Crest of Sincerity, Crest of Reliability

This is for Jessi Wood, who requested it. =^_^= I don't own Digimon. This takes place during that time when Joe and Mimi were separated from the rest.
Mimi sniffled as she stared into the dying fire. Palmon was curled up next to her and on the other side of the cooling embers were Joe and Gomamon. She sniffed again. She didn't want to be apart from the others, but she didn't want to fight or see anyone else get hurt either. She's told the others as much, but that wasn't all of it. She'd secretly been looking forward to spending time alone with either Izzy or Joe. She liked them both and couldn't deside between them.
Izzy was cute, and her own age. Joe was older, but less mature then Izzy. He was also very insecure. All signs pointed to Izzy, but Joe seemed to draw her. It was like he was calling to her to take care of him. Wait...he was!
"Mi..mi." Joe mumbled in his sleep, rolling over to his other side. Mimi smiled softly and her crest began to glow as her thoughts be came clear. She lay down and went to sleep.

Joe couldn't understand where he was. Everything around him was swirling with color and light. Wait! Where was Mimi? He was responsible for her! 'Mimi!' he called, pushing his way through the light to try to find her. Suddenly she appeared right in front of him. 'I'm right here Jyou.' she said, using his full name for once. Before he could stop himself he kissed her on the lips. 'God I love you Mimi.' he said after letting go. 'But I couldn't tell you because I felt responsible for everyone, not just you.'
In his sleep Joe's crest of Reliability began to glow.

Puppetmon snuck through the forest toward the companions. "Poor poor Digidestined, never know what killed them." He laughed evilly as he crept closer to Joe and Mimi. All at once a grey and green light blinded him, forming a dome over the two chosen children and thier Digimon.
"Puppet Pummel!" Puppetmon yelled, trying to brake the dome. It wouldn't even crack.

Mimi awoke to muted banging sounds about the same time Joe did. Looking up they realized their crests were creating a barrier of some kind to protect them from Puppetmon's attacks. "I...I love you Jyou." she said, using his givin name. Joe grinned.
"I love you too Meems."
Ok, short but sweet, kinda. Not as good as Crest of Friendship, Crest of Love definatly! Any way, if you're wondering, Puppetmon gives up and wanders off after a while. Good? Bad? Sequel? Spoof? R&R & LET ME KNOW!!!!