A Digimon Frontier Fanfic
By Sakura Martinez

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Friday. The day of reckoning...well, sort of. After all, it is the day for the final chapter of the Rabbit on the Moon.

I have a lot of things I want to say but, I think it would be best to reserve them for the Post Author's Notes. For now, simply enjoy this chapter. ^_^

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The Rabbit on the Moon

Dawn of the New World

The wind blew gently over the balcony where she stood. Her eyes were fixed over by the distance, watching the volunteers scurry about with their respective jobs but, at the same time, not really watching at all.

Her hair was arranged in a bun with her bangs hanging freely over her head and strands of hair flowed out from the bun. Her hair wasn't messy at all, it actually suited her complexion and the dress that she wore.

A tiara hang on her brow. Sparkling whenever the sun's rays hit them. She wore a gown that was light-pink in color with white frills. The gown went as far down as her feet, hiding the the glass-white colored high heels under them. She looked presentable and had an air of nobility around her.

It had been a long time since she had worn something like this or felt anything like an aristocrat. After all, travelling around the world, fighting for her life and trying to save the world had all but stripped her of feeling anything like an aristocrat.

But, she wasn't really an aristocrat. She just looks like one for the moment. Today was the Coranation Day and being the daughter of a newly appointed General to the King's Army, she was obligated to wear something formal and look as much like how nobles and aristocrats may look like during such a festive occasion.

The sound of the hammer pounding on the boards and the nails of a nearby tower droned on and on. She could hear people talking about the coronation that would take place a couple of hours from now and she could sense, by the tone of their voices, that they were excited and happy at the thought of having a new king. A king other than Seraphim.

She could not help but feel sorry for the late King of Frontiria. He was just brainwashed and possessed by Chaos and so, he had no control on what he was doing. But, that didn't matter to the people whom he was seen as a tyrant. They didn't know he was being manipulated and the few who did didn't seem to think that the King was as innocent. She wondered if they knew more about the whole thing than she and her friends did. They probably do.

"As young as Lord Katsuharu is," one of the men who was busy with the saw on his hands spoke loud enough for her to hear. "I'm willing to bet that he will be a better king than his father. He is wiser than Seraphim, that's for sure."

Yes. Katsuharu was going to be crowned as King of Frontiria tonight, as was his right.

"Of course he'll be." Said the man with the hammer, putting a stop on his hammering and looking around at his fellow carpenters and volunteers. "The Queen'll make sure he does the right thin'...without steppin' outta bounds, of course."

And yes, Queen Ophania would make sure of that. She was wise and kind and the people of the Kingdom loves her.

Katsuharu had visited her before. He had told her that he was nervous about the whole thing saying how unsure he was about taking the throne and how he felt he wasn't ready yet. His mother was there with him and she had ensured him that he was indeed ready and that he would not be alone in governing the kingdom.

The Queen had promised that it would be a different kingdom. That it would be a kingdom where the people had a say on what was going on. Of course, she made that possible by asking every city, town, and village to provide a representative to voice the concerns of the people and to help with the process of rebuilding the kingdom.

They had also worked on building an alliance with the other kingdoms and the republic that were their neighbors. Frontiria wasn't the only one who succumbed to the destruction wrought by the events that had just transpired. The whole world had been in chaos but, with everyone's combined efforts, they had managed to move forward and rebuild.

They were not without help however, for a power was flowing around Endlessia, helping with the rebirth of the world. Of course, by rebirth, it did not necessarily mean that everyone who had died in the fighting and the war was revived. Those who died remain dead but their sacrifices were not left forgotten.

She knew what the power was that was helping the planet. She knew it full well. He was the reason for it, doing the job that he was tasked to do.

The thought of Takuya made her feel racked with sadness. How long has it been since the last time she heard his voice as he said those three words that would always make her heartbeat race, as if she had climbed a mountain?

Three years. That was how long it has been. That was how long since he had defeated Chaos and taken up the mantle to regulate the imbalance of energy.

"How much longer before you return to me?" She whispered as another wind ruffled her dress.

She didn't know the answer to that. Nobody did. But, he had made them a promise that he will return and Izumi had placed all of her faith on his word.

