Chapter Ten

"I told you, I told you, " Xena said to A.J., as they looked at their last three condoms.

"I know, I know, but who was to know that we'd be that bad at restraining ourselves or that they'd make balloons again."

"Uh we did." Xena sighed. "Well I'm still on the pill so we won't use a condom until I run out of pills, I've got a good supply of those. It should get us through the year." A.J. Nodded.

"We're husband and wife anyway, it shouldn't matter if we have unprotected sex."

"It doesn't, it's just a matter of us wanting more kids." She kissed him as she lay on his chest. It was the middle of the afternoon and they both had time to spend together. Gabrielle had taken the children to the park. A.J. Clicked on the television.

"President McGuire has now issued a draft for all male citizens between the ages of 18 and 45."

" better hope your birthday isn't called."

"I've already sent God my prayers." Xena nodded. They watched as they called August 4Th and November 25Th. They were calling two birthdays a day. A.J. Got online and found out what exempt you from the draft as long as possible.

"All right let's see, I'm a passivist."

"So you're so passive that you could watch me being raped or your daughter?" Xena asked. A.J. shook his head no.

"No, I'd kill the bastard who dares to touch you or Melissa."

"Exactly why that won't work."

"We're Quakers?"

"We have a history of being Baptists, we can't just switch all of a sudden."

"We're moving to Canada?"

"You know damn well we can't afford to do that." A.J. sighed.

"What if I have a baby on the way?"

"I suppose that could work, they couldn't send a pregnant man to battle." A.J. laughed. "Besides the draft age is suppose to be 18 to 25 not forty-five. Everything will work itself out. Now why don't you come over here, I don't think I got enough sugar." A.J. grinned. He got back in bed and they were kissing when Gabrielle returned with the kids.

"Honestly I'm finding her a new apartment and I will pay her rent of her," A.J. groaned as they quickly changed just in time for Jeremy to open their door.

"Hey sweet pea did you have a nice time at the park?" Xena asked.

"Yes, William played with me."

"That's nice." Gabrielle came in with Melissa and dropped her on the bed.

"Your daughter is a hand full." A.J. grinned.

"Mel I told you not to give her a hard time." Melissa smiled and crawled over to him.

"Sorry to hear that," Xena told her and pretended to scold Mel lightly.

"Yeah, hey so William and Hope are downstairs, I'm going to go work on my novel at the café." They nodded. Gabrielle left. Xena took them back to the park so A.J. could actually rest like he had planned and than they switched off before meeting at the movies. Gabrielle had dinner waiting.

"Why do you look so happy?" Xena asked. She had just come from helping Gabrielle set up house in her apartment. "I mean besides that fact Monica has finally moved out."

"I did not know that, but yes!" He did a stupid dance that made her laugh. "Oh and by the way I am excluded from the draft."

"Why?" Xena asked happily.

"Because I have flat feet, they came for me personally today because so many people were skipping out on the draft and when they saw I had flat feet they let me go."

"Yes!" They jumped up and down for a little bit before they made love to celebrate. The children were in Tahoe with her parents until Christmas when they would arrive.

"So we're really going be alone tonight." Xena nodded as she lay back on the table breathing hard. They hadn't had sex in the kitchen in months.

"I've so missed being able to have sex anywhere in the house and the silence that usually comes during nap time is back. Because not only are the children away for another week, but the house is ours again.

"I know." They heard the front door open and they both looked at each other quizzically as they quickly dressed and went to see who had entered their house.

"Hi we're back," William said going straight for the television. Hope waved to them as she went for the television.

"This is not happening," A.J. muttered. "Where's your Aunt?"

"I'm right here, I'm surprised you missed me so quickly," Gabrielle told him.

"Gab…I mean Monica what are you doing back, I thought you were, you know going to enjoy your apartment with the children, and break it in over the next few days."

"Yeah we were, but we got bored.

"But you're going back though right?" A.J. asked.


"He means why come here, why not go to a movie or something else more fun."

"Oh yeah we are, we just came to get you."

"Yeah, no I'm not up for the movies."

"Okay than we'll stay here, you have some free movies on your cable I want to see." She went to the couch with no intention of leaving. They whispered together arguing.

"Monica look here's the thing, we were hoping to get some alone time here at home you know with the kids away and all and you have to go, you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here," Xena told her. Gabrielle looked at her and blinked several times.

"Oh all right, come on guys let's go to the movies."

"Yes!" William grabbed Hope and ran for the door. They watched her go before Xena shut off the television.

"Great now where were we?"

"Celebrating," Xena told him as he locked the door. He chased her upstairs and they made love in the hallway and started too in bed, but they fell asleep. It was late when they woke up had dinner, naked on the couch. They were making out on the couch when the phone rang.

"Don't answer that," Xena told him.

"I wasn't." He laid her back and the answering machine came on.

"Lisa, its me Monica, my apartment burned down we're at the hospital."

"My God, I'm going to cry, does it never end with her, she's desperate for you."

"And here I thought she was taking it so well, but now she just thinks if she keeps me away from you until we can go back, I'll like her." They groaned and went to get them from the hospital.

"It was so horrible," She told Xena crying into her shoulder. Xena knew better, Gabrielle was never this emotional and she had been in plenty of burning buildings. "We've lost everything except what I still had in my car."

"What started the fire?" A.J. asked.

"Something about wire." Her head moved to Xena's chest and her hand slipped down to a place Xena didn't find too comfortable. She jumped and moved her hand.

"Time for bed, you really need to get some sleep after these things."

"Xe…I mean Lisa will you sleep with me, I don't want to be alone."

"You won't be, William will be there," Xena told her cursing that she didn't have Jeremy or Melissa for an excuse. "Now come on up to bed." Xena managed to get her in her own room before changing for bed after alerting her to the fact Hope needed her.

"So much for the week of sex and silence and we had planned."

"And walking around the house naked immediately after getting home," Xena added.

"Oh don't remind me, I was looking forward to seeing you naked all the time for a little while outside of us having sex and you taking a shower."

"I know what you mean." A.J. turn so his left hand was caressing her stomach. "However I don't see why we can't still pleasure each other." His hand drifted down into her panties after lifting up her nightdress. Xena allowed him to continue his caresses.

"I have to agree with you." A.J. adjusted switching hands, so he could kiss her. Things were progressing when Hope started screaming and they jumped separating.

"See you when she gets a new apartment," A.J. told her.

"Yeah," Xena told him just as annoyed. They tried to go to sleep, but were kept up by Hope's constant crying.