Lady Razeli

Disclaimer: The characters of Xena: Warriorprincess belong to MCA Univeral.

Chapter One

"No." Xena said as she stared down onto Centaur lands. The whole of the earth was sorched black and everything was silent. Little fires still burned and the smell of burning flesh was strong. Xena's eyes searched the black earth hoping to find some space where a group of centaurs and humans a like could hide, but there was nothing.

"Gods no." Xena said following to her knees.

"Xena, what's wrong?" Gabrielle asked putting a hand to her shoulder, but she saw the earth and was stunned into silence. Hercules and Iolaus raced up to stand beside them, Xena just couldn't stop crying and they had no idea why. Even Gabrielle, who had shed a few tears over the deaths that had occured, was confused.

"Maybe she's more sensitive than we thought." Iolaus suggested that night once Xena had gone to sleep from the herbs Hercules had gotten her to take.

"I don't know, I think its something more, I've only ever seen such grieving if we can call it that, in mothers." said Hercules.

"Well that's wrong Xena doesn't have kids, because I'd know about them, and even if she did I'm sure they'd be with her." Gabrielle said matter of factly. She was sure Xena would never keep this huge and important detail from her.

"Of course your her best friend, I must be wrong, it may even just be her monthly cycle, because I've seen women get more emotional than they normally are." said Hercules.

"Yea your right she'll probably be back to normal tomorrow or yelling at us, personally after all the tears I'd take the yelling any day." Iolaus said. Gabrielle brightened up at Iolaus sense of humor and laughed a little.

"Yea, it is weird seeing Xena cry." Gabrielle said.

"Why don't you two get some sleep." Hercules said. They nodded and did so. In the morning they heard that Dagnine was terrorizing another village. Xena was still out from the herbs, but they couldn't possibly afford to wait without risking the loss of lives, so Hercules sent Iolaus and Gabrielle ahead. Gabrielle had protested, but he said if something went wrong with Xena he was a lot more prepared to deal with it. Especially if it was serious and so she departed with Iolaus, who marveled at the chance to be the hero for once. He hope to have Dagnine subdued by the time Hercules arrived with Xena, which was highly unlikely.