Author's Note

HEY!! Another fan fiction from me, Keiko Oda – this story was inspired by some animes like Chobits, Midori no Hibi and Saber Marionette J, after a few brainstorming, this story was born and voila – Fifteen Days to Love Me! Hope you enjoy it

Full Summary:

Kaname (the guy who can make stuffed toys that are alive), lies on his deathbed on Christmas. But he makes one more toy for one person he hadn't made a stuffed toy for yet – Natsume. He makes a doll called 'Mikan' but she can only live for fifteen days because of the very limited energy Kaname has. She makes the most out of her less-than-a-month life.


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Fifteen Days to Love Me

By Keiko Oda



Jingle bells…

Jingle bells….

Jingle all the way…

The Alice Academy is filled with Christmas decorations. A gigantic Christmas tree stands with pride in the dining hall with extravagant and immense lights hanging on it, flashing different colors. The whole school was decorated with wreaths, Christmas lights and an out-of-the-ordinary thingamabob that the technology types made.

Only a few students were here, most of them were on Christmas vacation and allowed to visit their family and loved ones. It was a festive time in the Alice Academy, well…not for Kaname though.

The best friend of Ruka lay on one of the beds in the hospital ward, he clutched the bed sheets and tossed and turned in pain. This was his death bed, and he knew it. A basket of sleeping dolls he was going to give to his friends lay beside the bed, a spool of thread and needles were on his bed side table. He shook his head weakly and continued sewing.

It was difficult, but his kind heart told him to make one last doll before he died. He sewed brunette hair onto the head, and all the other features of the doll – hours later, around midnight – he stared at the beautiful doll in his hands. It didn't look like a doll at all.

It looked realistic enough to be a human being.

The doll was still unconscious, still sleeping. Kaname stared at his masterpiece proudly. He took a piece of paper and scotch tape and wrote on the paper: TO: NATSUME --- MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM: KANAME

He stared at the basket which was filled with dolls, each doll was for one person in the Alice Academy. He placed the doll gently on the basket and twitched in pain. Yes, he could feel it now.

He let go of the spool of thread and needle – and…

Greeted the feeling of death…


"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!" Mr. Narumi sang, as he pranced around the dining hall which was filled with a sumptuous and mouthwatering feast that some of the students were helping themselves to. Mr. Narumi was wearing a Santa Costume as he distributed presents to the students.

Everybody seemed happy, except Natsume Hyuuga. The raven-haired, auburn-eyed, fire-bearing hottie in the Alice Academy. Everyone had families to go home to, except him. He sat solitary in the corner of the dining hall, watching the idiotic children crowd over Mr. Narumi accepting presents from their loved ones (you see, these children were still here because their grades weren't doing well and weren't allowed to see their loved ones until they improve in their academics).

"I hate Christmas" Natsume muttered softly and stared angrily at the glowing Christmas tree.

"Ah…Natsume, it seems you have one too – we found it beside the hospital bed of Kaname who's still sleeping…!" Mr. Narumi said, walking up to the melancholy boy. He handed Natsume a pretty doll. It had chestnut brown hair that was tied messily into two pig tails, she was wearing a red dress but she was barefoot. "Merry Christmas!" Mr. Narumi smiled and walked off to distribute more gifts.




"What the hell?" Natsume said to himself, staring at the doll disgustingly.

"I'm not a girl, damn him"

The rest of the Christmas celebration in the Alice Academy seemed so unhappy to him. He sat in the same place, reading an old volume of a manga but secretly watched the rest of the students open gifts and squeal with joy or watch some of the students leave the Alice Academy gates with their parents and loved ones waiting for them. What a bore. Christmas should be banned.

At midnight, the party ended. The teachers switched off the lights on the Christmas tree and some of the students helped clean up the torn Christmas wrappers, forced open boxes and ribbons. Natsume was getting sleepy himself, he stood up from his table and walked off to his dormitory.

He opened the lights of his dormitory and threw the doll in the closet. He took a shower, put on his pajamas, brushed his teeth, switched off the lights and climbed up to his ever-lonely bed. He could still hear faint Christmas music downstairs and the laughter of the students and teachers who were cleaning up. He hated Christmas. Seeing everyone so joyful as he was not was hell on earth for him. Plus, that day – Persona told him to go on a mission before the party. So even in the holidays, he'd be working his butt off and risking a bit of his life while he was at it.

He toss and turned and finally found a comfortable position in bed and finally dozed off to a gloomy sleep.

Doll's POV


I woke up, someone had thrown me into this dark closet. It smelled of moth balls and spiders. It smelled so damp and lonely here. Oh, there's a door.

I opened the door and found a room. Was this MY room? I went around the room, it was a beautiful room with crystal objects hanging from the ceiling. It looked like a queen or king lived here. It was so beautiful and magnificent…

Suddenly, I saw someone sleeping on a bed. I went up to that someone and examined his face carefully. He had black hair. Was he a doll like me? I touched his face… it felt like mine. Am I doll? Or a human being? I'm extremely confused.

I sat on the bed and stared at him once more. He tossed and turned and pulled the blanket. I felt his hair, it was very soft, like mine. I moved closer to take a closer took, we were now centimeters apart. I could feel something go 'dub dub' in his chest. I felt my chest, I don't have a 'dub dub' like he does. Then I felt more of his face and moved much closer…

That was when his eyes shot open and stood up on his bed. He flapped the blankets and I flew down the floor.

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?!?!?!?" He yelled and stared at me menacingly.


To be continued…