Disclaimer: Set before third impact and the fifth child isn't Kaoru this time it's someone else who I've put in to help Shinji and the others except for the bastard king Gendo. He deserves to die in many, many ways. Please be aware there may be bad language in this fan fic.

A Second Chance.




"Telepathic Communication"

Shinji's POV.

I hate my life. People at school treat me like I'm some kind of hero because I pilot an Eva but I'm nothing but a coward. Misato uses me as her personal servant by making me clean the house and do the laundry everyday even when it's her turn, drives like a part-time stunt driver and drinks beer like it's tea morning, noon and night. Asuka treats me even worse always rambling on about how she's the better pilot even though she's only defeated one angel, she makes me cook, hits me for no reason and calls me a pervert when I even glimpse at a single patch of skin. My father doesn't even care that I exist and everyone else has no idea how much pain I'm in. the only one who's even remotely kind to me is Rei but only when she's ordered or when it's convenient. It's time to end it all. Which I why I'm standing on the cliff I came to when I first ran away from everything, back then I couldn't find the courage to jump but now there's nothing to keep me in the world. With a single step the cliff beneath me disappeared and I plummet, waiting for the ground to end my life and my suffering.

Regular POV.

"Shinji! Shinji! Wake up damn it!" Misato cried trying to wake the unconscious child.

"Wah…," he mumbled his eyelids fluttering open, focusing on the purple haired major. "Misato? What are you doing here?"

"Getting ready to punish your ass for trying to kill yourself!" she shouted slapping him across the face. "That's for making me so worried about you," she chocked enveloping him in a tight hug.

"I'm not dead?" Shinji asked sounding surprised.

"You would be if the fifth child hadn't been here when he was," Misato sobbed wiping her tears away. "Why the fuck did you want to kill yourself?"

"Why do you even care Misato? You only took me in so you wouldn't have to clean up! You only act responsible when there's an emergency!" he shouted pushing her off him. "The rest of the time you drink so much it's amazing you haven't died of liver failure already. I fucking hate you Misato, I hate Asuka! I fucking hate both of you!"


"Shut the fuck up Misato! I don't want to hear it!" he roared. "Just leave me alone and take your men in black suits with you!"

"All right, we'll leave you alone. But we'll be nearby if you need us," Misato said leaving her ward in the clearing by the fence.

An Hour Later.

"Why does she even pretend to care about me?" Shinji asked thinking he was alone.

"Because she does care Shinji. You just don't know how to stand up for yourself," came a male voice from behind which Shinji didn't bother to acknowledge. "You're so afraid of getting hurt by others you can't stand up for yourself and all because of the way you were raised as a child. Or is it because your old man loved your mother more than he loved you?" again Shinji didn't show any indication he heard anything from this person. "I guess I shouldn't have saved you then,"

"You're the fifth child aren't you?" Shinji asked keeping his head buried between his legs. "Why'd you save me?"

"Because I've seen what will happen to the world if you die Shinji and I've come back to stop that from happening. But I'm also here to stop third impact from occurring," he answered hearing Shinji snort in disbelief. "All right then how about I tell you what you happened when you delivered Rei's new security card,"

"I never told anyone about that," Shinji said raising his head.

"Neither did Rei, but that doesn't change the fact that you coped a feel that day in her apartment, even if it was by accident. The name's Kakashi Sito by the way," Kakashi said. "You still haven't thanked me for catching you after you fell and I didn't use any kind of equipment either,"

"That's impossible. How could you save me when I was already falling without anything to stop yourself?" Shinji asked bolting to his feet and turning to face Kakashi.

"It's part of the reason I knew about you feeling up Rei. I'm from the future Shinji. A future where Gendo is still trying to initiate third impact by creating angel/human half breeds," Kakashi explained removing his sleeveless button up shirt, a pair of black feathery wings sporting from his back. "Scream anytime you want,"

"Kensuke would have a field day if he found out about this," Shinji mumbled scratching his head. "So just how far into the future are you from?"

