Crimson Clouds

Summery: Sora and Cloud Strife are in trouble when a familiar and dangerous man resets his sights on Cloud. Their good, but some what shady, friend Reno helps them again but this causes the man to get even more dangerous as he goes after Reno. C/L S/Ri Ro/A onesided Se/C, Runo(Reno/Rufus), De/Zex.

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"Cloud? Sora?" He called again. Nothing but dead silence. A cold chill went down his spine and Reno palmed his mag-rod. Going slowly and silently, he crept up the stairs and down the hall, stopping outside of Cloud's room. He stood perfectly still and just listened, there was no sound from the room. He took a deep breath and turned the knob, letting the door swing open. Reno stepped over the threshold and the mag-rod dropped from his hand, hitting the floor with a dull splat. His sky blue eyes widened in pure terror and shock,

"Not again. No."

Blood was spread over the floor, pooling in some places, but not an inch was spared. It was splattered in a fine spray over the walls, the dim light from the ceiling giving the room a hellish glow. Reno's eyes rested on a lifeless body, its blond hair matted and stained red, eyes open and blankly staring. Barely a foot away was another, slightly smaller with brown hair darkened to black with blood.

"No…no…no,no,no! It can't…be happening again. No."

Reno closed his eyes and dug the heel of his palms into them, taking a deep breath. The sickly sweet scent of blood made him want to pass out, then an amused and cold voice came from behind him,

"So, what do you think, Ren? Is it just like before?"

Reno spun around and his breath caught,


"Well?" The silver haired man smirked, approaching Reno.

"Y, you did this?" Reno stuttered, backing away.

Sephiroth sneered when he backed Reno into a wall and saw the flash of fear in his eyes.

"Yes I did. Isn't it pretty?"

Reno was in such a state of shock he could only flinch as Sephiroth lightly traced a finger down the side of his face,

"You have escaped me once, but you will not escape me a second time."

The man leaned forward just enough to brush their lips together then pulled back and slowly drew a long blade.

"This Ren, is the end for you. Didn't you know? I always get what I want."

He held Masamune at the ready and thrusted. His scream tore the air and hung in the silence that followed.

Reno sat up with a gasp, headphones falling off onto the laptop. He looked around wildly, then sighed and rubbed his eyes,

'Damn, what a freaky nightmare. I wish those things would go away already.'

"Reno!" Sora called down to him,

"Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah!" he yelled back, shutting down his laptop and standing up.

'Those damn things keep gettin more and more confusin. Not to mention disturbing, in more then one way.'

Cloud came down the stairs along with Sora, perfectly intact. Reno sighed and Cloud looked at him,

"You feeling alright, Reno. You look kinda pale."

Reno nodded, pulling on his jacket,

"Yep, but we're goin ta be late if we don't hurry."

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Sora asked, reluctantly following Reno out the door.

"Nope. But we can't just hide at home all day long, day after day. Am I right?"

Sora slowly nodded,

"Good point."

Cloud just shook his head uncertainly.

"Come on Cloud. Ye'll have fun, I'm sure of it." Reno encouraged. Suddenly he saw a flash of blood and dead eyes and as quickly as the image came he shook it off, forcing a grin,

"Everythin will be just fine."

Cloud glanced at him suspiciously but he ignored it and started the car. After all, there was no way he was going to ruin this night by explaining this horrible feeling that something very bad was going to happen, and soon.

"Leon! Let's go!" The younger silver haired teen stood by the door, foot tapping.

"Shut up!"

Riku rolled his eyes,

"You'd think it's his first date."

"This is not a date." Leon said as he came around the corner.

Riku nodded,

"Actually it's more like a date then anything. Rufus has Reno all to himself, you get Cloud and I get Sora. It's like a triple date."

Leon paused,

"Rufus and Reno? That's something I didn't expect, are you sure? Didn't they just need to talk about something?"

"So they say. But I can tell, they so dig each other."

Leon shrugged,

"Well, whatever. Since your so eager to go."

Riku grinned,

"Look out Sora! The sexist man alive is on his way!"

"Your right, I am." Leon smirked, brushing past him and out the door.

Riku glared after him,

"That's right, take my glory!"

Leon glanced back at him,

"What glory?"

"…I hate you."

Tifa glanced at the clock and sighed,

'What time did Rude say they were coming? Oh, that's right, he didn't!'

She scanned her bar and what she saw was sad, only one man sat alone in a far corner.

'What happened to all the alcoholics? Are they endangered or something?'

