It's been a while since I've written any Warrior's stories, so I thought I'd give it a try with an idea I randomly thought of teh other day. Tell me what you think!


A dark shape slithered between the rocks and squeezed out the other side. Fear filled her eyes, and when she turned her head, they glistened brightly with horror. She sought out a single star in the night sky, barely visible between the branches of the leafbare trees.

Turning her head up, she gazed at the bright dot. Sadness and sorrow filled her eyes, replacing the darkening fear. Sighing, she leapt away into the silence.

There was not a sound around her. Everything was quiet. No prey was out, no owls were hooting. It seemed as if the whole forest was mourning for her loss.

Her gray pelt shone silver in the moonlight, her bright blue eyes reflecting the moon above. She skidded to a halt as a voice sounded behind her.

"Rainpelt," the cat spoke. "Have you found him yet?"

Rainpelt turned her head to look the cat in the eyes. "No," she said sadly. Her vision was blurred and she couldn't go on any longer. "What will we do now, Fernstar? I feel so lost. He was my last kit, and now that… that rouge took him. And on a night as cold as this! He could die out there by himself!" Rainpelt spat the ending words in disgust. She could not face the facts that she was about to accept for the first time.

"He will be fine," Fernstar mewed. "In the morning, we shall send out another patrol. For now, the little tom will have to fend for himself. You raised him strong and faithful. He will never give up. Don't worry."

Fernstar's words were soothing and gentle. Inside, she, too, grieved for ThunderClan's loss, but would not let Rainpelt see her so devastated, especially with the mood she was in.

Together the two cats made their way back into the ThunderClan camp. All eyes shot their direction. "Fernstar!" and name called. "StarClan have prophesized a warning. 'The loss of one will save the five.'" Confusion clouded the tom's eyes. "Do you think it may have to do with-"

"Shhhh not now, Oakfur. We will discuss this in the morning. For now, head back to your den and sort your herbs, for young Rainpelt will be very tired tomorrow morning," Fernstar ordered the medicine cat.

The single star still blazed in the sky as the two cats made their way to Fernstar's den. ThunderClan would not be the same for a while.