She was snapped from her reverie when a knock erupted on the glass panel that led to the balcony where she stood. She turned around, trying to look impassive and she wondered how well she did with that.

Shinya greeted him with a smile as he walked beside her.

He didn't look like Takuya now but he still retained that youthful look in his face. He looked more like the Shinya she had seen on one of the pictures that Yuriko had shown her.

Yes, Yuriko had told them the truth. That she was Shinya and Takuya's mother and of everything that they had learned regarding her and her actions. Shinya had also revealed himself to her at that point and both were, as she had noted, as happy as can possibly be with the reunion. But, she knew as well as they do, that the reunion will not be complete until Takuya returns to them.

"I see you've finish preparing for the coronation." He noted. He looked young but his eyes and his voice betrayed the weariness that she knew he was feeling.

"More or less." She replied as she looked back at the scene of the castle town which was busy with activity. "I don't really like to meet with the nobles and the aristocrats, though."

"You don't have to if you don't want to." Shinya replied with a grin. "Though, I wonder if that would be the case if my brother was here with you..."

The mention of Takuya caused Izumi to be quiet. Although she knew Shinya was missing him as well, Shinya was the only one who mentions Takuya in front of her. The others always keep it in mind to avoid mentioning anything about him for they knew how she feels at even the slightest mention of his name.

"He'll be back soon." He told her after a short pause.

"How do you know?" She asked. She tried not to make her voice sound shaky.

Shinya took a moment to think. Then replied. "I just do."

Izumi caught something in his eye. That there was more to what he said that what he was letting on. She wondered if he knew something. She wondered if he knew when Takuya would really come back, or if it was just her imagination.

She shrugged the thought out her mind. There was no way he could know that. Shinya may be Takuya's brother but she and Takuya had far more connection than what people may think, after all, she had once became the Guardian of Milanai.

"You know, I don't think Lumina would have brought you back and saved you from being a guardian if she knew that Takuya would never return." Shinya told her just before he left a couple of minutes later, saying that he remembered Katsuharu asking for his help earlier. "She wouldn't have done that if she had meant it to be a gift."

She smiled. Shinya may just be right about that.

Katsuharu sighed as he slumped on his mattress. He was tired but, having been crowned as the new King of Frontiria, rest was no longer an option. There was a lot of things to do and he wondered if all of them could be done.

It had only been a month since his coronation. A lot of people were there to witness it. His friends, delegates from various kingdoms and republics, villages and towns, as well as cities, aristocrats, noblemen and women. He had expected the last of the Elven Folks to witness it as well but, he was not entirely surprised when he saw that none of them were around. They have, after all, long been gone, with only the few occasional Elven visiting them and bidding them goodbye.

He wasn't particularly critical about parties and social gatherings but, then again, this was the first, apart from his coming of age ceremony, where the gathering was all about him. He was glad that it all went without a hitch for he was worried that he would end up making a fool of himself.

He unclasped the velvet cape that hung on his back and threw it on the stool next to the shelves on the right of his bed. He was not fond of the cape as it was heavy and hindered much of his movement. He wondered why he needed to wear it, for all he knows an assassin could easily kill him just by pulling on the end of the cape with such brute force. Of course, he also knows that it was highly unlikely that an assassin would target him so soon. He hadn't done anything to aggravate anyone...yet and, it has only been a couple of months since he became a king. He humored that thought for a while before allowing it to slide away from his mind.

A knock on the door forced him to sit up and he grumbled at whoever was at the door. Rest wasn't an option, he knew that but it doesn't mean that he couldn't sneak a sleep or two.

He was surprised to see Shinya, however as the person responsible for the knocking at such an hour.

"Well, this is a surprise." Katsuharu said, though he didn't hide the fact that he was annoyed and pleased at the same time. "I had thought you returned to Harim already to help with the relief efforts over there."

Shinya shrugged as he entered Katsuharu's room and propped himself on one of the red sofas on the eastern side of the room. "Izumi asked me to come."

"She did?" Katsuharu asked as he sat on the other sofa, sitting in front of Shinya. "I suppose she had taken a liking to you. Can I ask what she needed from one of my Commanders?"

Shinya's brow furrowed. He hated that title. "It was about the trip for next month."

