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A Second Chance.




"Telepathic Communication"

Asuka's POV.

"The voice in my head is wrong, I'm not going to die for nothing. I'm not going to die at all. I'm going to fight and prove to everyone that I'm the best Evangelion pilot in the world. Yet why does it feel like a part of me is slipping away when I say that? Why do I suddenly feel naked and alone? I don't like it, I don't like being alone. I don't want to be alone anymore!"

"But you're not alone Asuka. There are people who want to be your friends you just won't let them,"

"They're not my friends. They'll just leave me when they get tired of me,"

"No they won't, not if you don't want them to. You don't have to pretend you're invincible. Second Impact messed up a lot of people not just your mother, Shinji's mother was absorbed by his Eva and his father abandoned him when he was four and only called him back because he had a use for him. He doesn't want to pilot Eva but he does it because he doesn't want anyone else to get hurt only to have people hurt him back for doing the right thing,"

"It's my fault, he tried to kill himself because of me,"

"Partly yet he's still alive and is trying to live life instead of running away. You and he are similar you just hide behind Eva instead of running. So what are you going to do? Will you take loosing to Kakashi like it's the end of the world or will you accept that you're not perfect and learn from you mistakes?"

"I don't know,"

Regular POV.

"Asuka? Asuka!"

"What?" Asuka mumbled coming out of her daze.

"Are you ok?" Misato asked.

"Yeah I'm fine, just blacked out for a second," Asuka replied slapping herself to clear the fuzz out of her head.

"A second? Try a full five minutes and I believe I said I wouldn't hold back if you couldn't land a hit on my in five minutes or less. So let's start round 2," Kakashi boasted getting his virtual Eva to adopt a fighting stance.

"Kakashi, can you teach me how to fight? I want to get stronger. That's if you can stand having me as your student," Asuka requested struggling with her inner restraint. "Am I week for admitting my own faults?"

"Actually admitting that to yourself shows you have real strength. And you're lucky I have several degrees in martial arts including close range weapons," Kakashi replied returning his Eva's stance to normal. "I'll teach you but I won't make it easy for you. We can start after lunch if you want,"

"I wasn't expecting you to give me special treatment" Asuka answered a small smile gracing her lips.

'This was easier that I thought. I better have Shinji and Rei join us that way they have more confidence which Gendo won't like at all. Tonight I remove Rei's sisters from the picture as well as the dummy plug system,' Kakashi planned with a smirk as he climbed out of the simulator stopping as he saw Shinji and Rei on the catwalk. "Shinji! Why don't you and Rei join us?"

"Sounds like fun!" Shinji shouted back.

"Before you go to lunch Kakashi, I'd like to see you in my lab immediately," Ritsuko instructed over the intercom.

'I was wondering when you'd discover it,' he sighed making it seem like he wasn't too thrilled at going to Ritsuko's lab. "Coming Doctor,"

Up on the Catwalk.

"Shinji, I wish to know if you are contemplating suicide again," Rei inquired placing a hand on Shinji's shoulder.

"I was just wondering what Kakashi's training will be like," he replied finding Rei's ear very fascinating. "I never realized how cute your ears are Rei,"

"You do? What else do you find cute about me?" she asked a light shade of pink colouring her cheeks.

"As long as you chose the right words you have nothing to worry about,"

"I think it's cute how you're blushing right now. And all I can think of right now is how cute your face is, like your lips. They look so soft, have you ever been kissed Rei?" Shinji asked caressing her bottom lips with his finger.

"No," she whispered, her cheeks growing warmer with his touch. 'But I want him to kiss me,'

"Then may I give you your first kiss?" he requested closing the distance between their faces.

"Yes," she almost whimpered as his lips made contact with her own. 'So this is what a kiss feels like,'

"He shoots he scores! And the crowd goes wild!"

'Will you shut up? I'm trying to enjoy this,' Shinji mentally scolded, wrapping his arms around Rei's petite waist. 'I wonder what Gendo will think when he hears about this?'

Gendo's Office. (Scrotum licker!)

Fuyutsuki had seen a lot of things since Second Impact but one thing he was never expecting when he walked into Gendo's office was to see his old student rapidly humping his desk doggie style.

'Maybe he's finally lost his mind,' Fuyutsuki thought as Gendo suddenly stopped and sat back in his chair. 'Certainly amusing though,'

"What do you have to report?" Gendo asked slightly out of breath.

"Just that the Fifth Child will be giving martial arts lessons to the other pilots," the sub-commander answered.

After a few seconds of pondering Gendo stood up and began humping the arm of his leather chair, completely ignoring Fuyutsuki.

'I don't think anyone will believe this,' Fuyutsuki pondered watching Gendo make love to his chair like a horny dog.

Ritsuko's Office.

"You wanted to see me Doc?" Kakashi asked as Ritsuko closed the door behind him and locking it. 'Cautious I see but I can't wait to see the look on her face when I tell her what I did to the commander,'

"Just what in the hell are you?" she demanded.

"I don't understand your question Dr Akagi," he said.

"Don't play that shit with me! I want to know why you had a genetically coded message from myself in you DNA that only I could decode!" she seethed pointing to a computer screen with her face on it. "It said to help you complete your mission so just what is your mission here Fifth Child? If it's to wipe out mankind I want absolutely no part in it,"

"Type in code 04A, there's an encoded video you need to see," Kakashi replied.

