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Note: The follouing traces the whereabouts and the aftermath of those who fought in the Second War. Skip to the next chapter where the real action starts if you please.

Excerpts from:



C.E. 74

Excerpt from page 1:

The Battle of Messiah Ended with an approximated 15,000 casualties and 85,00 deaths. More are expected as the search for survivors ensues. Amongst the issues to be discussed are economic damages that have yet to be estimated, with 279 ZAKU-type mobile weapons beyond repair and 613 GUNDAMs blown to smithereens. More losses will be reflected as the weeks draw by, and already, economists are referring to the Bloody Valentine as the Second Tragedy and the Second Rift of the world.

PLANT's council has agreed to open its harvest-granaries to aid the desolate EA regions. The surplus, stored along with frozen water, will be sent to the fifty-seven areas with Coordinator volunteers to aid these places.

The body of former PLANT Chairman, Gilbert Dullindal, was found in the remnants of a deserted pod-field. The charred state made it nearly impossible to distinguish his body from two others as all three were mingled in a tight embrace. Tests have concluded, however, that the former chairman died of a gunshot right above is heart.

Excerpt from page 5

Lacus Clyne (age 20) has been appointed as Mediator of PLANT and EA. She will enter the office in three days time, according to the popular consensus and the High Council's appeal. She leaves behind a long and established career and blazing accolades as the arguably most well-loved singer for a life of politics to serve her people. She has come of legal age to inherit the millions her deceased father, former PLANT High Council Chairman Siegel Clyne left behind for her in the First War.

Excerpt from page 6

Athrun Zala (aged 20), is the newly-appointed Chairman of ETERNITY and will answer directly to ZAFT.

He has returned with a hero's welcome to ZAFT, and his honors rightfully restored. He will serve as a council-member of FAITH while straddling his new priorities. However, it is certain that he carries the disreputable past of his father, the former PLANT High Council Chairman Patrick Zala. (Refer to pages 16-19 on ZAFT's views on ETERNITY)

Chairman Zala has declined further comment.

Excerpt from page 8

ORB is well on its way to economic and structural recovery as Cagalli Yula Atha, daughter of the late Uzumi Nara Atha, assumes authority as the United Emirate of Orb's Supreme Commander. She will head her country's combination of governments and royal families in the bid to reclaim peace and establish sound relations between Coordinators and Naturals alike. PLANT has expressed its support with its Chairman stepping up to accept the peace attempts. (refer to page 7)

It has been revealed that the Princess of Orb will give her assent to allow the military to join hands with ZAFT. Further discussions are already in full swing.

The former Supreme Commander of ORB, Yuna Roma Seiran, has been admitted to be tried as a war criminal for flouting war laws in Article 19920-Section C-II (refer to pages 19 onwards). He would have been tried, had his body's mangled remains not been found under the wreck of a WINGDAM. Atha was once engaged to Roma Seiran although there is proof otherwise.

Excerpt from page 12

Kira Yamato, pilot of the FREEDOM, has joined ZAFT's commander ranks. He will be employed in re-structural plans and data analysis as a primary occupation. He and Mediator Clyne (refer to page 5) have come clean about their relationship, as have he and Supreme Commander Atha (refer to page 5) as fraternal twins.