Chapter 14 - A Day in Naruto's Life

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Hyuuga Hinata: Yes, I've decided to throw her in here just for the fun of it, and because this is a random chappie. In this fic, she's Neji's SISTER. Not cousin, SISTER. She has the Byakugan as well, but it's not as developed as Neji's. She's twelve and wears what she does in the anime, except the hitai-ate around neck. A black choker replaces the hitai-ate.

Since she's the Hyuuga Clan successor, she's treated like royalty almost, and her training sessions are pretty brutal sometimes. She often escapes her home because she isn't allowed to be out of her house often. She's slightly jealous of Neji because he isn't stuck in the compound most his life, and is free to travel. She's not as shy in this fic. Actually, she's rather bold in a sense.

And no, she does not have the cursed seal. The explanation will be revealed in the story. :)

"..." -talking

'...' -thoughts

Inner self


- R - E - C - A - P -

"Sakura...please look at me." Sasuke said, this time he was desperate. He missed those emerald eyes looking directly at his own dark onyx ones. Sakura still didn't move.

" me, hate me I don't care! Just please look at me." Sasuke pleaded, really desperate now. Those words seem to have an affect on Sakura, seeing as she finally looked up at him, but her eyes...were empty. They didn't have their usual glitter.

"I looked at leave." Sakura said quietly. Sasuke's heart dropped a bit. He was totally sure Sakura was going to resume being on his jewel hunting team again. Defeated, Sasuke left Sakura's home and went back to his world. Yet, not once did he think about the shards Sakura was still her possession.

' stupid liar. As long as Sakuya's still in your heart you will never see me.' Sakura thought to herself, all depressed. With that thought, she turned off the lights and went to dreamland. Sasuke and Sakuya haunting them.

Sasuke's going to receive hell from the rest of gang now for returning without Sakura. Or...any message from her in this case.

- E - N - D - - R - E - C - A - P -

As expected, Neji, Naruto and Tenten all beat the snot out of Sasuke after he returned Sakura-less, and with no reason whatsoever. Even Tsunade seemed to act coldly towards Sasuke, though she did a good job of not displaying it so openly.

Other than Sasuke, Naruto was the other person who took Sakura's leave especially hard. Sasuke just kinda left Konoha for great amounts of time, but comes back by the end of the day. Naruto didn't do that, but spent time alone around the outskirts of Konoha.

Sakura was like a sister he never had. It hurt him to see her leave and had not come back yet. It hurt him that he wasn't strong enough to protect her when Chiyo was trying to extract her soul.

As of now, he's on a hunt for some items he could use for his fox magic, and training to become stronger.


"Stupid clan rules. Ugghh, I wish I could just grow wings and fly away!" an indigo haired girl muttered bitterly. Currently, she was trudging her way around a forest in Konoha. It had been two hours since her escape from her home. She was quite amazed by the fact that she got away so easily, but as long as she was out, she didn't care. She wasn't exactly having fun running for her life, but she was enjoying the change of scenery. Where she lived, it was all pretty much hues of white, grey, and brown. It wasn't very vibrant, and the most vibrant thing in her home is the cherry blossom tree in her yard.

She loved the way the green leaves seem to glitter from the strong rays of sunlight. Also, she has never fully appreciated the sun's radiance. It seemed to burn extra gloriously today. Maybe today was her special day.

'Yeah...I kind of like that. My...special day...' the girl thought happily to herself as she slowed her pace a bit and relaxed, taking in the beautiful scenery.


"Stupid bastard...hope he a friggin hole filled with naked-mole rats..." Naruto muttered venomously under his breath, scavenging for acorns, and other mediums he could use for his Kyuubi magic.

Out of pure irritation, he shot a blast of Kyuubi fire into the trees that were ahead of him.

Suddenly, he heard a scream.

A girl's scream.

'OH MY GOSH!!!! I DID NOT JUST HIT SOMEONE WITH THAT RANDOM SHOT OF KYUUBI FIRE!!!!!' Naruto thought alarmed, his eyes now suddenly wide as saucers, all murderous intentions towards the Uchiha forgotten. (Bunny: For now that is. Lol.)

Quickly getting out of his depressed/irritated/moping mood, he ran as fast as his legs could go to rescue the poor damsel in distress.


As Hinata was walking along, still enjoying the scenery, she failed to detect the speeding fireball that was headed her way.

