A Digimon Frontier AU Fanfic

By: Sakura Martinez (a.k.a Haru Glory)

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The Rabbit on the Moon


"Do we you really have to go?" Asked a little, blond-haired girl in pigtails, a sad look was plastered on her face.

An older, black-haired man nodded, "Yes, honey, so you better say your goodbyes to your friends soon."

"But why, daddy?" asked the girl once again, "We're already happy here aren't we? Why do we have to go?"

The older man, who was the young girl's father replied, "Because, daddy has been reassigned to a new place."

"Then you go on ahead, daddy, mommy and I will stay here instead."

"You know we can't do that honey, and you know that daddy's job is important." intervened an older woman with the same blond hair as the girl.

Sighing in defeat, the little girl sobbed and nodded, "Alright then mommy, daddy, I'll just go and say goodbye to my friends."

"Don't take long, honey." Called the father as her daughter walked out of the house.

The moment the little girl stepped out of their house, she saw a couple of kids her age playing at the streets. She then lingered her eyes around the familiar place that she had called her hometown. She didn't really understand why they have to move away, but she knew that it would be hopeless to argue with her parents.

Just then, she was snapped back out of her thoughts when a young boy with messy, auburn-colored hair ran towards her calling her name.

"What took you so long?" The boy asked.

The little girl sobbed and at once the boy knew something was up.

"Why are you crying, is there something wrong?"

"Daddy said he got promoted." The little girl said.

"Then that's great! You should be happy with your daddy." Said the boy.

"I am happy for him, but…"

"But what?"

"We're moving to where daddy was reassigned to."

That surprised the young boy. "Moving? When?"

"Today." Said the girl, trying to stop herself from crying.

Silence. It took minutes before either of them spoke again, the little girl was beginning to sob once again.

"It can't be helped then…I know how important your daddy's job is." The boy finally said.

"But then I won't get to see you, auntie, uncle or any of the nice people here anymore."

"Don't worry, you can always visit us."

"It won't be the same as living here. Daddy said his new assignment is somewhere very, very far…I don't think I could visit everyday."

The young boy couldn't help but laugh at what his best friend had said.

"Alright then, how about we make a promise?"

"A promise?"

The boy nodded. "Yep, a promise. A promise that we'll always keep in touch with each other. How about that?"

The boy held out his hand, ready to make a pinky swear, the little girl did the same and said, "I promise."

They both smiled.

"I know it would be lonesome at that new place…" the little girl said.

"You won't know that." The boy said, "But if you are ever lonely just make a wish at the rabbit on the moon."

"The rabbit on the moon?" the little girl asked, confused.

The boy nodded, "My dad said, before he left, that there's a rabbit on the moon who is ready to lend a hand to anyone who needs help. So, whenever you're sad, or whenever you have a problem, just look at the moon and remember you have good-old-me, and I'll go to you and help you out."

"Is that a promise?"

The boy nodded.

To be continued…

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