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The Truth
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

He was alone. The truth had taken a long time to sink in, but now he truly was alone for the first time since the whole affair with Dartz had started. Maybe it was a good thing that he was free, that he knew the truth behind his brother's death; his subconscious refused to accept that though. All that mattered is that he was alone, and that was something he supposed he could never truly accept.

The truth was always hard to accept though, wasn't it? It always seemed to hurt too much; he remembered when his brother had died. He didn't want to believe it; he refused to believe it. How could the only family he had left have just gone so quickly, disappeared for good?

He continued walking through the maze of streets, his head hung, dragging his feet as he went along. He had not felt like this for a long time; now he was alone and everything he had lived for was gone. Everything he had thought to be true was a lie, a lie more sick and twisted than even the fantasies that would form in the mind of a sadist. Though that's all Dratz was, a sadist, a megalomaniac, a manipulator, and he was a fool for ever have seen a glimmer of hope and light in the man's eerily mistmatched eyes.

He shook all thoughts of Dartz from his mind, only to find himself thinking of another, someone whom he had hated for a long as he could remember. Kaiba Seto; in Amelda's mind he was just as bad as Dartz had been, but he knew that this was not really the case. To say Kaiba was a good man would be far from the truth, yet he was not the murderer Amelda had before seen him to be. Kaiba Corporation had had no part in his brother's death; it was only Dartz and his twisted mind, his lust for power that had caused all that destruction.

Yet he still hated Kaiba Seto, no matter how similar they were. At least he thought he did… Why question his emotions now when he never had before? Then again he had never known the truth before, never seen past the mesh of lies. Of course that didn't explain why Kaiba was never far from his thoughts; maybe there was more to this than just hatred. The world was not black and white after all. No, he had to believe in this hatred, these lies, not matter how much they pained and confused him; they were better than the burining truth.

Then again he had never wanted to believe the lies, not in his heart. They were too similar for hatred to be the only emotion he felt for Kaiba, he had known that all along. Perhaps the truth was a burden to bear, but even painful truths were better than the warped lies he had been living and believing for most of his life… weren't they?