So, once again, through boredom and overactive imagination, I put a challenge to my ET: Take this list and write a story and I'll do the same. My objective was to see how similar the two stories would be. No swapping and no betaing.

We found it impossible to write the stories without sending them back and forth to one another. 'Co-dependent' is the correct term, I suppose. Oh well...

The premise - set up an outline you both agree on with random points. Each person takes this outline and writes their own story, swap and enjoy! We decided to dispense with titles and just run with it.

That said, if anyone else wants to give it a try, feel free.

On with the show...

This is the list we used:

One shot
Other people involved
Third-person point-of-view
Physical injury (head)
Use the word 'rising'

We hope you all like them.

3rdgal and rittenden