"And so," droned Professor Binns, floating around the room, reading lazily from a textbook. "Hedgemond 'Stake-Dodger' Clementine lead the Vampire Escapade into the village of Warwick two days earlier than the alleged date, which was December the seventeenth, 1242."

"Sir," Ginny said out loud, without waiting to be called on. "I think I recall his name to be Hedgemond 'Stake-Dodger' Clementon, not Clementine. Also, it was December twelfth, not the seventeenth." It suddenly occurred to her that she was being a bit frank, so she politely added, "Sir."

"Ah, yes, yes. Quite right, Miss Westquarter." Professor Binns said airily, without even looking up from the book.

"Weasley." Ginny muttered under her breath.

"As I was saying, Hedgemond 'Stake-Dodger' Carltoner…" Binns continued, not having heard her.

Ginny sighed and began to doodle on the piece of parchment she was supposed to be taking notes on. She drew something very nasty happening to Professor Binns.

"Oy, Luna!" Ginny whispered, cocking her head back to her friend, who was sitting in the seat behind her.

"Oh!" Luna squeaked, instantly covering her parchment with her hand, as though an electric charge had burst through it the second before.

Ginny suddenly lost all interest in the class, and in wanting to show Luna her drawing. "What are you writing? It can't be notes, Binns never says anything worth while anyway."

"Nothing!" Luna said a little to quickly to be convincing. She put her other hand on the paper as well.

"C'mon." Ginny argued. "I won't eat you, or anything."

"Really, it's nothing!" Luna gave a weak smile. Then without further notice, she crumpled the paper up, and tossed it into the wastebasket on the other side of the room.

"Luna, why won't you-"

"There's the bell!" Luna cried, hearing the loud sound and feeling relieved. "See you later, Ginny!"

She scampered off, leaving Ginny in a dumbfounded state. "What was on that paper?"

Ginny scooted over towards the trashcan and peered inside. The paper was lying on the top, quite untouched by other trash.

Without thinking, she snatched it up, and stuck it in her pocket. She had a free period now, so she was going to head to the Griffindor Common Room and examine it.

Halfway to the Common Room, she felt around in her pocket to check that the parchment was still there. It wasn't.

"Oh damn!" she swore, running back the way she came. When she reached the corridor with the painting of the Drunk Monks, she breathed easy again. There, lying a few yards away, was the crumpled ball of parchment.

Just as she was closing in on it, she heard footsteps in the distance. Quickly, she stood behind the wall, not wanting to have to explain her mission to a teacher.

"Look, there's a piece of paper, Jess." Said a girl's voice. "Could that be the paper you lost?"

"Maybe." Another girl said. Ginny leaned around the corner to watch her scoop up the parchment and unfold it. "This isn't it."

"Let me see." A third girl shifted her head to see the paper.

"Who's is this?" the second girl asked.

"It doesn't even have anything on it." The first said. "All it is are four initials scribbled over and over again in red ink."

Ginny watched intently as a look of pure confusion spread over all three girl's faces.

The third girl spoke. "Who are RW and LL?"

Secretly, behind the cover of the wall, Ginny smiled and began to walk back to the Common Room. She'd found out what the paper said, but she hadn't learned anything she didn't already know.