Typing in the code Ritsuko's eyes widened in horror as she watched the image of different parts of the world in ruins. Corpses littering the streets of what once were great cities. People in tattered clothes attacking and raping helpless women and children then eating them alive. These images continued for five minutes before it changed to what used to be Tokyo 3, the Geo-Front exposed through a giant crater for all to see with thousands of soldiers guarding the entrances to Nerv headquarters. Then to the inside of Nerv where a guard hear Maya at gunpoint as she kneeled in front of none other than Gendo Ikari. "One thing I will not tolerate is disobedience. You will disrobe immediately!" Ritsuko continued to watch as her assistance on the screen trembled and took off her clothes while the guard still had the gun pointed at her. Once Maya was naked she was grabbed by her hair and violently shoved against Gendo's desk as he moved in behind her and proceeded to rape her with his arrogant smirk on his face.

"I can't watch this anymore," Ritsuko blanched ending the program. "What the hell was that?"

"It's the future I came from Doctor, a future you and my parents sent me here to stop," Kakashi answered removing his plugsuit till he was standing naked in front of her. His black wings sprouting from his back. "In my world Gendo fails to initiate Third Impact using Rei, Lilith, Shinji and Unit 01. But he's so desperate to reunite with Yui so he starts creating human/angel hybrids like me but none were ever powerful enough for what he needed until I was born. He introduced angel DNA into my mother when she was pregnant, I'm only a month old and I was more powerful than Adam and Lilith combined. I have the power to initiate Third Impact but my mother and father's love for me and knowledge of what Gendo wanted me for was enough to make me turn against him, especially seeing what he had done to the world because of his obsession with Yui. You managed to create a time protal and send me back with the genetic code you created in my DNA to make sure what you saw doesn't happen in this time. Do you want that to happen?"

"I must have known there was no way to stop him and his precious scenario the way I'm going at it now. When you were born I guess I saw my chance to bring him down, but I wonder what I was smoking when I decided to send you back in time," Ritsuko chuckled bitterly. "How do we stop him?"

"The first step is Rei, she's already starting to realise the truth behind everything Gendo told her. I'm helping Shinji when he needs it and today's martial arts training will take things up slightly. The second thing is getting Asuka to realise she doesn't need to rely on just herself," he explained redressing in his plugsuit after retracting his wings. "Tonight I'm planning to destroy the dunny plug system and remove the Rei clones, unless you've got a better idea?"

"Keep doing what you're doing with the other pilots. I doubt we'll need to use the dummy plug system once your Eva arrives which by the way was meant to be one of the Mass Production Evas. But I have a feeling I took care of those loose ends didn't I?" Ritsuko asked.

"Yeah you thought it would arouse less suspicion if it was called Unit 05 instead of Unit 10. It's as strong as father's Eva, even stronger when I use my powers while inside it," he replied dropping the hint of his parents.

"Shinji and Rei are your parents?" she gasped. "But I thought Rei couldn't have children,"

"When Third Impact failed mother's reproductive organs were restored," he explained looking away. "But despite being forced to conceive me I have no doubt that they loved me. And I will make sure they find happiness and have children of their own,"

"I don't doubt that either but you'd better get going before they start wondering where you've disappeared," she said deleting the result from Kakashi's DNA test.

Nerv Gym.

An Hour Later.

After a quick lunch the four pilots were assembled in the Nerv gym dressed in gym clothes similar to their school sports uniforms, black briefs for Asuka and Rei shorts for Shinji and Kakashi. Asuka was already complaining how Shinji and Rei would only slow down her training which earned a hard whack to her butt from Kakashi's wooden sword.

"Hey what was that for?" Asuka grumbled rubbing her backside.

"The purpose of this training is so we can all become stronger and defeat the angels, not so you can keep your title of being the best. I will train the three of you equally and any back talk or complaining with be dealt with," Kakashi replied whacking her butt again. "And I should warm you that after today you will probably have multi bruises, any objections Asuka?" Asuka wisely kept her mouth shut. "Good, now all three of you drop,"

"Drop what?" Asuka asked crossing her arms over her chest.

"Drop and give me 10 push-ups then 10 sit-ups. We'll do this for the start of every training session," Kakashi explained getting the punching bags ready. "After you're done we'll pair up and move on to basic martial arts,"

'I don't need to learn stuff I already know,' Asuka mentally grumbled.

The push-ups and sit-ups were devoid of argument with Kakashi correcting their posture a few times. When it came to the martial arts portion he got Asuka to show him what she knew, which wasn't very much.

"So what do you want me to do?" Asuka asked smirking confidently.

"I want to see if you can hit me. Show me a high kick and aim for my head if you want," he suggested still holding his wooden sword.

"Gladly," Asuka grinned her right leg flying up to connect, instead her ankle was caught by Kakashi before her foot came within 2 centimetres of his head. "What the hell?"

"Reckless as always," Kakashi sighed driving the bottom end of his sword into her gut knocking the wind out of her then letting her drop to her knees.

"Not fair," Asuka wheezed wanting to curl up into a ball.

"I'm not the one who doesn't know what they're doing," he said scratching the back of his head.

"You never said you'd be using that stupid sword," she groaned getting back on her feet.

"And I never said I wouldn't, you just assumed I wouldn't because you think you're the best," he replied grabbing a punching bag. "Ok all three of you line up and give me you best side kick,"

The Next Day.

At School.

"Hey Asuka where'd you get all those bruises from?" Hikari asked as Asuka entered the classroom.

"You can thank my new martial arts teacher for that! That bastard Kakashi Sito used me as his punching bag! I kept telling him I didn't need to learn what I already knew but he wouldn't listen," Asuka whinged making it seem like she was the victim.

'In other words she couldn't keep her mouth shut,' Hikari sighed already knowing about Kakashi from a morning meeting with the principal.

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