Chapter 1- The Girl Who Overcame Time and the Boy Who was Just Overcome

Heyyy, before I start the story, I am just going to write a little summary about the characters appearing in this chappie. Okay? Okay.

Uchiha Sasuke: He basically takes Inuyasha's place. He is 17, 6"4, still has that funky spiky hairdo, onyx coloured eyes. He has black wolf ears when he's in his half-demon form. He has a pretty cocky attitude, likes his peace and quiet, has a strange liking towards tomatoes, eager on getting more power. His clothes are kinda similar to Inuyasha's, but in navy blue.

Haruno Sakura: Your average mid-school girl taking her highschool entrance exams. Sakura has always wanted to be a doctor, and is trying to get into a very good highschool. She is the top student in her class, but she is pretty clumsy. She takes Kagome's place, she is 15, about 5"4, pink hair that reaches her mid-back, and emerald green eyes. Sakura wears a uniform like Kagome's except there's no sleeves.

Shizune: She plays as Sakura and Inari's mom. She wears what she wears in Naruto.

Inari: He plays as Souta, so he is basically Sakura's little brother. He wears what he does from Naruto. In this fic, he is 10.

Sarutobi (Third Hokage): He plays as Inari and Sakura's grandpa. He wears what Kagome's grandpa wears in Inuyasha.

Tsunade: She plays as Kaede. She has on a miko's outfit except it's green. In the beginning, she's 10, but after time gap, she's 50. Wears what she wore in Naruto, except the word 'gamble' is not on the back of her jacket thing.

Sakuya: My made up character to take Kikyo's place. She has dark pink hair that reaches just a little past her behind, tied in a ponytail with bangs framing her face. She has piercing jade eyes, and is an expert at archery. She is 16, and her outfit is the same as what Kikyo wears in Inuyasha.

Manda: He's pretty much playing Lady Centipede except his name is Lord Manda. The king of all serpents (me: XD)

"..." -talking

'...' -thoughts

Inner self


In the village of Konoha, leaping from the rooftops is a boy with raven black hair and black wolf ears. Many shouts were heard as well.

"Quick! It's Uchiha Sasuke! Catch him!!" was what some of the men said before they threw spears at the said person.

'Heh, they can't catch me even if they tried.' Sasuke smirked to himself as he thought this.

His smirk grew even more as he reached his destination. He quickly ran into a shrine with lots of holy tags, and there in the middle of the room on a show case is a small ice blue jewel strung onto a necklace. It also has round beads that looks like they're made of glass.

THIS was known in the village as the Jewel of the Heavens. It's a powerful jewel than can grant anyone their most wanted desires, plus it holds a massive amount of power.

Sasuke quickly grabbed the jewel out of the show case and ran out of the shrine before the vilagers could catch him. As he was running away, an arrow shot out of nowhere and pinned him to a tree. Sasuke's eyes widened as he sees who the person was...

"Sakuya...!" he said, slightly surprised she had pinned him there.

" could you!" Sakuya said, her voice filled with hatred.

Sakuya was a priestess in this village. She was assigned to protect the Jewel of the Heavens with her life. "Onee-sama! You're hurt!" cried Tsunade.

Tsunade was Sakuya's younger sister, and at the time she's only 10. Near the place where Sakuya's heart would've been is a deep gash oozing crimson blood non-stop.

"Sakuya...why?" was all Sasuke said before he fell unconscious. Up until that moment, Sakuya has remained standing, but her energy was slowly fading away.

"Onee-sama! Please let me look at that wound!" Tsunade cried as she tried to help her sister. Tsunade, unlike her sister, doesn't have miko powers, so she took up being a medic, her being very fond of herbs and medicine.

"Tsunade (pants) I won't ma-ake it.." Sakuya says as she clutches her chest, that's rising and falling rapidly. Tsunade's eyes were brimming with tears, but she promised Sakuya she wouldn't cry.