And just at the last second, when it was just about to hit her full on, she quickly did a spin to get out of it's path, but her jacket skimmed the fireball, therefore catching aflame.

'AAARRGGHH!! I TAKE THAT BACK!!! THIS IS NOT MY SPECIAL DAY!!' Hinata thought angrily, trying to put out the fire, which was slowly starting to burn away her jacket.

While trying to put out the fire, she detected a demon's aura, which was heading towards her at a pretty quick pace.

'Oh please don't tell me I got spotted by a demon!' Hinata fretted, giving up on trying to put out the fire and opted to taking it off. (Bunny: (sigh) Why didn't she do that in first place? Reader: You wrote this. Bunny: You know what, just keep reading. Lol.) But then, as she tried unzipping the zipper, something tackled her.

"KYAAAA!!!" Hinata screamed, but her sceam was cut off when she was submerged in water.


As he sped up, he finally saw the girl he had accidentally hit with his Kyuubi fire. Naruto was filled with guilt immediately. He noticed the girl was trying to take her jacket off but he ignored that and tackled her into the river, which was just a ways off.

"KYAAAA!!!" the girl screamed, but she was cut off as they both plunged into the water.

He'll have to apologize afterwards.

After he resurfaced, he looked around for the girl. A couple seconds later, she surfaced, choking on the water she swallowed.

Naruto almost choked on his breath. But, the girl was unbelievably cute close up.

However, when she opened her eyes, it made Naruto feel even more guilty.

'She's...blind." Naruto thought sadly. (Bunny: That's where you're wrong Naru-chan.) However, before he knew it, he was punched in the gut by the girl.

Naruto's face showed more shock than he had ever displayed.

"Take that!" the girl said, her eyes fierce, glaring in his direction.

The girl's punch had knocked the wind out of Naruto, which caused him to fall back into the river. Recovering quickly, he got back up to explain.

As he got back up, the girl delivered another blow to him, hitting his chest this time. Naruto got knocked back again, now a little agitated, and confused.

'How could she tell where I am if she's blind?!' he thought, getting slightly frustrated. Instead of resurfacing, he swam till he was right behind the girl. Though...yet again, as if the girl could see him, she kicked him in the face with her sandals.

'DA FFUUCCKK?!!?' Naruto thought outraged before leaping out of the water and nursed his nose, all the while glaring at the girl he supposedly 'rescued' and set on fire.

"Had enough you evil demon?!" the girl spoke again, turning around to face him, standing in a strange fighting stance that was creepily familiar. He couldn't exactly pinpoint it.

He looked into her eyes again.

Somehow...they looked so familiar. Where had he seen those eyes? (Bunny: Come on! Use those brain cells of yours!)


Hinata breathed a little heavily, but was still glaring at the demon that had tackled her into the water. He looked to be around her age, but she couldn't be sure. His hair was superbly bright, and so were his eyes.

Based on the whisker marks, she guessed that he was a fox demon of some sort. Yet, the orange jumpsuit kind of threw her off.

'Do demons usually wear orange?' Hinata thought to herself, while observing her so called 'opponent.'

'His eyes are really pretty though...' she thought to herself, observing the boy.

"Hollddd a minute!! I don't mean any harm!! I just wanted to help put out the fire on your jacket!" the demon boy exclaimed, his arms held up, a sign or surrendering. Hinata didn't move, thinking it must be a trick. Foxes were known to be cunning, fox demons were even MORE cunning.

She saw a look of irritation cross the boy's face.

"I'm being honest here! I know you can't tell because you're blind, but I don't mean any harm! I'll leave right now too if you want!" the boy said.

Hinata's eyes widened a fraction. He thought she was blind? She felt a bit offended, but decided to forgive him about that comment.

Believing the boy, she dropped her stance stiffly, and called out to the boy.

"H-Hey! Come back!" Hinata called, feeling a little timid now. Being raised to eliminate demons all her life, she was now beckoning one to herself.

What would her clan ever think of her now?

The boy stopped in his tracks and turned to look at her.

"H-Hai?" the boy said uncertainly before walking cautiously towards her.

"Umm...gomen, about what happened earlier. But uhh, I thought you were trying to attack me." Hinata explained, her eyes sincere, staring into Naruto's eyes.


Naruto stared at the girl curiously. It's like she could see him. Grinning sheepishly, he replied.

