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Kizika Kira smiled slightly as she jotted down some notes. She then smiled a bit wider and politely told the two boys, Kuwahara Jackal and Yanagi Renji, that she just needed to talk to their captain for a moment.

Pulling him aside, her mind was full of questions about these unusual tennis players. She asked him the question that had been plaguing her mind since she had first spoken to him that day.

"Have you ever considered putting Kirihara-kun in therapy?" She asked it without tact, because that seemed to be the best way to approach this group. "Because, from what I've observed, I would strongly recommend some therapy and-"

"Yes." The blue-haired teen cut her off. "I took Akaya to see a therapist a few months ago. Unfortunately, the experience wasn't the best, and he instead developed a phobia. I do apologize for his behavior."

"Not at all, not at all. However," she started, careful as to how she phrased her sentence, "As a certified medical professional, I see it fit that Kirihara-kun attends at least one therapy session. I have a colleague who may be able to help. I'll set you up with him. Here-" she handed Yukimura business card – "His name is Nakamura Hayato, and I really feel it necessary for Kirihara-kun to at least give it a chance."

Yukimura nodded politely and gave his thanks.

"Also," she said. "I strongly recommend having the rest of your team attend at least one general group therapy session here. There's one being held tomorrow at 5:30 in this room, in case you and your team mates do decided to join." Yukimura nodded politely again, and then began to answer the rest of the many questions Kizika-san had started to rattle off.

After ten minutes, Tezuka Kunimitsu had not spoken. Sugauji-san gave a slight sigh, marked down a few notes on her clipboard, and then addressed the next person in the circle: Momo.

However, just like the others, Momo was less than enthusiastic to participate. He sat there for a few minutes, looking nervous. Then…

"I'm uh…Momoshiro Takeshi. My favorite color is red. And uh…"

He sat there for a few more moments.

"Please tell us why you are here, Momoshiro-kun."

Momo fidgeted nervously, before giving in. "I'm here because…" He grumbled something incoherently.

"What was that Momoshiro-kun?"

Sighing slightly, he said "I have an eating disorder." She smiled at him, seemingly proud that he had admitted it.

"Good, good, would you like to talk more about it?"

"No." She gave a dangerous smile.

"Momoshiro-kun, I asked if you'd like to talk about your problems to the group." Her eyes glinted evilly, and he gulped slightly before speaking.

"S-sure, Sugauji-san. I…well…um…this is a generalized additions support g-group so…um…w-well…" he paused, stuttering under the pressure of the woman's gaze and the fact that he had to admit what he didn't want to. "I'm a f-food addict and b-b-bulimic." After much struggle, the words finally came out. The woman gave him another proud look.

"Very good, Momoshiro-kun. Do you have anything else to say at the moment or may we move on?" He shook his head and was relieved when she moved to the person sitting next to him: Oishi.

"H-hello." The boy was nervous. "I'm Oishi Syuichiroh, my favorite color is white and I'm here because I'm a-addicted to my anxiety medication." The woman nodded at him as well, knowing that she probably wouldn't be able to get anything more out of him, and moved on.

They went around the rest of the circle. The two Rikkai boys had to admit, there were some pretty interesting people there. You had the general abuse of household medications, you had some of the harder drug users in there (one boy who they didn't know was coming out of rehab for an addiction to crystal meth, while another – whom they did know – was there after coming out of rehab for speed, which his friend – whom they also knew – was still on). There were also your cutters, the small group of people with eating disorders – the general addictions.

Finally, they arrived at Yagyuu.

"My name is Yagyuu Hiroshi. My favorite color is green, and I am here because my team mates feel that I have an unhealthy addiction to pain killers." When asked to elaborate, Yagyuu simply shook his head, and after a few minutes they moved on to the final person in the room: Sanada Genichiroh.

There was silence.

More silence.

"Sanada-kun, would you please tell us your name, favorite color, and reason for being here?"

Instead of doing as he was told, he stared at her. The look in his eyes was fierce, and when she asked him to speak again he continued giving it to her.

After another ten minutes had passed she gave up, much the same way as she had done with Tezuka. Glancing at her watch, she jumped up slightly.

"Well then! We've gone over our hour! So sorry to keep you all. Anyway, we'll be meeting next week – same place, same day, same time." The people in the room began to shuffle. "Oh! And for those of you attending tomorrow, the time has been changed from 6 to 5:30." A few acknowledged her, but for the most part the room was filled with quiet murmuring of the still-leaving patients.

Sanada and Yagyuu, however, hadn't even bothered to stick around long enough to hear the message. No, they were gone the second she had given the okay.

And neither had any intention of coming back.

Yukimura Seiichi lay in bed that night rather satisfied. The meeting between his team and Kizika-san had gone exceptionally well that day – Niou hadn't broken anything and Akaya hadn't bitten anyone. He had also been told that Yagyuu and Sanada were coming along well, or, at least as well as one could come along with one single and one group therapy session apiece. And from what he had been told, despite Sanada's stubborn streak, he was at least not threatening anybody yet or ordering extra laps for the team. Hopefully things would stay that way.

Because of the progress he had heard, Yukimura had decided that he would follow Kizika-san's advice. Most of the team would go in for a session tomorrow, and he would take Akaya to a one-on-one session. He could only hope that tomorrow would go as well as today.

For some reason, he had the distinct feeling that it wouldn't.

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