Katsuharu knew what trip that was. All of the other Chosen Ones, who were still alive, were going on that trip. "Takuya's birthday?"

Shinya nodded. "We made final preparations for the ship that was going to take us to the Unnamed Island. I wonder what Takuya might be thinking right now if he saw how much of a fuss people are making for a birthday that he wouldn't even be there to celebrate with us."

"I think he would be laughing and would be annoyed of himself for not being there." Katsuharu replied. It was how he thought Takuya would react. "Though...I suppose we are going to the only place where Izumi could feel him close by. It's a shame that the Gates of Gaia doesn't work any more else all we need to do is get ourselves over to Lunesca."

Shinya nodded once more. They had tried using the Gates of Gaia again but to no avail. It just wouldn't open up to them, after all the Chosen Ones' powers have all been diminished to nothing and even as they still were called Chosen Ones they have now become ordinary humans.

"But..." Katsuharu said as he looked closely over at Shinya and noticed the expression on his face. "You did come here just to report and remind me about that trip, didn't you?"

Shinya let a small smile escape his lips. Katsuharu noted how tired he looked and the paleness of his skin. He looked much paler than before, when they last saw each other.

"It's getting worse, isn't it?" Katsuharu asked and Shinya nodded. "How much longer before...?"

"Not long." Shinya replied, cutting off whatever Katsuharu's full question was. "I can feel it. It's...beckoning me and I think I know what this is all about."

Katusharu sighed, "What is up with you and your family."

Shinya laughed, the laugh was weak. "I suppose we are cursed."

"This is no laughing matter, Shinya." Katsuharu retorted. He didn't like the idea of where this was going. "It just seems that...you have accepted it."

He shrugged.

"How do you plan on explaining this to your mother? You have barely been reunited with each other...then there's also Izumi. Didn't Takuya placed her under your care?"

"I'm not going to disappear as suddenly as I appeared in their lives again, Katsuharu." Shinya said. His voice was reassuring though Katsuharu had to wonder how much he was willing to believe those words. "Besides..."

"Besides?" Katsuharu raised an eyebrow.

"Nevermind." Shinya said with a sigh.

"You don't expect me to keep this as a secret from the others, do you?" He already knew the answer to that. He sighed when Shinya gave him the answer, which was what he thought he would say. "Shinya...This is not something that should be taken lightly."

"Believe me. I am not taking it lightly." And that was the end of the conversation. Katsuharu knew that no matter how much he would pry, Shinya would not give him anything more than that.

Once again, Katsuharu found himself thinking how easy things could become complicated with a Kanbara around.

How the place had changed in three years.

The towering ruins that had once made this place an eerie reminder of the mistakes of the past - at least for the Kanbaras and Orimotos - had all been leveled. Trees were even now more abundant than before making it seem that the whole island was nothing but a forest. There was no sound of life, for no life would dare to live in this place. The only sound in the whole island, apart from their breathing, footsteps and a small chatter that escape their lips were the sound of the waves rolling and the winds crashing with the trees.

The roof of the room which once held the ancient of the relics given by Lumina was now bare and had opened up to the sky, allowing the whole room to bask in the glory of the sun. On the floor, where there was nothing but gravel and sand was now, miraculously as it would be, filled with all sorts of small, fragrant flowers with different colors. The smell of the flowers wafted through the air, and it seems to make them calm.

From such a treacherous place from before, the Unnamed Island had turned into a bit of a beautiful place. No storms ravaged the surrounding ocean to protect the island. No, there was no need for that now.

"You know, we could try building something here." Kouichi said. "This turned out to be a peaceful place after all."

"I hope you're not thinking of building a vacation house here." Kouji said with a laugh as he walked towards one part of the crumbling walls.

"Why not?" Grinned Junpei. He could not help but like the idea of their own vacation house, away from the rest of the world. "This would be a perfect place. People are still afraid of coming here."

"You sound like you want to be a hermit, Junpei." Tomoki laughed. "Don't tell me now that you've become a Commander yourself you're afraid of people."

"Of course not!" Huffed Junpei. The group ended up laughing after that.

Izumi smiled. Somehow, being with the rest of her friends seem to ease the burden of feeling lonely without Takuya by her side.