"N-No! I'm the one who has to apologize! It was me who sent the fireball. But it was an accident! I didn't mean to hit anyone!" Naruto explained, not wanting to get into another fight with the girl. Her blows were actually quite painful.

From what he could tell, the girl had blanched a bit. However, she then gave him a small smile.

"What's your name? My name's Hinata, Hyuuga Hinata." Hinata said politely, giving a small bow.

Naruto wasn't sure how he should react, but he quickly returned the gesture.

"Uh-My name's Uzumaki Naruto!" Naruto greeted warmly, giving her one of his infamous fox grins. (Bunny: I can't believe Naruto didn't recognize the name...)

Hinata swore her heart just sped up a bit. Naruto was just too unbelievably adorable when he grinned like that.

Hinata blushed a bit, before starting a conversation again.

"Atchoo!" was what came out of her mouth instead. Naruto blinked before realizing that the both of them were completely soaked.

"Aaah! My bad! Hey, why don't you come with me to Konoha? I'm sure Tsunade-baachan has some extra clothes she could lend you!" Naruto said, seeing as Hinata was slightly shivering.

Without really any other options, Hinata accepted, grateful there was a village nearby.

"Here, I'll give you a piggyback ride so was can get there faster." Naruto offered, bending down so that she could get own his back. Hinata blushed at his offer.

"N-No, that's alright! I-I can walk on my own." Hinata declined shyly, the blush still on her face.

"But you'll catch a cold if you stay in those clothes longer. I'm a demon, so I'm not as susceptible to the common cold. Don't worry, I promise not to drop you!" Naruto promised, flashing her a grin.

Without a reply, he grabbed a blushing Hinata and was off at top speed, marveling at how light Hinata was.

Ten minutes later...

(sipping tea) "Sooo Naruto, not susceptible to the common cold eh?" Tsunade taunted while Naruto glared from where he was lying down.

"Shut up you old -ATCHOOO- hag!" Naruto said bitterly, his face flushed from the slight fever he had.

A vein popped on top of Tsunade's head before she punched Naruto in the head. Somewhat lightly.

"Itai! Hey, I'm sick here!" Naruto whined, rubbing the bump on his head. Tsunade just 'hmped' before going back to sipping her tea.

"A-Ano...these robes are a little bit big, but it works fine. Arigato gozaimasu." Hinata's quiet voice spoke, coming out from the other room.

Tsunade had some extra miko robes and lent them to Hinata, though the sleeves were a bit long, and so were the bottoms, hiding her feet and hands.

"Oh no problem, Hinata was it?" Tsunade asked the girl, who nodded. Tsunade took a closer look at Hinata's eyes.

"Ano, please excuse me for asking, but do you happen to be a Hyuuga?" Tsunade asked, curiosity in her voice.

Naruto had a lightbulb go off.

"That's where I've seen those eyes before! In Neji's eye sockets!" Naruto suddenly blurted out, not really thinking.

Both Tsunade and Hinata stared at Naruto like he was crazy, though Hinata had a more shocked expression.

"You know Neji-niisan?!" Hinata asked surprised, her lavender coloured eyes wide, Tsunade's question completely ignored.

"Did someone say my nammee?" Neji's lazy voice drawled from behind the curtain that served as a door before coming inside, only to have his jaw drop to the floor.

Talk about perfect timing.

"HINATA?!?!" Neji shouted, completely taken by surprise.

Hinata had a sheepish smile on her face before saying a rather timid hello.


"Well then...I guess she is a Hyuuga after all." Tsunade stated to herself, sounding bored.

The view shifts to the Earth.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HEEERREE?!!?!?!!?!??!?" came Neji's angry scream, shaking the entire Earth. Oooh lookie, some people fell off of Australia.

(Bunny: Lmao, naah. Just kidding!)

Now, they're back inside Tsunade's house.

"N-Neji...take it easy there! You look like you're about to have a stroke!" Tenten said, trying to calm the angry male.

"Take it easy?! My sister's all the way out in KONOHA, WITHOUT her Hyuuga guards, and supervision!!! If ANYTHING happens to her, what will my clan do?! No...what would I do?! Without the heir/heiress..." Neji rambled on in a frenzied state, a crazed look in his eyes.

"Hiya!" Hinata cried, jabbing the spot between Neji's eyes, making him faint, and falling face first onto the ground.

Everyone stared at Hinata, suddenly a little intimidated.

