


Tonks looked through the trunk and took her time peering at the illustrated books. Given what Ginny, Hermione and Luna had to finally say about Remus she wasn't about to feel guilty about what she had put them through.

It didn't really matter that she had exaggerated a few things; after all, it was a perk of the job.

'So he's nobody's type, eh Hermione,' she said as her eyes narrowed. 'You got very lucky with Viktor Krum – he could do better with someone who actually deserves him, given your behaviour of late. And by the way, Ginny, I'd take a werewolf over the screwed-up little manchild you're going to have to deal with every day of the week if we manage to help keep him alive. And Luna – you keep on with your fantasy world of Snorkacks!' The Auror couldn't help but to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. But she was angry – very angry at how wizards and wizards without Lupin's affliction always managed to raise themselves on a pedestal above him and those like him in some way. 'There but for the grace of God'; nobody understood that old saying in their midst better Remus Lupin in her estimation.

But damn it if taking Sirius up on his offer wasn't the best decision she could have possibly made.