"Please, Tsunade..I want you to burn the Jewel al-o-ong with my bo-d-dy so I could still ful-fill my duty in the o-other world." Sakuya stammered as she fell into a world of black.

"ONEE-SAMA!!!!!" was the last thing she ever heard.

-------------------------------------------- Modern Japan ---------------------------------------------

"So...Grandpa Sarutobi, what's this Jewel thing you were talking about again?" asked Sakura as she played with her pet cat Tora.

"Sakura, this Jewel is called the Jewel of the Heavens. It is- ", Tora tries to pounce on the plastic jewel at the end of a keychain.

"Grandpa Sarutobi you do know my birthday's tomorrow riiiggghhhhttt??" Sakura asked as she stared at her Grandpa with puppy eyes. Sarutobi chuckles as he brings out a box.

"Well, seeing as you can't wait, I guess I'll give it to you now." he said.

"Yay!" Sakura cheered as she opened the box. As she took out the item that was in the box, she gave it a funny look before turning towards Sarutobi.

"Ahh Sakura, this is one of the many valuable treasures! Why it's a mummified paw of a demon pig-" Sarutobi once again got cut off as Sakura told threw the hand away for Tora to eat...away from her.

"Sakura my dear! That was an antique!" Sarutobi exclaimed as anime tears were leaking out of his eyes. (sigh) 'I knew Grandpa Sarutobi was going to get me something weird for my 15th birthday.' Sakura thought dully.

Sakura is your average smart mid-schooler. Sakura currently lives in Tokyo, Japan attending Kikoe High. Tomorrow, will be her 15th birthday. Her family for generations, have been the keepers of a shrine that once protected and held the sacred Heaven's Jewel. But that was only a myth.

Ever since she was born, her Grandpa would tell her all sorts of ancient mythical stories ranging from bloodlusting demons, to soul devouring ghosts. Sakura lives with her mom, Grandpa, Inari, and Tora. Her dad had left her a long time ago. She was just so young when he left, so she couldn't remember him too well.

"Okaa-san! Itekimasu!" Sakura called over her shoulder as she went out the door. While walking, she saw Inari opening the door to the shed that was over the well.

"Inari! You know you're not allowed to play in there." Sakura scolded as she walked over to where Inari was.

"I'm not playing! Tora's down there." Inari explained as he peered inside the shed.

"Well don't just stand there, go and get her. We're gonna be late." Sakura said while walking inside with Inari.

"Bu-ut I-I'm sc- I mean, I don't wanna go!" Inari quickly covered up. (scratch scratch) Inari's eyes went wide.

"Sakura! Did you hear that!?" he asked while he took cover behind Sakura.

"Uh...ya, Tora's down there? Remember?" Sakura said sarcastically as she smiled at her little brother.

"So Inari, going to get Tora anytime soon? Now would be nice." Sakura said, still in her sarcastic tone. She loved toying with her little brother. Inari groaned.

"Alright you big chicken, I'll go and get Tora." Sakura said as she walked down the creaking stairs that led to the well. The well was sealed up, so there was no need for her to go climbing. As she was walking, she felt something brush against her leg.

"AHHH!!" Sakura screamed and flinched. Inari ran just a little outside because of the scream.

"Oh, it's just you Tora." Sakura said as she picked the cat up and cuddled her.

"You call me a chicken, then you scream!" Inari fired at his sister.

"And who was just going to say they were scared?" Sakura countered.

Scratch Scratch Scratch

'Where's the scratching noise coming from?! Tora's right here!' Sakura thought a little spooked. Just as she thought that, the wood planks that sealed the well were broken to pieces as an unknown force broke it from the otherside.

"SAKURA! WATCH OUT!!" Inari shouted franticly to warn his sister, but Sakura was just too shocked to move.

All of the sudden, a long thick tail had grabbed her from behind and pulled her down the well with it, during the process she had dropped Tora, who turned around to hiss at nothing. Sakura was gone.

