A/N: This is going to be my high school version of CSI. I'll try my best to include NY, but I don't enjoy that one as much as I do Las Vegas and Miami. Some things you need to know to get through the story. There are three major groups, they are: The Nersds, Sociables , and Populars. There are other minor groups : Loners, Outcasts, and Computer Geeks. Further more you need to know who's in which grade and which group. Some characters will be part of the staff.

Staff: Al Robbins (Principle) Brain Mobley (Assistant Principle) Gil Grissom (Teacher) Conrad Ecklie (Teacher) Rory Atwater (Teacher) Jim Brass (School Officer)

Freshmen: Archie Johnson (Computer Geek) David Phillips (Nerd) Natalia Boa Vista (Popular) Dan Cooper (Computer Geek) Lindsey Monroe (Nerd)

Sophomores: Aaron Peters (Nerd) Maxine Valera (Sociable) Ryan Wolfe (Nerd) Taylor Sanders (Nerd, Greg's cousin)

Juniors: Greg Sanders (Nerd, is the age of a sophomore but skipped a grade) Sofia Curtis (Poupular) Sara Sidle (Loner, later Sociable) Nick Stokes (Popular) Warrick Brown (Nerd) Calleigh Duquesne (Popular) Eric Delko (Popular) Tim Speedle (Popular) Peter Elliot (Popular) Tyler Jenson (Computer Geek) Danny Messer (Sociable) Don Flack (Sociable) David Hodges (Outcast) Bobby Dawson (Nerd) Mia Dickerson (Popular) John Haggen (Popular) Sheldon Hawkes (Popular)

Seniors: Catherine McGuire (Popular) Tony Vartann (Sociable) Horatio Caine (Sociable) Frank Tripp (Popular) Alexx LaFord (Sociable) Mac Taylor (Sociable) Stella Bonasera (Popular) Samuel Vega (Popular) Rick Stetler (Outcast)

The Day In The Life Of High School

By StoryDreamer

Chapter One

A Horrible Start To The Day

Greg Sanders walked up the steps of his High School and into the building. The warm air of the building felt good compared to the cold walk to school. He hurried off to his locker and exchanged things he needed for the first half of the day. He was early so he was in no rush, but he and his friends liked to hang out and chat before school started and if any of the bullies decided to pick a fight at least they were in a group and that was a good thing since he and his friends were picked on a lot. Greg especially because he was a fifteen year old in the junior class. He had started school early because he was an intelligent kid, but the popular kids who were mostly made up of bullies made it hard for Greg. Most of his friends were the ones declared nerds by the Populars, but he did have friends in the school other than them. They were mostly the kids that could hang out with anyone and no one gave a hoot and they were known as the Sociables. One of his good friends like that was Danny Messer. Greg reached the table where his group always sat. He sat down next to a boy that was his own age with brown hair. The boy was going through his backpack and didn't even notice Greg take a seat next to him. "Hey Ry, whatcha doin'?" asked Greg.

The boy who hade been called Ry jumped at Greg's words. "Jeez Greg, is it your plan to give me a heart attack?"

"Yeah," replied Greg jokingly. "You looking for loose papers or something Ryan?"

"Yes, why?" replied Ryan.

"Because that's what you do every morning and every afternoon, and you've still never had loose papers to date," said Greg.

"Doesn't mean I can't make sure."

"You do realize you organize your binder differently then anyone else at this school?" said Greg.


"Nothing, never mind."

Both boys were silent for a long while Ryan was going over his binder making sure everything was in place. Greg sat in thought of how strange his mother was acting that morning. She was quiet and looked extremely sad. He had asked if she was allright and she had told him it was nothing. He was brought out of his daze as he heard the laughing of a group of Populars as Lindsey Monroe a freshmen at the school stumbled up the stairs to the commons. Lindsey looked around for anyone she recognized, and had made friends with, over the first month of school. She saw Greg and Ryan and made a dash to the table. The group of popular kids kept on laughing and followed her over to the table. "Figures you'd go running to your fellow nerds for protection," taunted a young girl with blond hair known as Sofia Curtis.

A boy standing in front of her with dark hair and eyes started up where she left of. "They can't even do anything for you. They wouldn't dream of standing up to any of us. I mean you got Sanders here who thinks he's knows everything and shows off because he skipped a grade, but who gives a shit, it just proves my point that he's a nerd. Then you got Wolfe here and his mental issues," said the boy.

"I don't have mental issues," murmured Ryan under his breath.

