I have a problem about writing new stories before I finish my other ones. But the plot bunnies wouldn't leave me alone. I promise the a new chapter for New Tomorrow will be up bu next week! This will most likely be a one-shot, but I have a lot of Gash Bell one shots that I have written, so I might put them all up.

Title: Missing

Rating: K

Characters: Kiyomaro (mentions other characters)

Summary: Gash's disappearance affects everyone who knew him, some more than others.

Words: 464

Even though it had been a few weeks after the mamono battles had ended, Kiyomaro found himself being reminded of a certain blond haired, yellowtail-loving demon. The Vulcan that he had created for Gash was still on his dresser, right next to a pink version that was (had belonged to) Tio's. Umagon's house was still outside the house.

He couldn't get himself to destroy it now, not matter how much he wanted to do it when he first met the horse monster.

Throwing on his school uniform, Kiyomaro walked passed Suzume, who started chatting away about random things. Thought she was upset that Gash had left (he hadn't told her the reason why, just that he had gone back home) she seemed to get over it pretty quick.

School wasn't the same without the boy's sudden and random appearance. His classmates were surprised when Gash stopped appearing in the school. But slowly, things returned to normal.

It seemed that Gash's number one bully, Naomi, also noticed and after he didn't appear at the park for two week straight, she knocked on the door and demanded to know were Gash was hiding. Naturally, she didn't believe him, but slowly, it sunk in and she went to find someone else to terrorize.

Kiyomaro found it hard to go anywhere without seeing Gash's imprint on it. His mother was missing Gash too and it was hard for her to make a form a sentence without the words 'Gash-chan' in it.

He skipped school for a while, staying home to read his books. Most days he would go to the garden, where Tsukushi would ask why Gash hadn't come in to water his plants. It stayed this way for a long time until he found reverting to the same person he was when Gash had met him.

Frowning at that fact, he put on his uniform and walked to school.

He had to go through a lot to make Gash king.

The last thing Kiyomaro wanted to do was let all of Gash's effort to change him go to waste.


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