Chapter Fourteen – Epilogue

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Four years have passed to the day where everything had gone wrong. Almost. Kira was gone and the world returned to normal; with good people and even the bad. Four years… since the death of;

L Lawliet

October 31, 1979 – November 5, 2004

Near stared at the grave stone with his passed idol's name engraved on it. "Strange how you never knew his age and true name." he spoke softly looking down at a figure in a wheelchair. "You loved him nevertheless." Saika twitched a finger slightly, bending down. Near, predicting this, quickly helped her kneel on her useless legs. He released her slowly and watched her place a little box carved with gold around the corners. He recognized that box.

Four years back, the true L had entrusted Near a box to give to Saika if his death would occur. He recognized how the lock from Sai's necklace was handcrafted into the outside of the box. He was also entrusted with the key… it was still a necklace however. He gave that key to Saika. L's key. What was in the box, he never found out as he thought only Saika should know. He remembered giving that box to her in the hospital, where she was in critical condition from being hit by that truck. She could not use her legs again. And she couldn't speak. Near wasn't sure whether it was her not wanting to speak or it was just that she couldn't. If she wouldn't have wanted to speak, she was doing a good job because she never spoke a word or smiled a smile after she left that hospital. And if she wouldn't walk… well… let's just say that four years without walking, she might as well have forgotten how to walk.

Saika placed the box carefully in front of the grave stone… and placed a rose on it. Near watched her mouth open slightly, "I…" her voice was raspy from such a long period of not using it. "…will always love you." She did not cry. She just… smiled. But it wasn't that smile she had many years ago, Near noticed. There was a breeze blowing past them. Their hair waved to the gentle wind… Sai breathed in the scent… L's scent. She closed her eyes, listening to its whispers. His whispers. They were cold… they ran down her spine… just like his voice had done a long time ago. Near helped her up, once more, onto the wheelchair.

"I want to walk forward…Near." She said, her voice still raspy, "…like I should have done… all those years ago…" Near said nothing; his hands in his pockets and his white shirt rippling slightly in the wind. "… but my legs…" he swore he heard her chuckle softly.

"You didn't have to will to try back then." He finally said.

"Back then…" she echoed.

"I'll take you to the hospital." He placed a soft, white blanket on her, wrapping it around her so she wouldn't get chilled, and pushed the wheelchair away, the soft squeaking of the wheels echoing in the wind that followed them. They never turned back. "Everything will be okay."


Chains jingled. Lots of chains. Raspy breathing… growling… the atmosphere darkening…

"Wait til I'm free…" Mello whispered, his eyes wider than usual…his hair matted and dirty… he was chained to the ground. His clothes were ripped… his flesh… was rotting. "HUUUAAARRRGGGHH! I'LL KILL YOU NEAR! I'LL KILL YOU! AND SAIKA! YOUR NAMES WILL BE THE FIRST TO BE WRITTEN DOWN! BWAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAH!!!"

"Oh shut the fuck up ya lil brat." Ryuk said, his mouth full of rotten apples. "And you brought him here why, Rookie?" Sin said nothing but continued to watch the Human world below.

"You're life spans will be mine… mine… MINE!" Mello howled, two great black and white wings sprouting from his back, covered in black blood, "GYAHAHAHAHAHAA! I can see you all dead… dying… dead… the light leaving your eyes! GYAHAHAHAHAAAA!" The Shinigami Realm echoed with laughter… Mello's laughter…

The End.

Steph: Nice of you to join us Sin. And Near!

Near: Saika and I are going to die aren't we…

Sin: Not if I can help it.

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