"What was that Wolfe? I didn't here you, you're going to have to speak up."

"I... I don't have mental issues. I... I just.."

"Then what do you call this?" said the boy grabbing Ryan's binder off the table and threw it across the commons floor. Ryan stood up to retrieve it but was pushed back into his seat by the boy. "I didn't say you could get up did I?"

Ryan hesitated a moment and then muttered, "No," to the boy pushing him around.

"I thought so, now," said the boy as he nodded to one of his friends. A Cuban walked over to Ryan's now open binder and put one foot on it. "What do call that?" the boy pointed a the binder his friend was standing on.

"Well I'd call it organized Nick. Something you and your friends lack," replied Greg.

The boy now known as Nick gave Greg a glare than turned to his friend, "Eric."

Eric, Nicks friend, twisted his foot around on the papers in Ryan's binder then kicked it out from under him as it slid across the commons floor once again some papers flying out of the binder as they fluttered to ground a settled there. "Not anymore," was all Nick said and signaled his friends to follow him as he left.

Ryan waited for Nick and his friends to be out of sight before he got up and retrieved his binder and the few papers that littered the floor. "I'm sorry," said Lindsey as Ryan came back to the table and sat down.

"There's nothing to be sorry about Lindsey. It's just how we're treated no matter what one of us may do," replied Greg.

"Yeah, I know, but they're especially hard and mean to certain people. Like you, Ryan, and Warrick," said Lindsey.

Greg was suddenly distracted by what he saw. A young brunette walk out of the office with a slip of paper in her hand. She was gorgeous. He got up. He had to talk to her before the Populars got a hold of her and reeled her into their group. "I'll be right back," said Greg to Lindsey and Ryan.

He was down the common stairs quickly as he caught up with her. "Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice that I haven't seen you before. Are you new to the school?" asked Greg.

"Yes," replied the brunette as they continued to walk and turned to go down the hall. "Um, you're a sophomore aren't you?"

"Actually I'm a junior," replied Greg, he felt a little offended.

"Really, you act like a sophomore," she said.

"Well the thing is I actually skipped a grade, so I'm sophomore age but in the junior class."

"That's nice. Can you tell me where to find Mister Atwater's room?"

"That's upstairs. Room 2709. I can take you there."

"No thanks. I think I can find it on my own." she said and started to walk away.

"Oh by the way, my name is Greg Sanders. What's-"

"That's nice." said the girl and walked away up the stairs.

Greg headed back to the commons. When he arrived back at the table more of the group had arrived. With Ryan and Lindsey sat Aaron Peters, Warrick Brown, and Bobby Dawson. "Hey Greg, where were you?" said Bobby as Greg sat back down.

"I ah helped this girl with where she had her first class," Greg said.

Danny Messer walked over to the table with a few of his good friends that were also in the group known as the Sociables. "Hey you guys okay? We just walked by Nick and his buddies laughing about ruining someone's binder," Danny said, and looked over at Ryan to see him frantically trying to repair the torn holes and place them back in the correct section. "Oh, I see," said Danny.

Danny didn't know Ryan that well. Danny was a junior and he only knew Ryan through Greg. One thing Danny did know was that Ryan liked his stuff to be extremely clean and organized, but he didn't know why. He figured Greg possibly knew the reason for Ryan's cleanliness, but was a thing between friends or probably just between those who were classified as the nerds. One thing that had bugged Danny his whole life was the whole clicks thing. Why couldn't everyone get along. "Ryan you want help with that?" asked Tony Vartann from behind Danny.

"No I'm fine. It has to be put back a certain way, but thanks for the offer Tony," replied Ryan.

Tony Vartann was in his senior year of high school and he had seen people like Ryan picked on everyday in their school. For Tony though, there had been the people who liked him, and the people who didn't like him, but it was always a mixture of people from all the different clicks. He knew most of what he called the intelligent kids and they liked him because he wasn't a bully to them. He also knew that the Populars were a mixed group of opinions. Some liked him because he was good in sports. Others didn't because they thought he was a show off in sports and got good grades. One of the major reasons some of the Populars didn't like him was because he was what they would call a Nerd Supporter. He didn't care about their opinion. It was their fault they couldn't accept him for who he was. The populars knew him as one of the major Nerd Supporters, but their were two others beside him. They were his good friends Horatio Caine and Alexx LaFord. Tony couldn't help but think that Ryan was a little OCD. He had once had a cousin who had, had it. He didn't think there was anything wrong with it. He also didn't like to think of his cousin to much. Especially not after what she had done to herself and her family.

