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Chapter 7:

With a loud groan Dean rolled to his side, pushing himself up. His entire body protested with sharp pain, and the blood loss had made him incredibly dizzy. But he made it to his feet. Suddenly there was a hand on his arm. He turned, ready to tell Sam to worry about himself, and found Adams.

"Damn kid, you don't look so hot." Adams said, looking Dean up and down.

Dean's jaw clenched. The man had just saved his and Sam's life. But he couldn't see past the fact that this was also the man who was responsible for the creature and the death's of the other hunters. Dean took a deep breath, took a step away from Adams, clenched his good fist, and let his arm swing as hard as it could. Adams hadn't seen it coming, and when Dean's fist connected with his jaw, he fell backwards.

"You stupid son of a bitch!" Dean screamed. He expected Adams to stay down, but the man surprised him.

Adams surged up, taking advantage of Dean's weakened state. He grabbed Dean by the front of his jacket spinning him around and pushing him up against the wall of the shed, ignoring Dean's grunt of pain.

"I just saved your life you little jerk!" He gave Dean a rough shake.

Dean was seething, but with his injuries and his broken arm, he found that he couldn't break the man's hold.

"You owe me! I could have let that thing kill you and your brother!" Adams made a fist and pulled back his arm ready to throw his punch.

But before he could, an arm grabbed him, spinning him around, and he found his face the target of another fist. This time he went down hard. He looked up to see Sam towering above him.

"Stay down old man!" Sam yelled at him. "Don't even move or I'll make sure you stay down for good!"

Sam immediately turned his attention to Dean, who had slid down the wall and was now sitting on the ground, panting, holding his arm tight to his chest.

"Damn Sammy. Remind me not to piss you off." Dean said through clenched teeth, his voice hoarse. "That was awesome little brother."

"Shit Dean. Can you get up?"

Dean thought about it for a minute. "Maybe."

Sam laughed. "Well, not much choice. We need to get back." Sam turned, "Where's your truck Adams..." Sam trailed off when he saw the man was no longer there. "Great."

"I think you scared him." Dean said with a small laugh.

"This isn't funny Dean. I don't think I'm going to be much help getting us out of here."

Dean immediately forgot about his own pain. He remembered the Tamawo being right on top of his brother. "How bad are you hurt Sam?"

"Not as bad as you. But I won't be able to carry you, so don't ask."

Dean laughed again. "I'll keep that in mind." He paused. "Look, go find a ride or something, then come back and get me."

Sam shook his head, his face pinched, "Don't start Dean. I'm not in the mood."

"Sam. I can't walk the miles back, you barely will be able to, Silverman's truck is close, but it's got four flats. What do you suggest."

Sam sat down next to Dean leaning against the wall, his own body feeling the burn, and thought about it. With a long exhale he said, "Yeah, I got nothin'."

Dean had let his head fall back against the shed, his eyes closed. His voice was low. "You admitting your oversized brain can't think of anything?"

"Never jerk." Sam deadpaned. "Just give me a minute."

Both boys fell silent. Dean's mind was whirring with a way out. Actually, he was finding it very difficult to think. Everything was fuzzy, and there was a low humming in his ears. He was finding it harder and harder to keep his eyes open. His mind was finding it hard to zero in on much of anything. Except for, of course, Sam. He knew his little brother was in bad shape. The Tamawo might be dead, but there was still other creatures of the forest. They might be 'natural', but Dean still didn't want to deal with them. Sam needed to move. He would only slow his brother down, so Dean was trying to find a way to get Sam moving, and leave him behind.

Sam's voice snapped him out of his thoughts. "You ever think this is becoming a recurring theme?"

Dean didn't bother to move or open his eyes. "What's that?"

"Us picking these royally crappy jobs, getting our asses kicked, getting stranded. Take your pick."

Dean snorted. "Come to think of it you're right. This shit didn't start happening to me until we started working together again. You must be bad luck."

Sam turned and looked at his brother. He could see the smirk on Dean's lips. "Ha ha. You are so not funny Dean."

"I thought it was hilarious." Dean paused and took a painful breath. "Seriously Sam, it could be worse."

Sam shifted his position, a groan escaping his lips. "If we don't get out of here, it will be." When Sam got no response he turned to Dean. "Dean?" But his brother didn't acknowledge him. He had finally passed out. "Now what." Sam whispered.