While down in the well, Sakura was in a bit of a daze, since she was falling at a rather slow pace, wondering if she was dreaming or something. But it was too much to be a dream, cause the huge face of a snake just appeared infront of her.

"Ahhhhh... it's been too long sssssiince I've brreattthed airr. Now child, can you telllll me where the Heaven's Jewel isssss?" the snake questioned.

Sakura on the other hand was stunned. 'Oh, my god... a freaky snake has just spoke to me!?! And what am I suppose to say?! I don't even know what he's talking about?!' Sakura thought as fear struck her.

"I-I-I-I do-don't know what y-your talking about?!" she half screamed at the snake.

"Hiissssss, now my child, you shouldn't lie! I could clearly smelll it!" the snake said as it licked Sakura's face with it's freakishly long tongue.

'SHANNARO! No one licks OUR face and gets away with it!' Inner Sakura screamed while cracking her knuckles. While on the other hand, outer Sakura is just too scared of the snake to retaliate.

"No!! Get away from me you monster!!" Sakura screamed as she desperately struggled, hoping to be freed from the snake's coils. A sudden bright blue light emitted from Sakura forced the snake to let go since his bottom half was starting to disappear.

"Ssssssssssssssss!" the snake hissed angrily as it drifted away from Sakura. All Sakura could do was pray she could get out of the well alive.

Once she touched the bottom of the well, she fell forward, but quickly stuck her arms out, or her face will end up kissing the ground.

'What just happened? Was it all my imagination?' Sakura thought as she looked around...until she saw a HUMUNGOUS coil of snake skin, shedded not too long ago.

'Ok on second thought, maybe it wasn't my imagination.' Sakura thought as she looked for a way out.

"Inari! Get Grandpa Sarutobi!" Sakura called out to her brother, thinking he's still there.

'Gee, I hope he didn't run away!' Sakura thought slightly annoyed. 'Chikashou! That stupid snake WILL pay!!' Inner Sakura said angrily.

'Vines?!' Sakura thought as she grabbed them and started climbing her way out. What Sakura saw next was FAR from what she expected...a forest? Last time Sakura checked, she lived in a two story house near the family shrine, and the well had a shed built over it.

"Ano...I have a feeling I'm not home anymore..." Sakura said as she started looking at her surroundings. She didn't want to move incase her grandpa would suddenly jump outta the well or something. She looked around until she spotted something she's been accustomed to since she was a kid.

'The Great Sakura tree!' Sakura beamed as she saw looked up at the tree. (Bunny: I couldn't think of anything else, I didn't wanted to say old tree. Lol)

As she was walking towards it, she noticed there's someone else there.

'I know! Maybe they can tell me where I am!' Sakura thought, hopeful that they could help her out a bit. But as she walked closer, she noticed the person looked...kinda dead.

'Eek! There's an arrow right through him! And he's pinned to the tree! What am I supposed to do?!' Sakura thought as she approached the strange...who she assumed was a boy.

"Konnichiwa! Uh...whatcha doing?" Sakura said as she slowly approached the boy.

'Coooool! He has wolf ears!!' Sakura thought excitedly as she walked in front of the boy. 'His face looks so...peaceful. Is he dead?' Sakura pondered as she was about to feel for his pulse, her hand instead wandered to his ear.

'Awww!! It's so soft!' Sakura commented as she brought both hands to touch his ears. 'Wait a minute! Normal human beings don't have wolf ears!' Inner Sakura pointed out.

(gasp) Sakura stopped what she was doing as she stepped away from the boy, thinking he might all of the sudden open his eyes and attack her.

'Uh...better not hang around then...' Sakura thought as she was about to leave, many weapons hit parts of the tree behind her surprising her.

"Ahh!" Sakura screamed as she used her arms to shield herself out of instinct.

"You there! Why are you in Uchiha Forest?!" someone asked her.


Before she knew it, she was in the center of a village gathering...with her all tied up. The villagers were talking amongst themselves, sharing what they think about the strange girl.