She looked around, absorbing everything that she saw. This was the first time that they had returned after three years. Usually, during those three years when Takuya's birthday would come up, they would travel to some place that was significant to Takuya and to the war. Two years ago, they went to Harim. Last year they went to the place where Milanai once stood. It was a small island now, still vibrant with life but still lacking the fundamental piece of the island - the giant World Tree. And this year, they decided to go here.

"Who knew this place would end up like this." Katsuharu was awed by the spectacle.

"Maybe it has always been like this in the past?" Shinya said. His voice sounded weak and he seemed paler still. "Maybe it was like this before the fortress was built."

Izumi looked over at him and asked with a frown on her face, "Are you feeling alright, Shinya? You look sick."

"Don't worry about me." Shinya replied, managing to give her a smile. "I'm fine."

She didn't believe him for a moment. She didn't say it, of course. She had come to know how Shinya hated it when people fussed over him.

Izumi then turned her attention back to the Gates of Gaia, or what remained of it - which was the archway with the 12 jewels, though some of the jewels are already missing and the archway was pretty much crumbling.

They really didn't plan on anything other than staying in that place until sundown. No music, no singing, no party whatsoever. They do bring some food to quench their hunger and thirst, and they do talk about the happier times and of things that had been going on, but that was just how far they went. This was how they decided to celebrate Takuya's birthday while he was not around.

It was already sundown when they decided it was time to go back to civilization. Slowly they packed up what they brought and made their way back to the ship. Izumi, Katsuharu and Shinya, however, decided to stay behind for a few more minutes.

"How do you suppose Takuya would find his way back here?" Katsuharu asked. He knew they were wondering the same thing after seeing the Gates of Gaia again.

"Who knows?" Shinya replied. "With Eos he can do whatever he wants, provided it's within the boundaries of the pact they have made."

"Then I suppose showing us a glimpse of himself every once in a while is beyond that boundaries?" Izumi asked. Somehow, she resented the sword and its pact with Takuya right now.

Shinya laughed and so did Katsuharu, it was a playful laugh, one that they gave Izumi whenever she was pouting.

"I think Takuya needs concentration, what with what he was tasked to do. I can't imagine that it is an easy task." Katsuharu said, a smile was still in his face.

Shinya agreed, the same smile was also on his face. Izumi ended up smiling herself. Katsuharu and Shinya had been more than a pair of good company for her. Somehow, she felt they were family as well. She supposed it was because of the everything they had been through.

Thinking on the relationship she had with the others, it all felt the same to her. Everyone of them had managed to cheer her up from time to time. Though, from time to time, they don't get to be around each other thanks to the responsibilities that all of them have. Most of them were Commanders of the New King's Army while Tomoki was a representative of his tribe. And of course, there was Katsuharu who was now King.

As for her? Well, she turned down Katsuharu's offer to become an Ambassador between Frontiria and its neighboring kingdoms, republics and countries. She still felt week, even after all the time that has passed, from being a Guardian and from dying along with Milanai. She didn't feel like she would be able to answer to the responsibility of such a title, and so she turned it down. Katsuharu, of course, understood. He knew that what they felt, the loss of strength that they felt, were nothing compared to how Izumi must be feeling.

It was already getting dark, and so, they had no choice but to get back to the ship. With one last look at the Gates of Gaia, Izumi walked away and walked back to the reality that it would be a while before she sees Takuya again.

She was walking by herself around the capital, which had become more lively than before and whose repairs have gone smoothly. The sun was shining brightly overhead and it has only been a couple of hours after sunrise. The weather was nice, it wasn't too hot, too cold or too humid.

Izumi wore a white, sleeveless dress made of the most expensive materials you can find. Her father had made it apparent that she was not to show herself in public wearing a dress that did not suit her standing. Somehow, her father had decided that before she could react.

"You look just like your mother." He had told her once he saw her wearing one of the more expensive of her dresses. She had liked that compliment and the happiness and pride that welled up inside her father that she decided she wanted to please him.

They smiled and bowed to her, out of respect for being the General's daughter and for being a Chosen One - a hero, whenever she passed by the citizens of the capital. She smiled at them, of course.

