Lady Razeli

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Chapter 1

Xena gave one final last push and the baby was out. Satrina her slave wrapped the baby up in blanket. After a few minutes she helped Xena outside and into the wagon. As they were driving off Xena saw Borias lying on the ground dying.

Borias reached out a hand for her. Xena looked down at her child and back at Borias. She raised him up Borias could see his son. Borias was dead after that.

Satrina disappeared that night. After much thought Xena decided it was best to give her son to someone who could set a good example for him. She decided on Kaliapus. She got a message to him to meet her in a clearing far from the centaur village.

She waited for him and tried her hardest not to bond with her son that night, but she did. When she saw him waiting in the clearing sword raised ready for an attack she took one last look at her son and kissed his forehead. She took a step out the cover of the trees. Each step hurt considering she'd just given birth only hours ago.

" I didn't come here to fight." said Xena

"What have you come here for than?" said Kaliapus not putting down his sword.

"I came to make a deal with you. I'll pull back my army if you take my son. His father is Borias." said Xena. She opened her cloak to reveal a sleeping baby.

" The son of Borias." said Kaliapus. Xena let him hold him. He held the baby up in the moonlight.

"Do we have a deal?" asked Xena as she stared up at her son.

" Yes if taking care of this child and raising him is all it takes to save my people." said Kaliapus

" I don't want him to become like me ever." said Xena. She took her son back from Kaliapus.

"I will raise him as if he was my own son." said Kaliapus. Xena suddenly felt the need to give him a name. She felt if she didn't know her own son's name than that would make her an even worse mother than she already was. She thought for a minute.

"Good. I've named him Xenan. I don't want him to even know I was his mother. Just tell him his mother is buried with his father or something." said Xena." Always let him wear this as something to remember a mother he'll never know."

She pulled something else from under her cloak as she handed Kaliapus for Xenan. It was a necklace with a Gold chain and on the end was a Golden chakram. Borias had it made for her before she even got the idea to go after the centaurs. Later as she walked away she wondered why she had named him after herself and not his father or Lyceus her younger brother.

"Alright. You will pull your army back won't you?" asked Kaliapus making sure she'd keep up her end of the bargin. He put the necklace around Xenan's neck and tucked it into his blanket.

"First thing in the morning there will be no more attacks tonight." said Xena. Kaliapus nodded and started to turn as did Xena. When Xena got back to camp she found half her men dead, and half of the half left had fled out of fear. Her second in command walked up to her. Well her new second in command. He wasn't as hard as Dagnine, but he'd do. She didn't think she recognized him as Dagnine's second in command. But she was sure he was it.

"What's your name boy?" asked Xena trying to erase all emotion from her voice.

" Alexandros." said Alexandros. He looked scared of her. Every man in this army usually was when they came face to face with her.

"Alexandros where's Dagnine and what's the status on the centaurs." said Xena

" He fled with 50 of the men. There is 50 of us left including you and me. Other's have died or in bad condition waiting to be helped. The centaurs village has been burned to the ground or still is burning. That's where Dagnine took the other men before fleeing with his tail between his legs." said Alexandros pointing towards the smoke. Xena was alarmed she'd told Kaliapus that there would be no more attacks,so her son would be safe. Xena grabbed him by the throat, choking him.

"Why didn't you stop him? I didn't order an attack on the centaurs!" said Xena threw clenched teeth.

"We tried, but he said he'd kill us too. We didn't want him to kill you or the baby he claimed you had. Half of us agree with your idea of not killing women and children even if that woman is a warlord and has a child." Alexandros got out. Xena released him.

"Round the rest of the men up. Set up a medical tent and put all the wounded inside. We'll give the dead a proper burial." said Xena." I have some business to attend to, so you are in command until I get back." She disappeared into the forest walking fast. When she reached the village it was in ruins. No one was a live except Kaliapus and a hand full of women, men, and about two kids, who stood there looking around. They had Xenan on the ground, and before she could react something was poured into his mouth.

"DAMN YOU XENA!!" yelled Kaliapus. She felt apart of her slip away. After they had left. Xena slowly walked into the village and looked down at her son, her child. He wasn't moving she figured it was poison. She picked his little naked body up. He was cold they were going to let him freeze to death.

She almost cried with joy after a moment. She could feel his breathing, which was very light, so she could not see it, and she had just barely felt it. And his muscles felt stiff and she could feel them trying to move. Only she couldn't see it and she knew he was still alive, but paralyed.

They were prepared for her to come back for him, so they paralyed him, so she'd think he was dead and kill her own child and she'd realize it too when he started crying, because by the time they'd have a funeral pier ready for him back at camp and the fire had been lit it'd where off.

Xena extended her senses and she felt their presence still there. She heard the light breathing of the children and the soft stomping of Kaliapus and another centaur. She decided to play it off and let tears run down her cheeks. She made sure they could tell she was crying.

"No, all I wanted was to give you a good life and all I did was get you killed because of who I am. " Xena cried. She grabbed the makeshift blanket he'd been in when she'd given him to Kaliapus, and started digging quickly. Tears kept rolling down her face.

When she felt she'd dug deep enough. She balled up the blanket to make it look like he was inside, and placed it in the grave. Xenan lay motionless in the makeshift sling she hadn't taken off yet under the cloak. She covered up the grave and remained over it for a little while. She marked his "grave" with a rock pounding into the ground. Stopping her tears she got up and walked away. Only looking back once before going to tears again.

When she was away from the village she stopped to take a look at her son in the moonlight. She decided to keep him, and make sure he was safe. She knew she could never lay down the sword completely, and she couldn't stay in a village for to long. So the only thing for her to do was to stay on the path she was and finish her destiny with her son by her side.

Xenan was very pecious to her, and she hoped they hadn't given him to much cause it could result in him dying. There was nothing she could do, but wait. And wait she did. For hours. Around Dawn He started moving. He opened his blue eyes and looked up at his mother. Xena smiled at him. Genuine smile. She hadn't really smiled in years.

He started crying and her smile disappeared she didn't know what to do and started rocking him. She figured he was hungry, but he wasn't and finally just went to sleep on his own. Xena was almost at camp when she was surrounded by all of her men including the 50 she thought fled with Dagnine. Well not all there was a few she noticed missing.

"See she's a tratior." said Dagnine. They had Alexandros tied up. She drew her sword and held it out ready to fight them off and get away. They attacked her in anger.

She fought them off, but it was hard to fight with a baby in your arms. She was able to hold them back, and finally defeat them. Some stayed sworing eternal loyalty, and than there was the men who hadn't fought her at all. They buried their dead and helped out the wounded enough so that they could travel.

They packed up camp and left immediately. She did not want to stay in this place any longer. The centaurs had taken Borias' body so there was no need to stop and bury him. The next village they came too they decided to stay and recover from their battle. During their vacation Xena was able to take care of her son and lose the baby fat. She trained again with her men, and helped the ones wounded get better and regain their strength. Alexandros watched Xenan.