"About six years and the reason I look the same age as you is because of my accelerated growth when I was created," Kakashi answered his wings disappearing back into his body. "So how come you believe me?"

"I think it was the wings that convinced me but why did you decide to help me of all people?" Shinji asked.

"You and Gendo are like different paths that time can flow through. If the river flows towards him the future will turn out like I remember it. If the river flows in your direction you might end up married and with children of your own," Kakashi replied slipping his shirt back on, leaving it unbuttoned. "I'm going to help you find happiness and destroy Gendo and his plans, question is do you want my help? Or better yet, do you want Gendo to keep using Rei and other women in Nerv as his sex toys?"

"Sex toys?" Shinji gasped going white in the face. "You can't be serious,"

"After your mother was absorbed into Unit 01 he abandoned you and began planning to bring her back when he thought she was dead. Ritsuko's mother fell in love with him but he never returned those feelings because he thought of her as your mother and the same goes for Ritsuko herself. He's probably fucking her brains out right now and groaning your mother's name. That's why he created Rei to look almost like your mother but Rei only looks like her, she's not related to you. If you can help Rei discover what it means to have feelings then time will flow in a positive direction," Kakashi explained. "The future where humanity suffers because of his selfish desires won't exist and all I'm asking you to do is help the one girl you have a crush on,"

"If it means stopping my father's insane plans, then I accept your offer Kakashi," Shinji said defiantly. "And who said I have a crush on Ayanami?"

"You did when you helped me escape Gendo's clutches and managed to send me through the time portal," he answered making his way to the road. "You coming or not?"

"So is this time travel based on Terminator rules or Back to the Future rules?" Shinji asked sprinting to catch up. "I'm guessing I was the one to explain it to you,"

"Actually that was Ritsuko who explained it and it's the same as the Terminator time travel. Even if I save this world, my world will be the same dark place I remember it to be. Ritsuko built the time portal herself, you were the one who provided the power source by using Unit 01. But it was so unstable it was about to explode as I went through," Kakashi said as they arrived at the Section 2 SUV. "I'd tell you more but I don't want to use my powers on these MIB goons unless I have to. For now you need to focus on getting Rei's emotions bubbling, I can give you advice on how but you're the one who has to do all the work,"

"I'll do whatever it takes to stop your future from happening," Shinji replied, dead serious.

"Great, but I'd act like you normally do for now, your confidence boost might draw attention," Kakashi advised. "How about we get some lunch I'm getting hungry,"

"Sounds like a plan," Shinji answered.


Gendo's Office. (Asshole)

"Go ahead and give your report Dr Akagi," the biggest asshole in the galaxy commanded in his classical face hidden behind his bridged hands position.

"At 10,00 hours today the third child disappeared from under the noses of Section 2. an hour later Major Katsuragi found a note from the third child stating he was going to commit suicide. Half an hour later Section 2 received a call from the fifth child saying he had saved the third from jumping off a cliff, Major Katsuragi was informed moments later," Ritsuko informed reading off her trusty clipboard.

"And where are the third and fifth now?" the king of bastards asked.

"Section 2 reports they are currently ordering lunch. Should I call and have them brought in?" she asked lowering her clipboard.

"Let them be for now. The third child will not make another suicide attempt while in the company of others. However, when all the pilots come in tomorrow for their synchronisation test I want you to monitor the third's brain activity closely. If his sync score is diminishing place him on anti-depressant drugs. I will not allow the scenario to fall apart," Gendo instructed. "You're dismissed,"

'And what a shame that would be," Ritsuko thought. "Understood sir,"

"Hey Akagi! Next time that asshole comes into your office why not castrate him? You know you want to,"

"Did you hear that Commander?" Ritsuko asked stopping in her tracks.

"Hear what Akagi?" he questioned.

"Hey asshole here's a news flash for you! You're a pencil dick fucktard!"

After a moment of looking around for the source of the voice Gendo turned his attention back the blonde doctor. "Not a word of this to anyone Akagi,"

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