Before she could farther entertain the idea of alcoholics going extinct, the bell above the door rang and two teens walked in. The shorter silver haired hottie looked around,

"Man, I can't believe the others are not here yet."

She hung on to the word 'others' and thought,

'Okay, one: They are so hot! Dreamy… Two: They might be part of Reno's group and there fore gay or Three: they have a group of their own and more will be coming.' As much as she wished it was the last one, she doubted it.

"Well, we're on time for once." The taller brunette commented,

"I wonder where Rufus is. It's not like him to be late."

Tifa's eyes widened,



"This seat taken?" The blond asked. The red head waved a hand and the blond sat,

"I'm Rufus."

"Reno. Ya want something ta drink." The red head asked.


"Hey, boys." She called to them,

"You with Reno's gang?"

They looked at each other and came over.

"Well, yeah, I guess you can say that." The shorter one told her.

"Well go ahead and pick a table. I'm sure Reno will be here soon. I'm Tifa, the owner of this bar and a friend of his."

"I'm Leon and this is my younger brother Riku." The brunette introduced.

She smiled,

"Nice meeting you two."

They went off the find a table and four more teens sort of wandered in.

(A/N: I was having a Yu-gi-oh! Moment so I kinda threw Bakura, Ryou, Marik and Seto in for no reason. Think of it as a filler. You can skip ahead to the next paragraph if you want ;))

Two had white hair and looked like they could be twins, but one had maroon red eyes and the other had doe brown eyes. The one with the red eyes was a bit taller then his brown eyes twin. Another had short chestnut hair with ice blue eyes and the last one had sun bleached hair and violet colored eyes. The twins sat at a random table and the other two came up to her to order four drinks.

"So, Seto, how's it going with you and Bakura?" The violet eyed teen asked with a smirk.

The brunette, Seto, rolled his eyes,

"I'd hazard a guess and say pretty well but with him you can never tell. How about you and Ryou, Marik?"

"Good, but Bakura's already warned me that if I hurt him he would gut me like a fish."

"That's it?"

Marik laughed,

"That's the watered down version."

She gave them their drinks and they headed over to the table.

Reno held the door open for Cloud and Sora, then went in after them. Almost immediately they noticed Leon and Riku waiting at a table. They passed a smaller table for four where two identical twins were sitting. The one with reddish eyes was twirling a sharp looking knife between his fingers with a look of boredom. Reno chuckled to himself when the non- knife wielding teen glared at the other,

"Bakura! Will you stop that!"

"Relax, Ryou. This is such a drag." The other yawned.

Sora poked Reno in the side to get his attention and pointed at Leon and Riku,

"I thought you said Rufus was coming?"

Reno shrugged,

"I did, he must be late."

Sora looked at him suspiciously,

"What's the deal with him anyway? If he's the vice-president how come he doesn't know about you guys?"

Reno shook his head,

"I dunno, that's what I'm goin ta find out."

"Well," Sora said with a shrug,

"We might as well sit down and wait."

Reno nodded and followed Sora over to the table, where Cloud was already sitting across from Leon with a bright smile. Reno grinned at the sight. He sat next to Riku and Sora sat across from Riku, who sat next to Leon. Reno stifled a yawn and Tifa came over with a pen in one hand and a pad in the other,

"Hello, Reno. What can I get you and your friends?"

After taking their orders, she went back behind the counter to make the drinks and Reno shifted restlessly in his seat. He had a bad feeling about something, and Rufus' absence made him all the more worried. His eyes darted around the bar, scanning the people there. The lone man in the corner seemed unarmed and lost in his own world. The group of teens from when they came in were alternating between yelling at each other and laughing at each other. Reno took a moment to wonder at where Rufus had gotten to before realizing he had somehow become the butt of one of Sora's jokes.


Reno kicked Sora under the table with a mock glare and the door opened with a tinkle that was drowned out by laughter. Riku suddenly nudged him and tilted his head. Reno looked up and found himself captivated by familiar ice colored eyes. Rufus smiled somewhat sheepishly,

"Sorry I'm late."

Reno mentally shook himself and shrugged,

"What can ya do?"

Rufus sat across from him and sighed,

"How long have you been waiting?"

"We just got here a few minutes ago."

Rufus pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to him,

"You have any idea what this means?"

Curiosity aroused, Reno took the paper and looked at it,

"Love is pure but can also hold a shadowed past." He said aloud.

Reno looked at him with raised eyebrows,

"Where'd ya get it?"

"A…fortune teller of sorts gave it to me."

Reno read it again and felt a chill run down his spine, similar to the one he felt in his dream. Shaking his head to cover it up, he handed it back,

"Yer guess is as good as mine."

