Chapter Thirteen

"The men are probably trapped in the village. If this weather keeps up you know the executions will be delayed." said Draco.

"I know, but that gives us time to finish the new courthouse and jail.

"Your actually considering putting people in there." Draco said. "No matter the crime they'll be put to death."

"No, they won't. Not everyone deserves to die for their crimes. If that was so we'd both be dead." said Xena. She returned to the village. It was late at night. Her children were asleep. All except Solan.

"What is it?" Xena asked."Is something wrong?" Solan nodded.

"Draco's going to try and kill you." Solan said. He was crying, which confused Xena has he hugged her. She awkwardly hugged him back. She was still getting use to showing affection to them."I don't want you to die your my mother now."

"Mother." Xena said."Solan, what happen to your parents?"

"I don't know." Solan said."My father brought me to my Uncle in the dead of winter. It was a blizzard. My father left me before he could ask questions. I was only a year old."

"Do you remember her?" Xena asked.

"Yes, she looked like you." Solan said.

"As far as I know. I'm the only me." Xena said."I think maybe you can't remember so now your mind is filling that space with the memory of me."

"See that's just it. I asked Grandmother how old you would have been Eleven years ago, and she said nine." said Solan."Yet here you are in the locket my father left with me." He continued to cry. Xena stared at the locket.

"Wow my father gave me this. I have the same one." Xena said.

"This isn't yours?" Solan asked.

"Well I don't think so." Xena said."I have mine." She stood up careful not to wake Xenan. She dug through her bag for a little bit. She held it up. Inside was the picture of her mother and father.

"That looks exactly like mine." Solan said.

"It's weird, but you know I'm sure one day all this will be clear." Xena said."But don't worry about me. I won't let him kill me." Solan nodded he stayed in her arms a little longer before going off to bed. In the morning he acted as if it never happened. At practice Xena watched Draco fight. She sighed like some love sick teenager.

"Don't tell me you've fallen for him." Zacharous said pouring water over his face. Despite the cold weather.

"Hell no." Xena said."I'm just thinking of how pathetic they are."

"If you say so." Zacharous said. Xena told him over and over that day she wasn't in love. That she was just pretending to be flattered, but the next day and the next day found her staring dreamy eyed at him. Than the days where they didn't see each other she felt all love sick. Cyrene seemed to notice, but Xena said nothing and so did Cyrene. Slowly Draco's men were becoming more refined less barbaric. The families were liking Amphipolis and abided by their laws. Winter solstice was a blast. Stevie turned a year old in January. As spring drifted nearer more farms were being created. More cattle was coming in. The valley was huge and acomodated them.

"Kalia's not due until March." Zacharous told Alexandros as Xena walked by. They'd been discussing her involvement with Draco. Xena knew it , but she didn't care. All that mattered right than was her and Draco.

"Oh man we have got to do something." said Alexandros."I don't trust him one bit. He's already been bossing us around like he owns us, and his men they only act well behaved in front of her."

"Yea, well at least she doesn't let him around the children or her mother." Zacharous said.

"Yes, but it's only a matter of time. We have to do something. He's clearly used up his uses. He's merged his men into the army. He's helped to break many more out of jail. We've had the hardest time teaching them different. Now she's ordered the death of all those villagers including the children in a matter of days after they've been torchered inside the new prison, which is by the way almost done."

"I know, I know." Zacharous said."Has she had sex with him, yet?"

"No, I keep interupting them." Alexandros said."Solan is a smart boy he knows what's going on and seems to know exactly when to send for her." Zacharous nodded. Spring rolled in, and so did Xenan's birthday. Xena was a little sad he was growing up so fast. He was a littler fighter just like Summer. Xena didn't kill all those people. She would post pone the trials until after she'd taken Potedaia and the surrounding villages. Or perhaps after she killed Draco, which would be soon.

"Tonight's the night." Draco said."No interuptions, No distractions."

"No children." Xena said kissing him.

"Nope nothing." Draco said."Just a beautiful night to kill."

"Yea, a very beautiful night. Did you know that blood runs hotter and warmer under a full moon." said Xena.

"Yes." Draco said as he unzipped the back of her battle dress.

"Yea, and do you know why?" Xena asked.

"Why?" Draco asked.

"Because under the full moon your blood just boils. It releases all your body heat you know especially when your going to make love." Xena said. Draco almost laughed at her. He didn't call it making love. He deepened the kiss, and pulled out a dagger as she giggled a bit. He'd never heard her giggle. That was sign she was definately hooked on him now. He raised the dagger to strike her, but she stopped him.

"Silly if you wanted to scar my name into your chest you should have said so." Xena said. She took his hand and slowly cut her name into his chest.

"Ow." Draco said as she licked his wounds. She traced her name with her tongue.

"Mhmmm...warm blood during a full moon. Never fails." Xena said."How about some wine?" She stood up taking the dagger with her. She spit out his blood. He sat up nodding. He stood up about to strangle her with his barehands. She turned around and he grabbed the cup with a small smile. They drank. She cut him on the arm and he stepped back looking at the deep gash in his arm.

"That was for ordering the men in my army around." Xena said stepping closer. She cut him again, but this time she got a chunk off."That one was for thinking your men could fool me."

"They are changed men." Draco said stepping back. Xena stepped forward again.

"Are you so sure?" Xena asked."Did you honestly think I believed your little love serenades, and letters. You gave me a big laugh, but it is you who must go." She threw the knife at him hitting him in the leg. He ran out. Xena laughed evily. She sent men out after him, but he managed to elude them. She put them on watch for him just incase he tried to come back and assasinate her.