Set during "Good Golly Miss Dolly" and assumes that the previous ficlet and it corresponding episode occur first. I know that's switching the airdates around, but I'm pretty sure they aired them out of production order, so I feel justified. Basically what Oliver's thinking when Miley grabs his shirt because she's freaking out about the lost omgilovejakeryan!video tape. I'm adding a link to a pic in my author profile, so if you don't know what I'm talking about, check that out. Thanks to Mondlering Moofoot for the quick beta and kind words.

She grabs his shirt and he panics, but it's almost a nice panic (initially at least). He can tell from the brief flash of fear in her eyes that she's panicking, too. But he knows her panic is far from nice and he knows she would deny that the panic was ever there to begin with. He desperately, but unsuccessfully, attempts to keep himself from glancing down at her lips.He can see the shine from her lip-gloss on her lower lip and he wonders if she would taste the same as she had on Halloween. He tells himself (naively) that she wouldn't be able to lie to both of them this time, because he knows that she lied before or at least he's convinced himself that he knows that she lied because any other reality is just too unsettling to deal with.

But then he remembers why they're in this position in the first place and internally curses Jake and as she lets go of him he starts breathing again. His jaw drops involuntarily as she stalks off and he fights to keep his fist from clenching. Somewhere in there he thinks he might have heard you're dead to me but the ringing in his ears makes it hard to process anything (let alone his own thoughts).

And he decides he doesn't care for Jake Ryan or the suddenly confining quality of the hallways. He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and leans against the cold metal locker. There's no way I'm going to be able to get through today without doing something to that idiot he thinks. But the ringing and the rage dissipate and he opens his eyes and Lilly's looking at him like he's crazy.

He ignores her (because he thinks she might be right).

El Fin

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