"Hey Tony You okay?" came the sweet voice Alexx.

Tony felt like all eyes were looking at him. After Alexx's question had hit their ears.

"Yeah, I'm fine I was just thinking," he replied.

The bell was about to ring to warn the student's that school day would start in five minutes and that they should get to first period. The student's said good-bye to each other. Ryan who had finished fixing his binder walked of with Aaron. Greg took off with Bobby, Warrick, and Danny. While Lindsey walked with Tony and Alexx until they spilt off to go to their separate classes.

Tony and Alexx had their first class together with friends Mac Taylor and Horatio Caine. They also shared the class with Samuel Vega and Catherine McGuire, who were two Populars, but also Rick Stetler, who was known as an Outcast. No one liked him because of his rude behavior toward everyone, even if someone tried to be nice to him. The freshmen learned that the hard way. Tony took a seat near the back while the rest of his friends were closer to the front. Teachers had still not changed seat assignments by last name to make the name learning process easier yet. But honestly he didn't mind, at least he enjoyed sitting in the back. At the front stood a substitute in the place of the senior English/litature teacher Conrad Ecklie. In a way Tony was glad his teacher wasn't here today. No one liked Ecklie anyways. Every year there were complaints on the guy, it had actually surprised Tony that the man hadn't been fired yet. His thoughts wondered back to his cousin and he didn't know why. Sam Vega loudly took his seat between Tony and Alexx's boyfriend making a disruption that made the sub glare at Vega.

Samuel Vega wasn't fond of sitting in the back of the class with a Sociable he despised. I mean sure he wouldn't mind sitting in the back if it were with friends, but it had to be next to the one and only Tony Vartann, the biggest Nerd Supporter in the school. I mean yeah there were the other supporters, but they weren't as supportive as Vartann was with the possible acceptation of Caine and LaFord. He had decided the only way to satisfy himself with the situation was to make a loud and annoying disturbance by taking his seat as rudely as possible, but it didn't work. "Nice to see you too Sam," said Tony.

"It's Vega to you Vartann," replied Sam.

"Back on a last name basis are we? That's a shame, I thought we could try to get along seeing as we're seated next to each for the first quarter," said Tony.

"I hate my seat. It sucks to sit next to you."

"I'm not to keen on who I'm seated next to either... Sam," replied Tony.

The bell rang to start, but it was if Sam Vega hadn't noticed. "I fucking told you that you have no right to call me Sam. It's Vega to you. And if you so much as call me Sam, I'll give you a shiner, you'll be carrying for a-"

"EXCUSE me young man, this is not behavior I expect to see coming from a senior, a freshmen maybe, but not a senior. Now I want you to apologize to your fellow classmate," interrupted the substitute.

"Like hell I'm going to apologize him. He doesn't deserve it. He started the whole thing by calling me Sam," said Vega.

"That's your name isn't it?" asked the sub.

"Not to him it isn't. I'm not going to apologize for something I didn't fucking start."

"It's okay Miss. I don't need an apology. We can move on so we can start class," said Tony.

"I respect that you care about your classmates education young man, but I will not tolerate that kind of behavior in my classroom."

"This isn't your classroom lady," said Vega.

"Today it is."

"Like hell it is."

"I will not tolerate this any longer, apologize to your classmate and give me your name."

"I'm not giving you anything."

There was a moment of silence in the room when nothing happened Tony let out a sigh, he didn't want this to be drug out any longer. "His name is Samuel Vega."

With the words spoken all tension seemed to be broken expect for the tension between Vartann and Vega. "Thank you," replied the sub. She than turned to Vega. "You, Mister Vega, are heading straight to office. I will not deal with your nonsense any longer."

"You can't send me to the office, you're just a sub," said Vega.

"I can do as I please. I've subbed at this school before. You have given me to much of a hassle as it is," she said. Sam only stood there. "Do you need an escort?"

"No," replied Vega and started to leave he turned back to Vartann when he reached the door. "You may be a Sociable Vartann, but you should have been a Nerd."

Tony Vartann waited for Sam Vega to finally leave the room. He hung his head low and stared at the table. The words Vega had said hurt, but in a way they were true. If he hadn't worked on his sports and become really good he probably would have been classified as a nerd at this school. He had worked hard just to be classified as Sociable, but now he felt awful. He knew what the kids classified as Nerds went through. He had been one in middle school. Now he was starting to believe maybe it would have been better if he had just stayed a nerd.

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