"Hey, do you think she's a demon?" one village woman said.

"She could be, look at those strange clothes!" another responded. The women in the village were all thinking she was some kind of demon. She even heard some remarks about her abnormally 'large' forehead. Sakura huffed in annoyance. Just because her forehead was a little larger than normal doesn't mean she's a demon.

'Mou! Let me go! I can't do you guys any harm!' Sakura thought desperately as she saw some men approach her with pitchforks in their hands. 'Oh no! They're gonna skin us alive!!!' Inner Sakura dramatically screamed and then...fainted? Shaking her head, she looked at the woman who was now infront of her.

Her first thoughts, 'Hey, isn't this feudal Japan? I didn't know they had breast enlargement medications.' Sakura thought while she snickered inwardly. Without warning, the woman starting sprinkling her with...water?

"Demon be gone!" the woman said as she continued what she was doing.

"Hey! Stop it! I-I'm not a demon!" Sakura exclaimed.

"You aren't? Then tell me why you're here, and your purpose right now!" the woman demanded.

"Tsunade-sama! She may be a spy from another village!" a man said.

"Well if she is, then she's pretty dumb to spy on such a poor village." Tsunade remarked. But all the while, taking a good look at Sakura. ' hair?' Tsunade thought as she examined Sakura closely.

- Later that Night -

Tsunade was sitting near a fire in the middle of a room making stew, while Sakura was rubbing her wrists, since they still kinda hurt from being tied together.

"Would you like some stew Sakura?" Tsunade asked handing her a bowl of veggie stew.

"Yes please!" Sakura said gratefully. 'Boy am I hungry! It looks great!' Sakura thought happily.

"Please forgive us for what happened earlier, during these times of war, we can't afford to have any strangers coming into the village without thorough questioning." Tsunade said.

"Well I guess that only means I'm not in Tokyo anymore." Sakura said, more to herslf though. "To-kee-yo? I've never heard of such place, is that where you're from?" Tsunade asked.

Sakura sweatdropped, "Uh...yah! That's right, so I think I might need to go back soon!" Sakura said nervously.

'But we have no idea how to get back!!' Inner Sakura screamed as she pulled at her hair.


"Tsunade (pants) I won't ma-ake it.." Sakuya says as she clutches her chest, that's rising and falling rapidly. Tsunade's eyes were brimming with tears, but she promised Sakuya she wouldn't cry.

"Please, Tsunade..I want you to burn the Jewel al-o-ong with my bo-d-dy so I could still ful-fill my duty in the o-other world." Sakuya stammered as she fell into a world of black.

End Flashback

'How could someone look so much alike my sister? They even have the same hair colour.' Tsunade thought as she observed Sakura. Suddenly, many crashes could be heard.

They quickly ran outside and what they saw wasn't pretty. A GIANT purple snake was poised there, there in it's mouth was a horse, possibly dead.

"Give me the Heaven's Jewel!" shouted the snake as it tossed the horse, trying to make it land on top of where Tsunade and Sakura would be.

'Did he say Heaven's Jewel!?' Tsunade thought as she narrowed her eyes at the demon.

"Ts-Tsunade! That was the thing I saw earlier!" Sakura exclaimed as she recognized the snake. Many of the villagers threw spears, shot arrows and other assortment of weapons. But nothing worked, it seemed as though his skin was made of steel.

"Sakura! Do you know anything about the jewel?" Tsunade asked seriously, readying herself incase she must go into combat.

"I-I-'ve heard of it, but I've never-" Sakura didn't get a chance to finish as the snake now known as Lord Manda struck as both Tsunade and herself.

"GIVE ME THE JEWEL!" he bellowed as he went for another dive.

'Oh no! If this keeps up, the village will be destroyed!' Sakura thought as she looked at the now partially destroyed village.

'I thought snakes were afraid of fire!' Inner Sakura said.

'But how are we- I got it!' Sakura thought as she ran to take a torch from a villager.