Here and there children are playing and are laughing with their friends but they stopped and waved at her whenever they see her.

She walked alone. No bodyguards or entourage. She liked it that way because she is able to go anywhere within the boundaries of the city. She didn't know where she was going, she just let her feet take her where it wants to take her.

Soon, Izumi found herself at a large clearing. It was where the bazaars were held during the festive seasons but, right now, it was empty except for the trees that surrounded it, the fountain the middle and the patches of grass scattered about. There was nothing of interest there and was about to go back the way she came when something caught her eye.

A man was standing at the other side of the fountain, his back was turned and he wore a leather cloak hiding his clothes. A long bundle hang from his back. His face was hidden behind the hood of the cloak he was wearing. Izumi's mind warned her that this man was suspicious and she was about to back away slowly, when a branch cracked under hear.

The man, who was just standing with his back turned, jerked and turned around. The cloak and hood obscured any features, except for the lower half of his face.

Judgring from the expression on the man's mouth, for Izumi was sure that this was a man - judging from how he stood, his body language and his broad shoulders - Izumi saw that he was surprised. Perhaps he didn't expect anyone to stumble into the grounds during a non-festive season.

However, the man's lips curved into a smile and somehow, Izumi's heart began to beat faster. She couldn't move, even when her mind was telling her to.

She was about to ask him who he was and what he was doing out here when the man suddenly vanished. Izumi's eyes went wide we panic and she did what any sensible person would do. She ran.

"Are you sure you saw what you said you saw?" Shinya asked her a couple of minutes later when he and Izumi got to the clearing.

Shinya found Izumi panting and looking like she had seen a ghost, which Izumi thought she probably did. He had asked her what was wrong and Izumi did not think twice before telling him.

Luckily for Izumi, Shinya was not doing anything at that time and he was feeling a bit better, not as pale as before. Shinya had proposed that they return to the clearing and try to sort things out. He even suggested that perhaps Izumi was merely stressed out and was seeing things.

"Yes." Izumi replied. She was exasperated and that was the hundredth time she answered that particular question from him. "He was standing there, wearing a cloak that hid his face. And he turned around when he heard me backing up. Then he disappeared."

"Before grinning at you." Shinya remembered her telling him. "But there's nothing and no one here now."

"I think I would be scared to find him here again." Retorted Izumi. She was definitely on the edge.

"Well, you shouldn't be scared of that person, whoever he was." Shinya assured her. "No matter what happens, I'll keep my end of the bargain with Takuya and make sure you are not hurt. Add that to the fact that your father is the General and I don't think anyone would even dare to think of hurting you."

"I don't think feel so relieved even after hearing that." Izumi said and Shinya understood what she meant. They were both still weak and it seems like it would still take a while for them to recover.

Suddenly, the whole clearing went dead quiet. The birds stop chirping and the sound of chattering ceased. At once, Izumi and Shinya knew that something was wrong.

"What's going on?" Whispered Izumi. She wished that she was carrying her bow and arrows with her.

Shinya unsheathed his sword and looked around the clearing, ready to defend Izumi when the need arises. He didn't bother to answer Izumi's question.

Just then, Shinya's body suddenly gave a strange glow. He turned towards Izumi, seeing her mouth agape, obviously surprised, that she didn't notice that she too was glowing. It took a while before it registered to her that she was in the same predicament as Shinya.

"Wha-!" But even before any of them could ask, a blinding flash off light caught them off guard.

Suddenly, their body felt light. They felt queasy and, before they know it, they were knocked unconscious.

She groaned as she pushed herself up. She felt so dizzy like she had just spun around in place and she made it an effort not to throw up. Her eyes remained close for fear that if she did open them, she would end up failing in what she told herself she would not do - throwing up.

From her right, she heard Shinya groan as well. This was not something they were expecting. They were too lax and it seems that someone, somewhere, for one reason or another, was still hell bent on killing them or something.

"Ouch." She heard Shinya groan as he scrambled to his feet. "Are you okay, Izumi?"

Izumi managed to answer a "Yes" as she also managed to stand up properly. The throbbing of her head was easing away and she managed to open her eyes. She gasp and she heard Shinji do so as well. Where they were standing at was not a place they expected to find themselves after being "attacked".

