A change in time


Lady Razeli

Disclaimer: The characters of Xena belong to MCA Universal.

Chapter One

"Xena this is ridiculous. No one can see the future. So I don't know what I'm so paranoid about." Gabrielle said." And we won't take a trip there. I'm sure of it."

"So why did you drag me to see the fortune teller in the first place?" Xena asked. Although the look on her face said she agreed with Gabrielle. The truth was she'd been sucked into a portal more than once, and to many times. But she had established a life there that always picked up where she left off. Xena couldn't wait to return to her other home and family.

"For fun I guess, but it is a bunch of nonsense." Gabrielle said.

"Of course it is Gabrielle." They continued to walk down the path. It wasn't long before they were attacked by a gang of teenagers. They sent them crying back to their mothers. Not long after they were unexpectly sucked into a portal.

Xena sat up with a start. She looked around. It was dark and her husband was sleeping peacefully beside her and their son was between them. She watched them mainly her son. She was able to love him like she wasn't able to Solan. Xena turned hearing the sound of a baby crying. She'd almost forgotten about her. She stood up and went to see about her daughter. She hadn't seen her in so long even though she knew she was still four months. She remembered how the ice tomb had kept her away from Eve for twenty-five years. She nearly died when she realized that her daughter had grown up without her. The one thing besides her death she wanted to avoid. She entered her room and took in the sight of her daughter. She was perfect just like her son. She picked her up and took her downstairs. she warmed a bottle and fed her. She looked at all the pictures on the mantle, entertainment system, and walls. She remembered every one like it all happened yesterday.

"Lisa are you down here?" A.J. her husband asked looking over the rail.

"Yea, I'm just looking at the pictures while I feed Melissa." Xena said. She heard him come downstairs, and wrap his arms around her waist. His chin rested on her shoulder.

"Thinking about how fast they're growing up?" A.J. asked.

"No, just remembering." Xena said turning around to look into his brown eyes. He was dark like Marcus, but lighter. He had Hercules personality too. She remembered the first time she'd been thrown into this world she'd been in school. College as they called it. The second time when the portals was very unstable she'd come back to find out she was married with a son. It had taken her so long to remember what she had not experienced. Lucky for her she had woken up in a hospital. They thought she had Amnesia.

"Well remember when you put Melissa to bed and we had sex?" A.J. asked. He would have stepped closer, but Melissa was between them. Her eyes were closed as she finished the last bit of milk in her bottle.

"No when was this?" Xena asked confused. A.J. smiled. He loved the look on her face when she was confused. She looked so innocent and sweet.

"Well it will happen once you put Melissa to bed and I move Jeremy back to his own room." A.J. said. Xena smiled and kissed him.

"Ok." Xena said. They went upstairs, and she put Melissa back in bed. She was walking back to their room, and she paused as she watched A.J. gently tucking Jeremy in. A.J. kissed his forehead and than left out quietly. He smiled at her, and they went back to their room. Xena enjoyed herself letting him into her heart, and he let her in his. She had grown to love him as her counterpart had. Or future self really. She didn't understand it.