Sam swallowed hard and looked up to the sky, as if the answer would magically write itself across. He felt himself slowly slipping into darkness from the pain. It would be so easy to just close his eyes, and slip away. No more worries, no more pain, no more watching his loved ones suffer and die. Maybe they would see their family again. As Sam watched the night sky, the stars twinkling brightly, he felt himself tilting sideways. He didn't stop himself, he just let himself fall.

Until he found himself resting against Dean, his head on his brother's shoulder. It reminded him of being a child again. Being scared in the night when their Dad was gone for long periods of time. Scooting up next to his big brother for comfort and safety. That was they way their lives started, and it seemed fitting that was the way it should end. Sam sighed allowed a tear to slip down his cheek.

"I'm sorry Dean." he whispered.


Music filled the air around him. That stupid headbanging, annoying music his brother loved so much. Couldn't he ever go a day without it?

"Dammit Dean, turn it down." He was surprised by how harsh his voice sounded. He moved to sit up, reaching out to turn the radio down when his body reminded him of what happened.

Intense pain shot up through his side and his head, his body was stiff and sore. His neck lay at an odd angle, against Dean's shoulder. It felt like his entire body cracked and groaned in opposition as he righted himself into a sitting position. His mind was foggy, but he remembered why they were here. It wasn't light yet, but Sam could see the horizon turning lighter. Dawn was approaching.

Then suddenly he heard the music again and was reminded of why he woke up. He looked to Dean, who was still out cold. The music was coming from his jacket. The phone!

Sam quickly fished it out of Dean's pocket. He didn't even bother to look at the caller id.

"Hello." he said breathlessly.


"Bobby! Thank God you called, we..."

Sam was cut off quickly. "Sam, I'm almost to you. I just got a call from Adams. I've already sent help out to you. Are you and Dean okay?"

Sam's slow mind tried to process everything Bobby had just blurted out. But it failed. "Huh?"

"Just stay put. Help is on the way kiddo."

"Hurry Bobby. Dean's not too good."

Bobby let out a loud sigh. "You Winchester's drive a man to drink, you know that. Sam, do you know your exact location? Adams didn't give me that."

"Adams called you?" Sam asked. He was totally confused.

Bobby's jaw clenched. This was bad. "Yeah Sam. Adam's called me. Don't worry, I'll deal with that little coward later. Right now I need to know where you and Dean are."

"By the shed." Sam said absently. His eyes were already beginning to close again. He dropped the phone, no longer hearing Bobby screaming his name.


"Dean. Wake up. Come on Dean, it's time to get up. Dean!."

Two days later found Sam sitting on the edge of Dean's bed, trying without success to rouse his unconscious brother.

Sam thought back to the two night's prior. To being brought back to the waking world by a couple of men trying to pull him away from Dean's side. Instinctively he had tried, of course in vain, to fight back. That was until they were able to get it through his clouded mind that Bobby had sent them. They were there to help. And they came equipped with stretchers to carry each boy back on. Sam's eyes had followed them as they gently placed Dean on one and carried him away. They were gone for about ten minutes and then came back for him. He soon found himself being loaded into a the back of a warm van next to his brother.

Sam stayed silent the entire ride back to the lodge. His eyes never left Dean's still form. He didn't even bother to ask his usual round of questions or try to hear the men's conversation. All he cared about was watching the rise and fall of Dean's chest.

They arrived back at the lodge to find a couple of others waiting for them, along with a doctor. Sam wanted to be surprised, wanted to ask who the hell everyone was. But he just couldn't care. All he knew was that they were helping. He let his mind go blank and let sleep overtake him again. The next time he woke up he felt better. He was still sore, but he could feel the a tingle in his body that he knew well. Pain killers. He was in a soft warm bed and his head was finally clear. When he opened his eyes he saw that he was in the lodge, though not their old room. When he turned his head he saw Dean in the bed next to him. Asleep and looking a little too pale still, but alive.

As he forced himself out of bed he was surprised to see Bobby coming through the door. In his haze of the concussion he almost forgot he talked to Bobby. Bobby explained to him that he had called in a favor of a friend who was a doctor and understood about the 'hunters'. He told Sam that they would be fine. Dean had lost a lot of blood, but he just needed rest.

That was two days ago. And now Sam was starting to worry. He sat on the edge of his brother's bed and tapped his arm lightly. "Dean. Come on man, time to join the land of the living."