Rufus shrugged,

"Hmmm, oh well."

Reno sighed,

"So, ye've got some question fer me?"

He nodded,

"Yeah, what exactly is it you do?"

Reno smiled somewhat sadly and the bar door slammed open, a young man bursting in.

"Tifa, Tifa! You won't believe it!"

The kid rushed over to her counter and started babbling. Tifa set a glass down and grabbed the kid's shoulders,

"Cassius, calm down. Now, what's going on?"

(A/N: hehe. I first wrote this part in my English class and we were reading Julius Caesar, and as much as I hate Shakespeare, no offence to anyone, I thought the name would fit the kid. That and I just like Cassius as a name.;)

"It's the Turks!"

Rufus frowned slightly,

'Could it be?'

He looked across to Reno, who stared at the boy with a strange and unreadable look. The bar was completely silent and Cloud watched Reno with worry.

"There are two of them." The boy said,

"The bald one and the Wutaian one. They're fighting three silver haired guys and they're getting their asses handed to them!"

The boy was grinning widely, seemingly happy with the news. Tifa had paled and was tugging viciously at a rag.

"Isn't it great? It looks like the two bastards are finally getting what's coming to them! It's a three on two battle, it's over. All that will be left is that psychotic redhead."

There was a loud crash of something breaking and every one jumped. Reno had stood up so quickly his chair had toppled over and shattered. Without a word he dashed toward the door. Tifa threw the rag at Cassius,

"Watch the bar!" She ran after Reno with a shout for him to wait for her.

"Reno!" Cloud called after them, standing up. He looked at Sora, who nodded, and both ran after them,

Rufus stood slowly and looked at Leon and Riku with confusion,


Leon shook his head. Riku moved forward and waved to them,

"Come on! Let's follow!"

Leon and Rufus nodded.

Reno ran as fast as he could, his feeling of apprehension growing with every step. If the battle was close enough for the boy to get to the bar running, then it couldn't be very far away from him. He lurched to a stop when the ground beneath him shook in a familiar manner. Reno looked up at the shooting colors and grinned,

"Alright, Rude!"

(A/N: Think of Advent Children, when Rude and Reno set off that very 'flashy' bomb.)

Suddenly, behind the flashing fireworks, the clouds rippled and rolled. Reno's eyes widened in shock,

"Holy Shit! Those idiots!"

With renewed distress, he raced toward the distorted sky.

Riku whistled as they stared up at the lights,

"Impressive, but last time I checked today's not a holiday."

Cloud shook his head,

"You're right, that's one of Rude's special bombs, and we must be close. Reno's probably already caught up."

Leon stared up at the sky,

'It's like we've stepped into a completely different world.'

He looked at Cloud but the blond was frowning deeply,

'We may have physically caught up to them, but I have a feeling we're completely out of the loop.'

Reno sharply turned a corner and froze when he came face to face with the black hole of a gun.


The dark haired man lowered the gun with a sigh,

"I take Rude's bomb brought you?"

Reno shook his head,

"No, it was a boy who seemed very happy about the fact the two of you were getting your asses kicked."

The man sniffed indignantly,

"We were out numbered."

Reno's eyes widened and with a cry of,

"Tseng!" dragged the man back around the other side of the corner as a bullet zipped past close enough to feel the breeze. Backs flat against the wall they both sighed in relief. Beside him, Tseng heard Reno utter a low moan and he looked at him. Reno ran a hand through his hair and laughed shakily, eyes locked on the sky,

"I'd say we're more then out numbered now, Tseng."

He followed Reno's gaze until it rested on a giant winded beast emerging from the red, swirling clouds.

"I thought I saw the glow of a summon materia. Damn, we can't fight that."

"What I want to know is how they got their hands on summon materia in the first place."

Tseng looked at Reno and raised and eyebrow,

"Who do you think they got it from?"

Reno sighed,

"Good point."


Tifa came running up and stopped in front of them,

"Hello, Tseng. Where's Rude, is he okay?"

Leaving Tseng to assure Tifa that the big guy was more then capable to take care of himself, Reno peeked around the corner to be sure they were safe for the time being. Finding the coast clear he turned back to Tseng,

"So now what? That thing can destroy the entire city."

Tseng shook his head,

"It could, given enough time. However, Shinra hasn't fully developed Summon materia. The Summon has a set materialization rate. It has a limited time on this earth before it is automatically dismissed."

Reno smirked grimly,

"So, all we have to do is keep it busy. Wonderful."

Tseng sighed.


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