Princess Xena


Lady Razeli

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"Please Artius don't walk out on Xena, she's your daughter for the Gods' sake." Cyrene said.

"Cyrene your married to that bastard, how can I claim his son as mine, I am a Prince my father or Kingdom will not accept this." said Artius. Cyrene convinced him that their daughter and love was worth it. He renounced his title, and they ran away together. Some years later after Cyrene had given birth to their first son Lyceus his mother arrived to talk sense into Artius. She got him to take his title back. Lyceus was his legitimate heir and that was all there was to it. Artius was forever more called away to protect his Kingdom that seemed to be on the other side of the world to Cyrene. She hated it and than when Xena was seven she killed him when he tried to kill Xena. She couldn't let him do something he'd lived to forget and cause her much grief.

"Cyrene, give us the children." Queen Atia ordered.

"No, they are my children and its bad enough that Artius ran out on us, and got himself killed, why do you have to tear them from the only home they know." Cyrene said.

"Cyrene, Xena will marry a boy of our choice on her sixteenth birthday, so you will prepare her for the life of a noble lady, and Lyceus will accompany her to the Palace. He will formally become the heir to my throne, in exchange we will leave you in peace and keep you all in comfortable living conditions for this lifestyle you have so chosen for them." King Morton ordered.

"Fine, but they know nothing of this until then." Cyrene said knowing the threat of death was not far behind. They nodded and departed late that night. The children remained oblivious to them and over the years there were small trinkets, presents, and letters to Xena and Lyceus. Cyrene faked letters to Torres her eldest and brought him things that weren't nearly as fine as the things Xena and Lyceus received. So their grew a ridge of jealousy between the silbings.

In Xena's fifteenth year she was fed up with the princess lessons as she liked to call them. She was not a princess or a noble lady and had no use for such behaviors as her mother tried to teach her. She was sick of the village life and couldn't wait to get out into the world and start fighting for good with her brother along side of her, but he was still young and she couldn't run off yet. Not without him, they had to make their fame together. Xena loved to fight so much that she saw Cortese as a gift from the gods or at least she would have if her friends and her brother hadn't been killed in the battle. Even worse when the village turned on her, and it was than she left falling down a reckless path of destruction.