They were on an island. A very familiar island with a hill in the middle. The waves were crashing not too far below, they could hear it faintly and could smell the sea as well as see it in the distance.

"What are we doing here?" Izumi asked, a shiver running up her spine as it always did when she visits the island where Milanai once stood.

Suddenly, the same man wearing the cloak and the hood above his head appeared before them. In a sudden surge of reflex and instinct to protect Izumi, Shinya whirled around and struck the hooded man with his sword.

The sound of metal against metal hung in the air as his sword clashed with the hooded man's sword, which glimmered and shined with pristine light. The hooded man looked at Shinya's face, his own face masked by the hood of his cloak and pushed Shinya away.

Shinya, who was stunned with the sword that the man brandished against his own weapon, managed to land on his feet, beside Izumi.

"It can't be..." Shinya was at a disbelief. His mind reeling having gotten a feel for who the man was.

"Is that really a way to greet someone you haven't seen in a long time?" The hooded man said as his lips curved into a smile. "I know I could have brought you two here in a much more comfortable ride but I think that is well beyond Eos' power."

The man took his hood off to reveal a mess of auburn hair, deep, dark brown eyes that glinted with laughter, and the boyish features that Izumi never thought she would see today when the day began.

"Takuya!" She gasped and without thinking, she ran towards him and flung her arms around him.

He hugged her back in an embrace that was filled with love and happiness. His arms not wanting to let her go. He relished their embrace and smelled her hair, then cupped his hands on her cheeks and kissed her.

When they both parted from breath Izumi could not help but notice those eyes. No longer were they of different colors. Takuya's eyes were back to how they originally look like. As the wind blew and his cloak fluttered, Shinya and Izumi could not help notice that the sword he was carrying was indeed Eos and he was still wearing the very same outfit he wore when he fought against Chaos.

"Who would have thought that I would ever see you again, Takuya." Laughed Shinya as he walked towards them and ruffled his younger brother's already messy hair.

"I could have come back earlier if I could but, it took a while to rebuild the flow of energy that was distorted by the battle." Explained Takuya.

"But, you were the hooded man from before right? At the clearing?" Izumi asked, her arms were still around his neck.

Takuya looked at her and nodded. "I was going to talk to you but...Eos had other plans."

"Plans that involved bringing both Shinya and me all the way out here?" Questioned Izumi. She wondered what kind of plans those were.

Takuya nodded once again then turned his attention towards Shinya. "Actually, Eos only wanted to call for Shinya but, I kind of bent it my way and brought you here as well, Izumi." His attention was once again back on her.

Izumi looked from Takuya and Shinya, who seem to be contemplating something, and then back at Takuya again.

Takuya took Izumi's hands and slipped off of her embrace, causing Izumi to look at him wondering what he was up to. Takuya then walked towards Shinya, closed his eyes, held out his hand which held Eos. The sword glowed one final time before it disappeared into Takuya's hand which was now balled into a fist and held it towards Shinya.

His hand glowed a golden color, the same golden color that you can see from the first rays of the sun. He then opened his eyes and looked at Shinya.

"I don't really want this to happen." He muttered.

Shinya nodded, "But, it has to. Right?"

Takuya nodded but kept his hands balled up, the glowing aura around it never disappearing. "It appears that...because I am the Mirror of Light and you are the Mirror of Darkness, two halves of what is supposed to be whole...we have been given separate roles to play. You ended up with the Flames of Soleil and I ended up with the Holy Sword, Eos."

"Yes. You were tasked with regulating the flow of energy, taking all the magic that we can call upon and changing it to the elements that can no longer be touched by any mortal." Shinya understood perfectly, and he let Takuya know that. "And I am tasked with this."

Izumi was confused. All of a sudden, she felt like Takuya and Shinya were two different people. They spoke in riddles that she could barely understand.

"What's going on?" Izumi finally asked.

"The world tree is more than just a tree that protects the world." Takuya said facing her. "Milanai told you that, right?"

Izumi nodded. "Milanai said that she also serves as a silent watcher who takes into account and records everything that has happened in the world and who, all-knowing as she is, is able to see what the future entails."

