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The next day, a guard knocked on the door of Link's room. "The king wishes to see you." He said, leaving.

Link stood up, and headed out into the hall. He went down a few flights of stairs, and into the main hall. He walked to the throne room door. The guard allowed him to pass. The king was sitting at his throne, but when Link walked in he stood and walked towards him, meeting him in the middle of the hall. They shook hands and Link looked at him questioningly.

"Link… so much has happened to you. I… First, I am sorry. I shouldn't have sent you, it was too dangerous, and you were not trained as a spy." The king said solemnly.

Link smiled, and shrugged. The king seemed genuinely sorry.

"Second, I would like to apologize for how I treated Elisa. I have no real reason to suspect her. Be sure that she knows she is welcome in Hyrule; we will take her as a citizen. We can pay her and give her a place to stay, as an advisor. She will act as an assistant to our new warlord." The king said.

"Warlord?" Link asked.

"Ah. That is the real reason I called you here. I have talked over this war with my more experienced men. They suggested, and I agree, that I am not an experienced fighter. I have decided to appoint a temporary "warlord," who will have equal power to me in all matters relating to the war. If I disagree with a decision this person makes, it is voted on. If the majority supports it, it happens with no say from me. I need someone… trustworthy, with some knowledge of the Jarmanians. I need you." The king said.

Link shook his head. "I cannot lead armies. Trying to keep a small army alive across the field was bad enough. I cannot take this job."

The king nodded. "I thought you would decline, but I had to ask. I may consider the job for Elisa; she knows the most about Jarmanians, although she will need a military advisor. There is another job, and I would really prefer you take it. As you know, Hyrule has a small number of Royal knights, elite fighters. There are a total of fourteen. Three are helping in the capture of the plains. I expect word of that any time now. The others remain in Hyrule. I would like you to lead them. Until I relieve you of this position, you will lead the Royal Knights in hit and runs, ambushes, support of our main armies. You have no direct orders; you are exempt from the chain of command. You do as you see fit, I leave it up to you. Can you do this?"

Link was about to decline, but he though twice. The king sounded serious, he could order Link to. Besides, Link missed the old days, and had considered venturing out on his own, seeing what he could do to help. He could do it with the knights, couldn't he? He didn't like the idea of being responsible for them, but they could basically take care of themselves. He nodded.

"Splendid. You have a week off. I will send for the three knights in the plains. You may do whatever you wish in that time." The king said.

Link nodded, and headed out. He left the castle and went out to Hyrule Field. It was another bright, sunny day. The field was his favourite place in Hyrule, next to the forest. He wandered out, towards the ranch. He hadn't seen Malon in a while, and she would want to know where he had been.

About two hours later he was heading into the ranch. He knocked on the door to the left, the house. Talon opened it up.

"Link! How the hell are ya'? Ain't seen you around lately. Malon's been a bit worried, there were some rumours you were heading to Jarmania. Well, Malon's out with the horses, you just go right on out. You should bring your horse around sometime, Malon loves her." He said.

Link smiled and thanked him, heading out along the path, to the corral. Malon was in the middle of all the horses, talking to them and petting them. She looked up and saw Link at the entrance. Her eyes widened, and she started walking towards him. Link smiled. She smiled back.

"It's great to see you Link! I was worried about you, you haven't been around for the last couple weeks. I heard you had gone to Jarmania. Is that true?" She said, giving him a quick hug.

Link nodded, and told her everything. She could barely believe it. She checked his leg, where he had been shot by the archer. The wound had been healing well, she was glad to see. Link had done the right thing by washing it out, the last thing he had needed was an infection.

"Come on inside, Link. A bit late for breakfast, but we can have an early lunch." Malon said, walking towards the house. Link followed her inside.

Malon started to make a sandwiches.

"Let me." Link said. He burned almost everything, but he could make a sandwich.

Malon gently pushed him away. Talon walked in, and told them both to sit down and talk. He finished making the cold cucco sandwiches and gave them both one, and some milk. They talked as they ate, Malon telling Link about the new horse they got, and everything else that had been happening.

Suddenly Link stiffened. Malon stopped talking, and looked at him curiously. He put a finger to his lips. The mood was suddenly tense, Talon leaning against a wall, eyes darting around the room. Link reached slowly for his sword. He rested his hand on the hilt.

