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Chapter 1:

Three weeks. The time had gone by relatively quickly. They were pretty much healed now, at least physically. And hey, what more could you ask for? Sam had hopes, but he knew they wouldn't resolve any emotional issues. He just had to be happy that their tired bodies got a rest. Bobby had been a gracious host as he always was. He let them have the run of the house and stayed out of their way. They were really going to have to find a way to repay him some day. They'd enjoyed the down time watching movies, cooking, laughing (that had been like music to his hears to hear his brother really laugh again). They were normal brothers. For once, each of them had been able to let their past stay that way for just a little while and enjoy the present and each other. It had been a long time since they had enjoyed a little peace. But Sam should have known it wouldn't last long.

Three weeks and one day and Dean was getting antsy. He was starting to pace and became quiet again. Why Sam thought he could enjoy it longer he didn't know. His brother was just too used to life on the road, and being anywhere for too long made Dean feel caged. It was time to look for another job. And even though he tried to deny it to himself, Sam found that he was ready to hit the road too.

Bobby had taken off for the day and as Dean washed and waxed his precious Impala for the second time that week, Sam curled up on the couch and pulled out the laptop. He smiled and ran his hand over the top of it before opening it. It really was a necessity in their line of work, and after the wreck they sure missed having one. But when Dean had pulled up to that computer shop and told Sam to pick one, Sam felt that it was more than a tool of trade. Sam had always loved research. And Dean knew that, and he also knew that Sam was the type of person who needed to have his brain stimulated once in a while. To Sam, buying him the new laptop was more of a gift.

About an hour into his research he heard the grumbles of his brother. He looked up as Dean made his way in complaining about being hungry. Sam couldn't help the laugh that escaped.

Dean gave him a dirty look. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing." Sam said.

Dean rolled his eyes and headed for the kitchen. "Hey I worked up an honest appetite taking care of my baby. Unlike others who sit on their butt all day." he mumbled. "What are you doing anyway?" He called out to Sam.

"Found our next job. And I have a surprise..." Sam stopped when he looked up to see Dean in the doorway. His face unreadable. "What's wrong?"

Dean shrugged, "Nothing. So...a job already?" he asked hesitantly.

Sam's brows furrowed, "Yeah. I noticed you've been a little antsy, and I figured since we're all healed up. Why? Aren't you ready?"

Dean snorted. "I was ready weeks ago Sammy. I was just letting you rest. You said something about a surprise?"

Sam stared at his brother, a little confused by his behavior. Dean almost seemed hesitant to leave. No, not Dean. It had to be his imagination.

"Sam? You gonna tell me or do I have to try and read your mind?" Dean asked.

"Oh yeah. Well I was on line and I came across something."

"And the surprise?" Dean interrupted.

"The surprise is, it's a paying job!" Sam said excitedly.

"Come again?" Dean asked coming to sit next to Sam.

"I found this paranormal site. And before you say it, I know. But this isn't some out there site. It's pretty conservative. Mostly a place for people to tell their stories. So I found this post from this guy who owns this hunters resort. They've been having strange things happen for the last couple of years. But recently people have started getting hurt, and a couple of hunters have been killed. So now this guy put out a call for help. And here's the best part. He's willing to pay three thousand dollars to anyone who can get rid of whatever's haunting the place."

"Seriously?" Dean asked.

"Seriously. Three thousand dollars Dean."

Dean raised his eyebrows. "Good money. Where is this place?"

"Arkansas. I figure we could take off today, that is if you feel up to it."

"And how did they die?" Dean asked, ignoring the not so subtle way Sam had of asking if he was up to it.

"Slashed to death, drained of blood, and strung up in trees."

"Ouch." Dean said. He stood, "if this guy is legit and really willing to pay, then we're burning daylight hours. Let's get our crap together. Call Bobby and tell him thanks and we'll lock up."

Sam smiled. That was the Dean he knew. Ready and eager to hunt.


Three hours later and they were barreling down the highway towards Arkansas, Ozzie Osbourne's Crazy Train blaring through the speakers. Sam was tempted to turn the music down, but when he glanced over at Dean he couldn't help but notice how relaxed his brother looked. These last few weeks had done both of them good, especially Dean. So Sam was willing to put up with a little throbbing in his head to continue to enjoy the almost happy look Dean had.

So Sam was surprised when Dean reached over and turned the volume down.

"What?" Sam asked.

"I was thinking..."

Sam rolled his eyes and moaned, "Save me." he teased.

"Shut up." Dean retorted. "Like I said, I was thinking. This guy put out his ad on some paranormal site right?"

"Yeah. And?" Sam asked.

"And...that means that anyone saw it. Meaning, there's probably gonna be a lot of armature yahoos there. You know, guys looking for a thrill, who have no possible clue what their doing."

"Damn. I hadn't thought about that." Sam admitted. "Probably going to make our job a lot harder."

"That's what I'm thinking. But you want to know what's worse?"

"What?" Sam asked.

"With our luck, one of those yahoos will probably kill the sucker before we do and get the money." Dean said with a tone of disgust to his voice. Sam laughed. "I'm serious, or do you not remember those two eggheads who created that damn Tulpa?"

"So we be careful and make sure we kill it first." Sam said.

"That would be my plan Sammy." Dean said as he turned up the music once more.

They still had hours to go before they reached even the state line of Arkansas so Sam pulled the laptop from the backseat and decided to do some more researching. They needed to be prepared as possible. He had no doubts they were the best at their job, except of course for the other real hunters out there they were just learning about. But Dean was right. There was a thing called dumb luck, and he didn't want to risk someone else who really had no clue what they were doing beating them to it. Not to mention, if there were a lot of amateurs there, they didn't only have a hunt on their hands, but the responsibility of making sure no one else died. Whatever was at this place was killing in a gruesome way. The men who had died so far had suffered badly. And this creature or whatever it was didn't show any signs of backing down.

Almost two hours later Sam figured he had a good idea of a culprit. "Hey Dean, I think I have an idea. I mean we'll have to find out more when we get there, but this sounds like a good hit."

Dean turned the music down and turned his attention to his brother. "Read on geek boy."

Sam ignored the comment. "There is a creature called a Tamawo. It's a.."

"A tomorrow?" Dean interrupted.

Sam gave an irritated sigh. "A Tamawo. Pay attention. It's a creature that resembles a man, but has a bigger body and eyes, and claws. It preys on what it sees as warriors or other predators. It kills slowly and leaves the body out as a trophy and a warning."

"And this tomorrow thing would see these guys out hunting game as predators." Dean said.

"That'd be my guess." Sam said.

"Well, looks like we're going to find out soon." Dean said, nodding to the sign that said they were now crossing the Arkansas border.

Sam glanced at one more page. There was a picture of what this was supposed to look like and what it did to it's prey. Sam's eyes widened in horror. He swallowed hard. If this is what they were facing; he only hoped it wasn't. He slammed the lid down.