"The Memory of the Planet flows through the World Tree and unless a new tree is born and guarded, the battle that we have won will be for nothing." Takuya said. "You were Milanai's last guardian and, as far as I was told, Lumina released you from that responsibility. But now, a new tree and a new guardian must be created. And Eos has chosen who that will be."

Realization dawned upon Izumi. She understood so suddenly, what had been wrong with Shinya: why he was looked so weak, frail and pale. Even before this day, he was allowing himself to merge with the energy of the World Tree's seed.

"Why?" Cried Izumi. "This is suppose to be a happy reunion, right? What of your mother who had been waiting for all three of you to be reunited and to live together again? Does she know about this?"

Takuya looked at Shinya, only he knows the answer to that.

Shinya shook his head.

"Yuriko has lost you once already, Shinya. I don't think she can bear that again." Izumi went on, she was holding back tears for him.

"I didn't tell my mother but I think she understood. She knew more than one may expect." Shinya spoke. "Besides, I have known this for a while now, Izumi. Even during our stay here on this island. Kaien had hinted me about it."

"But-!" She wanted to protest but she knows it was hopeless. Shinya had willingly accepted the role and if she stood in the way, it would only make things harder for everyone. Without the tree, all of their sacrifices would be in vain.

Shinya smiled at Izumi and then looked at Takuya, "You're pretty lucky to have her, Takuya."

Takuya grinned. "I know."

Takuya then opened his clenched, glowing fists and Izumi saw what he was holding. A tiny seed with a tiny sprout on it. Shinya took the seed in his hand and walked to the place where Milanai had stood. He dug his hand into the dirt, making a hole on the ground. When the hole was deep enough, he placed the seed there, closed his eyes and allowed the Flames of Soleil, the white flames, to flow through him and into the seed. The final amount of magic that Shinya retained in his body, flowed out of him.

A bright flash of golden light erupted that caused Takuya to shield Izumi and his eyes lest they end up being blind. The ground trembled in their feet and suddenly, Izumi could hear scrapping sounds then the sounds of growth and finally the rustling of leaves. The light then subsided allowing Takuya and Izumi to look at the large tree that had suddenly errupted from the earth.

It was more vibrant than Milanai and even without touching the tree's bark, Izumi could feel a tremendous power emanating from it. It was the new World Tree.

Shinya appeared before them, glowing as Takuya's hands have been before. He felt revitalized and he looked strong. Stronger than Izumi could remember seeing him. A smile was on his lips and his eyes twinkled along with it.

"So this is what it feels like." He said, his voice seemed to echo around them. He then looked at Izumi and then at Takuya, then towards the giant tree behind him. He touched the bark and then turned his head towards Takuya and Izumi. "You have to give him a name."

"A name?" Izumi asked.

Shinya nodded. "The World Tree needs a new name. He isn't Milanai anymore, after all. And I think, both of you can give this tree a good name. A name that will ring throughout the ages. A powerful name."

Izumi looked at Takuya. Somehow she knew what Takuya would name the new World Tree. She smiled as she realized how fitting the name would be.


Yes. It was a fitting name indeed.

To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty, but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness.

A year has passed since Takuya had returned. A year since the World Tree was reborn under a new name and since Shinya took on his responsibility as the new Guardian of the world tree.

What we choose to emphasize in this complex history will determine our lives. If we see only the worst, it destroys our capacity to do something. If we remember those times and places - and there are so many - where people have behaved magnificently, this gives us the energy to act, and at least the possibility of sending this spinning top of a world in a different direction.

Everyone was in a festive mood and the King, Katsuharu, had declared the day a great holiday for the kingdom for he wanted this day to be remembered, not only by the two people who find this day to be special than the rest, but the whole kingdom - no - the whole world, as well.

Wedding bells chimed as Takuya and Izumi exchanged vows. A vow that, even before this day, they have both uttered to each other. A vow where they promised that they would be together, no matter what. A vow that, even before uttered in such a huge congregation, had already been tested and proven strong.

And if we do act, in however small a way, we don't have to wait for some grand utopian future. The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.

And a vow that marked the beginning. A beginning filled with hope for a future that they know not what it contained. A beginning for a future that contains an infinite number of possibilities and the dawn of a new world.

The End...

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