Secret Passion

"Some party." Hercules said in her room later. They were both slightly drunk from all the wine.

"Yep." Xena said as she pushed him down on the bed.

"Nice bed." Hercules said.

"It'll be even better once I get in it." Xena said as she took off her dress and threw it on a chair. She crawled into bed and started on his shirt.

"Please allow me." Hercules said. He had everything off faster than she could blink as well as her own clothes. She grinned at him.

"Oh the scandal if anyone found out." Hercules whispered.

"The drama we'd cause." Xena whispered back before kissing his neck. They were well into their activities when there was knock at the door. They ignored it not really hearing it. The door opened and Sandy walked in quietly. She had been off with Rocelin yet again. She opened the door and relocked it behind her. When she had gotten settled in her own little pallet she heard moaning.

"Princess?" Sandy asked. No answer, just another moan. She stood up and walked to where the curtins met. She opened the curtains to reveil Xena and Hercules who had just stopped and looked at shocked. Sandy looked at them shocked.

"Sandy stay calm." Xena said. Sandy started to scream, but Xena was out from under Hercules and had her hand around her mouth just in time.

"I think I'll go." Hercules said. Xena nodded. Hercules quickly got dressed and left out while the guards were away from the door. He was able to sneak back into his room unnoticed by all except Rocelin, who was almost never far away and missed nothing concerning Xena leaving her room or anyone else leaving her room except Sandy. He went to her room door and knocked lightly. Xena opened the door after a few minutes.

"Yes Rocelin?" Xena asked.

"How'd you know?" Rocelin asked.

"Because you miss nothing." Xena said pulling him in. She made sure no one else was in the hall before shutting the door. Sandy lit some candles and quickly got Xena robe.

"I'd like an explanation." Sandy said.

"Do I really need to give you a lecture on the facts of life after what you did with Rocelin?"

"How'd you know?" Rocelin asked. Sandy blushed heavily.

"Like you I never miss a scandal good and bad." Xena said. Rocelin shook his head with a smile.

"Well?" Sandy asked.

"Hercules and I are companions, I love him and he loves me we've been together for a little over three years now." Xena said.

"You must marry him." Sandy said.

"You haven't married Rocelin and we haven't discussed taking our relationship to the next level not yet not when I've just become the heir to a Kingdom we need time to adjust."

"You seemed fine to me."

"I'm sure, but still." Xena said.

"Well we won't tell if you won't, we're really not suppose to be together."

"I have no idea what your talking about." Xena said. It was that night that their relationship became stronger and considered each other a best friend as well as an equal.

A/N: I know I kind of ended it like there will be more chapters after this, but there isn't, but for all of you who liked this story there is a sequel called Marriages and Plots. So now you know the story is just being finished in a second installment of the fanfic. Hope you enjoy the sequel.