No Secret

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A/N: Another fic for the SFTCOL(AR)S Secret Santa fic exchange. This one is for Jubilee. She requested a drabble detailing what goes through Sam's mind when he thinks of his dad telling him it's not safe and the demon saying he has plans. I tweaked her prompt just a bit and set it right before Dean tells Sam the secret. I hope that's okay and you like it Jubilee. Merry Christmas!

Special thanks to Geminigrl for her patience and helpful advice. Also, thank-you to Alex for her assistance and understanding. This fic wouldn't have come together without either of you.

"Dean, what did he tell you?"

Sam needed to know the truth—yearned for it—since the day the demon told him he had plans for him.

What did that mean? Why do I have these powers? Am I destined to be evil like the demon?

Dad had said it wasn't safe, meant it wasn't safe for him. But it's not safe because of me. First Mom, then Jess…Even Dad's death is my fault. No matter what Dean says, no one I love will ever be safe.

Sam braced himself for Dean's response, but he'd known the truth all along.