Werewolf Blood

Hunting, dashing, through shadow

A flash of mist, I raise my gun

But my enemy has eluded me again.

Whose hunting whom?

Tell me this.

I am the predator

I am the prey

Either way I wish to survive

Maybe in the faint shadows

before me a monster lurks.

A werewolf.

There is a low growl,

I raise my gun

I smell its breath, so foul

Its time on earth is done.

It leaps!

I fire!

I spring to the side and it's gone again.

I dash after it, loading in more silver bullets.

I must stop its evil rampage

Its fate has been set.

Suddenly its beside me

I shriek!

I turn!

It strikes!

There is a flash of pain through my arm

I fire it once, twice, thrice

It falls to the ground and dies.

I clutch my arm and feel my wound

Now I will become that which I've hunted.

Werewolf blood flows in me now

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