"Sorry about that, but Neji-niisan's Must-Be-Overprotective Syndrome was acting up again. That was a cure I invented myself to shut him up. He'll wake up in a couple minutes." Hinata said politely, a sweet smile on her lips.

'They say, the quiet ones are usually the more powerful ones...' Tenten thought to herself, sweatdropping slightly.

"So Hinata, you're the Hyuuga heiress?" Tsunade inquired, suddenly interested.

"Hai." Hinata confirmed.

Naruto was now confused. Didn't the Hyuugas have the cursed seal thing-a-ma-bob?

"Hinata, how come you don't have the cursed seal thinga majiggy?" Naruto asked unintelligently. Tsunade muttered something about being rude and stupid kid before raising her index and middle finger, which had pink chakra glowing at the tips.

She lightly tapped Naruto's forehead, and he went out like a lightbulb.

Tenten and Hinata stared at Tsunade, who blew at her fingers, as if it was a gun she just shot bullets out of.

They stared wide-eyed at Tsunade.

'Oh no!!! She killed Naruto-kun!!!!" Hinata screamed inwardly.

"What are you giving me those looks for?" Tsunade asked, slightly annoyed.

"Uhh, you didn't kill Naruto did you Tsunade-sama?" Tenten asked bluntly, not bothering to conceal her curiosity.

(snort) "If I wanted to, I would've done so much earlier. Don't worry, I only put him to sleep. He'll wake up in a couple hours." Tsunade clarified. Hinata and Tenten both sighed in relief.

"Um...well even though Naruto-kun's not awake, I'll still answer his question. To be truthful, we're not sure why it turned out that way either." Hinata confessed truthfully.

"However, the Hyuuga elders have came up with a theory that the cursed-seal probably only affected the males in the family, since my sister and I both do not have the seal." Hinata finished, waiting for their reactions.

Tsunade was thinking a whole train of thoughts, while Tenten just filed that piece of info in her memory bank.

"I ARRRIISSEEE!!!!" Neji said, and all the sudden, there was mist all around him, and he slowly rose into to a standing position, like a vampire coming out of it's coffin.

"Neji-niisan, you're still an idiot, you know that?" Hinata scolded Neji, a small frown on her lips.

(sigh) "How cruel Hinata-chan. I haven't seen you in ten years, and that's how you start off our conversation?" Neji said in a fake hurt voice.

"Neji-niisan, we hardly ever talked." Hinata deadpanned, a bored look in her eyes. Neji sweatdropped.

'She really hates me doesn't she?" Neji thought sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

Now...back to the topic of WHY Hinata's here in the first place...

"Hinata, what are you doing out here anyways? Shouldn't you be training back at home?" Neji asked, his interrogative side coming back.

"I snuck out." Again.

Neji had a look of disapproval on his face. "Hinata, I order you to return home at once! You know your duties as the heiress to the Hyuuga clan. If anything happened to you, what would the clan do?! What would I do?!" Neji said, a little hint of hysteria in his voice.

Hinata glared at her brother.

"No I absolutely REFUSE to go home! It took me forever to get OUT! I want to at least spend some time out in the real world. Don't make me put you in a coma!" Hinata threatened, her hand poised in attack position.

Neji just did the same, though his stance was a bit less firm, not wanting to hurt his sister too much.

During this exchange, Tsunade and Tenten's heads only swiveled from Hinata to Neji, as if they're watching an imaginary volleyball being passed between the two of them.

"Ne Neji, why don't you just let Hinata-san stay with us for a bit until we leave again. She's safe with us you know." Tentens suggested somewhat timidly.

Neji turned his head stiffy towards Tenten, who grinned sheepishly.

Neji considered it, weighing his options.

"Tenten, that's actually not a bad idea. I think I will go along with it." Neji said after a bit of thinking.

"BANZAIII!!!!" Naruto, Hinata, and Tenten all cheered. Tsunade choked on her tea from the sudden cheer. Neji sweatdropped. (Bunny: Wait...wasn't Naruto asleep?)

"Well then Hina-chan, lets go outside and pllaaayyy!!!" Naruto said childishly. Before Hinata could reply, Naruto grabbed her small hand and dragged her outside.

"I thought he was asleep..." Tenten muttered silently.

Neji was twitching all over.

"N...N...Naruto...I-I...I kill youu..." Neji muttered darkly under his breath. Tenten gave Neji a look.