'Hehe, I hope this works, cause if not I'm REALLY screwed.' Sakura thought as she held the torch in one and hand and ran towards the Uchiha Forest.

Lord Manda saw that Sakura was running away, so he chased after her.

"GIVE ME THE JEWEL YOU MORTAL!" he bellowed savagely as he chased after Sakura with monstrous speed.

'Ahhhh!!! He's gaining!! We're not going to make it in time!!!' Inner Sakura screamed and ran in circles. Sakura blocked out her inner self and kept herself on task.

'I could get him deep enough into the forest, then set the surrounding trees on fire (Bunny: I know! Poor trees!), so then he'll be trapped!' Sakura praised herself for her little plan. She wasn't the top student of her academic class for nothing you know.

But, she thought too soon. Lord Manda was now even CLOSER than she expected, and she might not have enough distance in between them for her to execute the plan.

"Ahh!! Mom! Inari! Grandpa Sarutobi!! Please helllppppp meeee!! Anybody helpp meee!" Sakura cried desperately as she pumped more energy into her pale thin legs. Her voice echoed throughout the forest.

At that moment, where Sasuke was pinned to the Sakura tree unmoving, his fingers flexed.

"Heh...I can feel her presence..." Sasuke's deep voice said, he lifted his head with his blood red sharingan blazing.

Sakura was running for her life AWAY from Lord Manda. Lord Manda had a sudden energy burst and charged at Sakura, causing her to fly all the way to the Great Sakura Tree.

(groans) "Itai..." Sakura said as she tried to get up.

"Yo, Sakuya...long time no see." Sasuke drawled.

"Wuh...?" Sakura asked herself. 'He's alive?!' she thought as she stared at the boy.

"You look pathetic you know that?" Sasuke said glaring at Sakura's form, who was flat on her belly.

'What on earth! I don't even KNOW the guy and he's talking to me as if we know each other, plus the fact that HE'S the one with an arrow pinning him to a tree! He's calling ME pathetic?! Why I outta...' Sakura thought angrily.

"First of all, don't talk to me like you KNOW me cause you don't. Second of all, I'm pathetic!? Look at yourself! You're the one who's pinned to a tree!" Sakura said angrily, her voice raised.

Sasuke glared at Sakura before growling back, "First of all, I DO know you. Second, YOU pinned me to this stupid tree!" Sakura stared at him disbelievingly.

'SHANNARO! Who does he think he is?!' Inner Sakura raged as she cracked her knuckles.

"Alright wolf boy, I honestly DON'T know you, and I have NEVER shot an arrow in my LIFE!" Sakura stated.

"Sakuya, you're a very bad liar you know that?" Sasuke stated as he looked at her with his sharingan.

"I'm no- "

'Wait a sec, did he say SAKUYA? And wait...I never told him my name!' Sakura thought as she snapped and looked at Sasuke.

"Look wolf boy, my name's not SAKUYA, it's SAKURA! There's a difference!" Sakura said angrily as she marched up to stare him down, but he was taller than her. So she stared up!

"Only Sakuya has pink hair, and YOU have pink hair." Sasuke said, his temper rising slightly, and also getting slightly annoyed at Sakuya's attitude.

"You ARE Sakuya! Only she has the same scent as you, and appearance as you!" Sasuke said heatedly. He was really irked by who he assumed was 'Sakuya'.

"For the LAST time wolf boy, I'm NOT this Sakuya! I'm SA-KU-RA! Got that!" Sakura said with just as much anger, while saying her name she was poking the boy's forehead.

Sasuke snarled, "How could you not- " this time Sasuke took a good look at Sakura's appearance. She overall had Sakuya's traits, but her looks were her own, like the forehead.

"You aren't her." was all he said before turning his head away from Sakura.

'Stupid bastard! Took him long enough to realize THAT!' Inner Sakura screamed.

"GIVE ME THE HEAVEN'S JEWEL NOW!" Lord Manda screamed as he grabbed Sakura's foot with his tongue.