Suddenly there was a deafening crash, and glass shards flew everywhere. Link dove off his chair, drawing his sword and whirling around. A man, dressed in black leather armour and a matching mask had jumped threw the window, and slashed where Link's head had been moments before. He was wielding a katana, but he had several knives and other blades slung around his body. Malon screamed and stepped back. Talon moved in front of her. The intruder ignored them, and strode towards Link. Link slashed at him, but it was blocked, and parried to the side. The man stabbed towards his chest, but Link deflected it with his shield. They circled around, sizing each other up.

It was clearly some sort of assassin. The Jarmanians must have decided not to give up on him that easily. The assassin drew out a knife, and flung it at him. Link rolled to the side, and ran forward. He jumped and brought his sword down, and the assassin stepped to the side. The assassin slashed at him, but Link blocked. Link back flipped, and drew his bow. He fired three arrows straight at the assassin, but each one was batted out of the air with ease. The katana was just a silver blur. Link drew his sword again. Malon and Talon had already escaped out the door, but the assassin had no time for them.

Suddenly the assassin reached behind him, and pulled out a whip. He lashed out, and it wrapped around Link's sword arm. Link yelled out, and wrenched his arm back. The assassin held firm, and tried to reel Link in. Link flicked his hand and tossed his sword to the side, catching it in his right hand. He slashed the whip, and it uncurled, falling to the ground. The assassin tossed it to the side. Link ran forward, and shoved his shield at him. The assassin grabbed his shield, and spun him around flinging him into a wall. Link fell to his knees, and the assassin approached. Link sprung up suddenly, and slashed upwards. He sliced the assassin's left arm, leaving a big gash. The assassin winced but didn't falter. They fought back and forth for a while, slashing and blocking. The assassin unclipped a knife from his belt. This one had two blades, making a "V" shape off the handle. He parried Link's attack, and stabbed with it. Link raised his shield, and the knife pierced it, stopping right near his chest. The shield split, metal and all, and fell apart into three pieces. One of them was attached to Link's arm still, and he unstrapped it from his arm and threw it away.

The assassin danced in, and slashed at him. Link blocked, but the knife came from the side. Link back flipped away, and stepped in with his famous spin attack. The assassin blacked, but his katana was cleaved in two, and he got a gash on his arm. He dropped the broken sword, and backed away. He turned suddenly and bolted out the door, towards the horses.

Link followed, throwing his boomerang. He missed, and the assassin jumped on a dark brown horse. The horse reared up, and galloped towards the exit.

"Angelo!" Malon cried out, coming out of the barn as the horse passed.

Link hopped on another horse, this one with a golden coat. He took off after the assassin, out onto the field. The assassin had been headed north, and Link followed. He gave a little kick, and caught up quickly. The assassin glared at him from behind the mask. He drew level. The assassin drew a short sword. They swung at each other, and the swords clashed. Link pulled away, and drew his hookshot. The assassin never saw it coming. Link fired, and it dug into the assassin's shoulder. Link stopped his horse, an d the assassin was pulled backwards off of his. Link dismounted, and reeled in the hookshot. The assassin was dragged along towards Link. He had dropped his weapon already. As soon as he was close, Link slammed the hilt of his sword against his head, knocking him out. He pulled off the mask. Round ears, definitely a Jarmanian. He got the other horse, than walked back to the one he had taken. He threw the assassin's body over one horse, and led them back up towards the ranch.

Malon had run out, and when she saw him coming ran forward. She hugged each horse, and then Link too, almost as an afterthought.

"Thanks a lot Link." She said.

"Don't thank me. I brought him here." Link said.

Talon had walked down too. "Good show there, Link." He said.

"I have to go. You should probably tie up the assassin, and bring him into Hyrule town on your next milk run." Link said. He also gave Talon a red rupee. "For the damage." He added.

Talon tried to give it back, but Link wouldn't let him. "Goodbye." Link said.

"Bye Link!" Malon said.

"See you 'round, kid. Guess you're not really a kid now, though." Talon said.

Link played Epona's song, and began to walk towards the castle. Epona would meet him; she could hear it from anywhere in Hyrule. Link continued walking, wondering about the fate of Hyrule. He would help all he could, but even with the skilled knights, his group could only do so much damage. There had to be another way. If there was, he would find it.

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