"Uhhh Neji, I sense a killing aura around you. Shall I purify it?" Tenten offered, smiling cheekily.

Neji glared at Tenten. "Did you NOT hear what Naruto called my sister?!?! And look what he did without consent! He just GRAABBBEEDD her hand and ran offf!!" he ranted.

Another realization clicked in.

"WHAT IF THAT LITTLE DICKLESS BASTARD RAPES HER?!!?!?!!?!?" Neji suddenly bursted outloud, his Must-Be-Overprotective syndrom acting up. Again.

A stress mark appeared on Tenten's head.

"Hiya!!" she cried, jabbing the place inbetween Neji's eyes.


Tsunade stared at Tenten like she was possessed.

"What? I'm a quick learner." Tenten said, slightly annoyed at the dumbfounded stare Tsunade was giving her.

- Outside, with Naru-kun and Hina-chan -

"EEXXTTRREEEMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!" Naruto screamed from the top of the waterfall as he released the chakra from the bottom of his feet and nose dived down the falls.

Hinata stared with wide eyes the size of double watermelons, from the top of the waterfall. Her knees were buckled, and she was slightly trembling from fright.







Naruto had finally reached the water.

"JUMP DOWN HINA-CHAANN!!! IT'S FUUNNN!!!!" Naruto's yell was heard from down below.

Hinata gulped audibly.

'Is he friggin poo crap kidding me?!?!!?!' Hinata thought frantically inside, not comfortable with diving down the fall.

Sure she loved water but...

This is just taking it up a notch too much.

"N-N-Naruto-kun! I-I don't t-think t-this is m-my d-d-definition of d-d-diving!" Hinata squeaked from where she stood.

"Nnnnnaaaannniiii??!?!" Naruto bellowed from below, his hand cupped around his hear, indicating he didn't hear what Hinata had just said.

"I-I said, t-this i-isn't my d-d-definition of d-diving!" Hinata shouted as loud as she could, without sounding too frightened, and terrified of where she was currently standing. Which is on the waterfall, releasing a constant stream of chakra so she wouldn't plunge into the water, and get carried away by the fall.

"DON'T WORRYY HIIINNNAAATTTAAA!!! I'LL CAATTCCH YOOUU MYY ANNGEEELL POOOO!!!!" Naruto screamed below, sounding preettyyyy cheesy. A humungous grin on his face.

'I'm his Holy Shit?' Hinata thought with a look of distaste on her face, before brushing it off. (Bunny: Lmao, that was something my BBFL's mom called her, and her dad thought of the meaning for it. Lol, but it was just a joke.) Praying to the gods that if she didn't survive this one, hopefully she could come back as a ghost to haunt Naruto for the rest of his -however long- life.

"Here goes everything." Hinata murmured gravely before shutting her eyes tightly anddd..


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hinata screamed loudly, so loud that Sasuke, who was currently miles away from Konoha could hear the echo of it.

'What the hell was that?' Sasuke thought, a look of annoyance crossing his face before he went back to brooding.

Because of her loud scream, Naruto almost, keyword being almost forgot to catch Hinata so she didn't plunge into the semi-ice cold water.

"Kyuubi Henge!" Naruo said while making a hand seal, and then he transformed into a huggeee swan.

An orange swan at that. (Bunny: Interesting...)

"Ummpphh!!" Hinata's screamed was muffled as she landed onto the swan, the feathers cusioning her fall.

"Daijabu ka Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked as his head swiveled around to look at Hinata, who almost had a heart attack from seeing Naruto's face so close to hers.

Looking like a swan of course.

"O-Of course Naruto-kun!" Hinata said weakly.

'Okay my arse! I almost DIED of heart failure there buddy!!!!' Inner Hinata screamed in outrage, shaking an angry fist at Naruto.

However, part of Hinata did enjoy that dive. Partly because she had never felt such a strong dose of adrenaline rush. It made her feel fearless for a bit, before the fear caught up to her.

"Hinata-chan, you look pretty pale. Do you want to rest for a while? You can sleep on my back while I take a cruise on the water." Naruto suggested brightly, a huge grin plastered onto his swan face.

"That would be lovely Naruto-kun. Thank you." Hinata accepted gratefully before getting herself comfy on Naruto's really feathery soft back.

As he started slowly swimming, the sounds of nature slowly lulled Hinata into a peaceful slumber.

'Today truely special day.' was her last thought before she entered dreamland.

To be continued...

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