FULL SUMMARY: Kagome Higurashi is a junior in Narimasu High School (Tokyo, Japan). She is part of the clique that rules the school: the Flawless. The Flawless are the highest rank in the whole school: above the Populars, Jocks, and everyone else. No one dare challenges them—not even the school staff members. Most of the Flawless are beautiful, rich, and powerful; Kagome is no exception. Over the summer, after sophomore year, the two girl leaders of the Flawless got in a heated argument, leading to the split between the five Flawless females. This year, the girls of the Flawless are at a childish rivalry; the male section of the Flawless being stuck in-between, swaying back and forth between the broken groups of girls. But Kagome is not like the rest of the Flawless: she is not a stuck up slob that looks down on everyone as 'lower' than her. She has many friends throughout the school that are outside of the popular boundaries. But, the limelight from the popularity has consumed her once innocent nature, causing her to wear a mask over her true feelings while she is around others in fear of rejection. This year, she wants out: out of the Flawless, out of the popularity, out of her fake life. But the king of the Flawless, Inuyasha Takahashi, has a different idea. He is not about to let her run away from the 'great' life she has now. So, he gets closer to her; along the way, he uncovers secrets from her past along with some newfound feelings towards the Flawless princess. When the school decides to hold a 'Battle of the Bands' contest, bands of friends are formed and hidden emotions break free through music. People underestimate the strength of ones soul; they think she is just too perfect to feel. But boy were they wrong. Enemies clash, relationships grow, trust forms, promises break, friends accumulate, hope fades, faith dies, memories resurface, rumors fly, and hearts shatter. All of the drama from High school, all happening to one girl, all in one story.

Ok everyone! This is an Inuyasha High School AU. For this fic, I will need my readers (you!) to make up your own character for me to put into the story. I will make a form for people to fill out to tell me about their character. The form will be under this message, so just copy and paste it in a review for the story or as a message to me directly. Then just fill it out, according to your character, and send it to me. Here it is!


Gender: (male/female)


Grade: (High School grade)

Species: (demon/half demon/human/miko)

Family Financial Status: (rich/average/poor)

Physical Appearance: (hair color, eye color, skin tone (tan/pale), Fitness (ripped/buff/toned/slender/skinny/wimpy/like a stick/fat/chubby), hair length, piercing, tattoos, birthmarks, waxed chest?, hairy back?, freckles?, etc.)

Good Attributes: (girls-nice butt, big boobs, long legs, small waist, etc. boys- nice butt, big arms, big package, etc.)

Clique: (prep/jock/poser/goth/punk/skater/nobody/geek/smart but not geek/prankster/rebel/loner)

Social Status (at school): (popular/known/envied/hated/unknown/known within friends)

Style (clothing): (skirts, pants, jeans, shoes?, jackets?, tank tops, earrings, jewelry, slutty?, etc.)

Personality: (bitchy/nice/sweet/jackass/stubborn/stuck up/snob/slutty/violent/depressed/etc.)

Family Members: (brother, sister, mother, father, (include ages!))

Family History: (feuds, friendships, fame, etc.)

Enemies: (other cliques? specific person?)

Friends: (whole cliques? specific person?)



Other Things: (anything else that might be important?)

If I missed anything, please just add it on. I might contact you if I need anymore-additional information. Keep in mind that I will also need boys, not just girls. And if you want to, you can make a teacher. And you may make more than one character, but I might not choose them.

ATTENTION: The only original characters that I will be adding to the story are Kagome and Inuyasha. They might be a little OOC, depending on what cliques I put them in. If you would like another character (Sessh, Sango, Miroku, etc.) then fill out a form for them. I also need your opinions; what cliques should I put Kagome or Inuyasha in? I am personally a little tired of the punks (at least Kagome), so please tell me what you think. And they can be in the same clique.

I will keep this page updated with my progress on the characters. If anyone would like to enter a character late, it is all right. If I like the character, then I will introduce them into the story.

Thank you!