'Heaven's Jewel!?' Sasuke thought looking at the girl wide-eyed.

'Damn! I forgot about the plan! Stupid wolf-' Sakura's thoughts were cut off as she was being dragged away. Out of instincts, she grabbed Sasuke's shirt, and since it was near his neck, he started choking.

"LET GO OF MEEEEEE!!!!" Sakura screamed as she clung onto Sasuke's robes EVEN tighter.

"No YOU let go!" Sasuke yelled as he tried to pry Sakura off, as he started to suffocate. Manda started to pull harder, Sakura grabbed his tongue, hoping to pull it away from her foot. A bright light emitted from Sakura again as the tongue was suddenly burned and Manda was forced to recoil back, hissing angrily.

'What the heck? I have magical powers!?' Sakura thought uncertain as she stared at her hands. Just as Sakura's side started to glow a blue-ish colour, Manda charged at her, baring his long venemous fangs for the world to see. At the same time, Tsunade and some of the village men arrived just in time to see Sakura thrown into the air by Manda.

"Ahhh!!!!!" Sakura screamed as her side burst open, a shining blue orb coming out.

THUD and thud were heard as both the jewel and Sakura fell.

'What the hell was that!?' Inner Sakura said/asked.

'Owwie! That hurt!' Sakura winced. Sasuke stared at the Jewel that was by Sakura.

'So she does have the Jewel.' Sasuke thought but his thoughts were interupted by Manda's harsh laughter.

"Muahaha! So you DO have the Heaven's Jewel!" Manda swiftly made his way towards the jewel.

'The jewel!' Sasuke thought desperately. "Otaku! Give me the jewel quick!" he shouted at Sakura.

Manda slithered to Sakura and wrapped around her, smooshing her against Sasuke.

"At last! I can become one with the jewel!" Manda hissed as he wasted no more time and swallowed the jewel..whole.

"MUHAHAHA!! I" Manda laughed like a maniac, not that he already wasn't one.

"Ahh! I'm going to become a sandwich!" Sakura whined as she tried to wiggle free.

"Hey...can you pull out this arrow?" Sasuke asked, well more like demanded.


"Iie Sakura! That arrow is a seal to keep Sasuke in place, we'll be doomed if he's freed!" Tsunade said.

"Unless you're asking for an early death, I suggest you free me. At least I could help you." he stated matter-o-factly.

'No! I have too many things to do to die here!' Sakura thought as her eyes widened.

"I don't wanna die here! I don't even know where HERE is!" Sakura said yelled with anime tears on the verge of spilling.

"So I will free you!" she said as she grasped the arrow. On contact, the arrow disappeared and Sasuke could feel all his energy returning to him.

Manda was growing in size, as he absorbed more of the jewel's power. But with quick moves, Sasuke sliced his body to bits. Sakura felt relieved as she promptly dropped to the ground. She was completely stunned about what just happened in the span of 10 hours. (Bunny: Or so I think.)

"Sakura, are you alright?" Tsunade asked as she inspected Sakura.

"I'm fine..." Sakura said as she sat up properly.

"Sakura do you see a glowing piece of flesh?" Tsunade asked in a business like manner.

"Uh...yes I do, over there." Sakura pointed out. Tsunade went over to the lump of flesh and got the jewel out. Sakura looked grossed out when she did that.

'Eeew!! Snake guts!!' Sakura wanted to vomit.

"Here Sakura. You're the only one who could keep the jewel. You resemble my onee-sama so much." Tsunade said.

"Also, you musn't let anyone get a hold of the jewel if they're going to use it for evil deeds. As you have just witnessed yourself." Sakura nodded in understanding as she held the jewel tightly.

"Doesn't matter if she resemble's Sakuya or not, she can't stop me from taking what's rightfully mine." Sasuke said as he emphasized the 'mine' part.

"Unless she wants to die." Sasuke said it with a hint of malice.

'Kuso! He's not the hero!?!' Inner Sakura screamed.