Just when Sam was about to give up, Dean's eyes fluttered. "That's it. Time to get up Dean." Sam tried his hardest to use a forceful voice. One that he knew his brother would respond to.

"Sammy." Dean whispered as his eyes cracked open.

"Hey man. It's about time. That was some siesta man." Sam said, his eyes bright, his face lit up from his smile.

Dean rolled his eyes and groaned. How could the kid be so happy all the time? "How long?"

Sam winced at the hoarseness of Dean's voice. He quickly got up and filled a glass with water from the bathroom. "Take some sips." He said, helping Dean sit up. "Two days man. You've been sawing logs for two days."

"I don't snore." Dean retorted.

"You totally do man." Sam said, letting a small laugh escape his lips.

Dean took a look around the room and then back at Sam. "You okay?"

Sam nodded. "I am now. Just a few bumps and bruises, one cracked rib."

"How'd we get back here?" Dean asked.

"Long or condensed version?" Sam asked.

"Condensed." Dean said, settling himself back against the pillows again.

"Okay. So come to find out, Adams, he knows Bobby. And after his little stunt here and leaving us out there, he called Bobby and spilled his guts. Guess he felt guilty after all. So Bobby called out here to a couple of friends who were near by to come out and get us. He also called, Troy," At Dean's look of confusion he clarified, "Troy is Silverman's son. He knows all about supernatural stuff too. But he didn't know about this. Anyway, Bobby told Troy what was going on and he insisted on fixing things. They called a doctor they know and patched us up here. Been taking care of us for the last two days." Sam took a deep breath.

"That was short? I'd hate to hear the long version man." Dean said, smirking.

Sam smiled even wider. "That's not the best part."

"What?" Dean asked curiously.

Sam rubbed his hands together then got up and pulled a large envelope out of his duffel bag handing it to Dean. "What the hell Sam?" Dean said, as he pulled out a wad of bills. There was so many he couldn't grab it all with one hand.

"Troy Silverman was like nine kinds of guilty when he found out what his dad did. He wanted to make it right with us." Sam explained.

Dean's eyes were wide. "Yeah, but there's more than three grand here Sammy."

"Ten grand to be exact." Sam said matter of factly. "Not bad, huh?"

"Holy crap. This is like hitting the friggin' lottery!" Dean put the money back in the envelope and handed it back to Sam. "Told you little brother. Sometimes lady luck does love us."


Three weeks later found Dean and Sam basically healed and in good spirits. Dean's arm was still in a cast but he refused to let that get him down. They were still at the lodge, all expenses paid of course. Things were once again looking up. And today, Dean thought, was probably the best day he had had in a long time.

Dean stood on the bank of the small lake laughing like crazy at Bobby and Sam. Bobby was beyond frustrated now. He had spent the last twenty five minutes trying to show Sam how to fly fish. And his little brother was less than graceful. He laughed even harder, ignoring the dirty looks Sam threw his way.

"I don't see you trying it!" Sam shouted at him.

Dean raised his one arm up gesturing widely, "Hey, I'm a natural little brother. Me and Bobby have been doing this for years!" he said, laughing still.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Look Bobby, just forget it. I suck."

Bobby couldn't control his laughter either. "Oh come on Sam. It ain't that hard. Just takes practice."

"No thanks. I think I'll go have a beer. I'll leave catching diner to you."

Sam made his way to the tree Dean was standing near and grabbed a beer from the cooler. Dean gave him a wide, genuine smile.

"You love laughing at my expense." Sam accused.

"Makes my day little brother. Makes my day." Dean turned and took a long swallow of beer, watching Bobby fish.

Sam nodded and let himself relax too. As he lowered himself to the ground he caught the start of a song on the radio. It was one of Dean's favorite bands, his Dad's too. He usually didn't care much for them, but he knew this song. And right now, if asked to write down exactly how he felt about this day. This song would be the soundtrack.

Sam reached over and turned up the radio, eliciting a curious glance from his brother who was looking at him like he was asking 'since when do you like this song?'.

Sam just shrugged and turned it up letting the words of the chorus wash over him.

Time stand still

I'm not looking back but I want to look around me now

See more of the people and the places that surround me now

Time stand still

Freeze this moment a little bit longer

Make each sensation a little bit stronger

Time stand still

Yeah, it was a good day.

The End!